Advice or Tips on Carrying Twins to 36 Wks

Updated on July 30, 2007
K.B. asks from Arlington, TX
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We just found out that we are expecting twins and are so excited. It appears that our main concern really is making sure I can carry the babies as long as possible so they can develop more. Our Dr. says that she won't let them go past 36 wks, but that they will probably come between 32 and 35 wks anyway. We really want to make it to 36 wks so they can have a higher birthweight and more time for their organs to develop. Do any of you moms have any tips or things we might do to help carry to a longer term?

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I'd think the best thing to do is not to overdo it with anything. Even if it's something you did regularly before with two babes in there you need to be resting even more so.


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I have two sets of twins. The first was a relatively easy pregnancy, considering it was twins. I carried them 36 weeks, and worked until 8;30 the night before delivery; they were each over 8 pounds. The second set were identical twins and there was only one sac. This is a much more problematic type pregnancy. I had to be on bedrest several times and ultimately delivered at 34.5 weeks; they had to be in NICU for 2.5 weeks. At one year old, they are now weighing 25 pounds, so they are fine. As it turns out, though I prayed and prayed that they would stay in, early delivery actually saved their lives - they had started to have twin to twin transfusion syndrome (happens mostly with identical twins), and at that stage removal would have been suggested if the doctors found it to avoid fetal demise. So God knew best on that one.

My point is that every pregnancy is different. You are in a partnership with your doctor. You will eventually begin having sonograms frequently so the doctors can see how its going, and they will advise you. One very important thing: nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. You are at a higher risk to develop gestational diabetes than singleton mothers, and this can cause early delivery and problems for you - so you don't eat too much sugar during pregnancy. I really just tried to eat healthy and paid attention to my doctor's advice. I don't work in a field requiring heavy lifting, but I certainly have a lot of stress - I'm a tax attorney.

I suggest you join a local support group for multiple moms. You will get loads of good and helpful information, resources, and support. In Plano, it's PAMOM at It's free until after you deliver. It's worth the time, and I'm in a position to say so.

good luck and take care - it can be done!

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My sister gave birth to my darling twin niece and nephew almost 3 years ago. She had some issues and they had to take the babies earlier than everybody had hoped, so they spent some time in NICU. The things that I can tell you from watching her experience was that she WAY over did it. She didn't listen to her body or her doctor. You need lots of rest, water, a really healthy diet and the love and support of everyone around you. Prepare early for two reasons - 1. They may come early and 2. You will probably not have the energy later on! Get organized and ask for help - don't be afraid to ask for help and to ask questions. My sister is now on the board for her Mothers of Multiples Group (LakeCities MOMS). I REALLY recommend joining a support group BEFORE you have the babies. They are really a wonderful source of support and to be honest, having twins is TOTALLY different than having one. Here is the website for the MOMS group in Arlington - I would check it out! Also, I have several friends who had twins and I am sure that they would be more than happy to give you some GREAT advice! Good luck and congratulations!!! Children are such a blessing and twins are double the love!



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My mom went to almost 41 weeks with her twins (they induced) about 14.5 years ago. She ate REALLY well - she even ate liver i think? Nasty stuff. She was always eating the very very best and lots of it, always eating too.

My moms babies (ha! They start high school this year, I feel old ;) were 7'12 & 5'15 (boy & girl) and healthy.

So. It's possible. But I have no personal experience other than being a teenager while my mom went through it ;)



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Congrats K.!

I have 4 month old twin boys after trying for 3+ years. We finally conceived with IVF. I had a great pregnancy overall. I did go into pre term labor at 26 weeks, but as mentioned in one of the other post it was due to dehydration. Drink a lot, and I mean a lot of water. I was then placed on medication to help control/stop the contractions. I delivered by C-section at 36 weeks. The boys had not grown within that last month and my Dr. decided it was time. Oddly enough the boys did to that last day. I had started having contractions and dilating even more the night before our last Dr. appointment.
1. Get plenty of rest
2. Drink lots of water
3. Get more rest
4. Drink more water
5. Join a local mother of twins club for support, check out North Dallas Mother of Twins club.

Good luck!



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Some tips that may help, eat plenty of protein to help maintain muscle strength, water aerobics to tighten the pelvic floor and low stress. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and UTI's that cause preterm labor. Don't forget extra B vitamins (time released helps) about 100mg per day. Also get your teeth cleaned and checked for any signs of gingivitis, this can also cause preterm labor. These tips are actually great for any pregnancy but particularly important for twins.

There are a lot more, I teach an early pregnancy class in Grapevine, give a call if you are interested.

K. @ The Nestingplace



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I just delivered my twins, and I carried for 38 weeks (my doctor was so proud)...I think the main thing you've got to do is just know when enough is going to be too much for your body. Stay off your feet as much as you can, eat smaller meals more often during the day, drink lots of water, and have your husband give you lots of back rubs...pretty much same thing everyone else said. You can feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. =)

Also, I know this is totally unrelated but a little advice I would have liked to know sooner than I found out (don't know if anyone's told you yet)...if you haven't already bought car seats and a double stroller, if you go up to Burlington Coat Factory to Baby Depot ask them about the twin discount...if you buy two of anything you get 20% off the second one.



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I have identical twin boys, now 3 1/2. They were delivered by c-section at 35 weeks 5 days. I too wanted them to stay in as long as possible! #1 thing I would suggest is that when your doctor tells you that you need to be sitting or laying down DO IT! When you are pregnant, especially with a blessing such as twins, nothing else is as important as keeping you healthy so that the babies will stay healthy! Feel free to email me if you have any questions at all ([email protected] Oh! I would also recommend visiting a Mothers of Multiples group in your area while you are pregnant. I am a member of the Arlington Mothers of Multiples Group.

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