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Updated on November 30, 2009
M.O. asks from Holgate, OH
18 answers

Well this terrible economy finally caught up with us and my husband found out yesterday that he is taking a 20% pay cut effective April 1st! We have already made drastic cuts in order for me to stay home with our twins. Now we need to figure out how to make it with $600 less/month! I really don't know what else we can cut out. SO...I'm wondering what people do to earn money from home. Does anyone do medical transcription or billing or anything like that from home? Has anyone had any bad experiences with things that I should stay away from? I'm looking for any advice people have. I know that babysitting is an option but I'm hoping to not have to turn to that because I really like the freedom i have to take my kids places and don't want to be tied down to home.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I did the babysitting thing and it really tied me down so I don't recommend it unless you are in a real bind.
I am looking for something also. My husband just cam home yesterday and told me that they are wanting him to go to a different pay class, that is $30,000 less than what he is making right now. He is not really wanting to do it but we are going to have to start making adjustments as well.
Good luck and I hope you find something.
We are sort of in the same boat, can't really afford me going back to work, daycare would be way to much.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I am a 27 year old stay at home mom. I am a Passion Parties Independent Consultant, love what I do, and make GREAT money. I make my own hours, get paid to party and have fun, and have the flexibility to still stay home with my three children during the day. I have been looking for something else to do from home as well. I am struggling with trying to find a company to go with though. My Passion Parties business is great and lots of people want to book parties, but I feel like I need to do something more if I can. I found a site to do data entry and I am researching all over the net to see if anyone has had any feedback on it. My suggestion is to make sure you research any work at home opportunity fully before making a decision. Good luck and if you have any success, please make sure you share the news!



answers from Dayton on

BE CAREFUL! There are so many scams. I've been searching myself the past few months, as I'm not eager to leave my 7 month old in the care of someone else. From what I've learned, if a company requests a fee... RESEARCH HEAVILY before you send them money. Majority of the time, if they request a "starter fee" etc you will most likely never see a profit. I also spoke with the Dayton Police Dept. about a couple scammers that have contacted me- if they try to get you to do anything with a MoneyGram, contact authorities so they can get these awful people caught and put away. They prey on people who are struggling and it just isn't right! It used to be that they'd target mainly the elderly, but with the economy... we're all fair game. :(

I do a lot of checks on to see if others have had bad experiences. Keep in mind, though, that anyone can post on there whether it's true or not... so be aware it may be exaggerated.

If you find anything helpful... I'd LOVE for you to pass it along. I'm still searching. If I find anything new I'll message you.... GOOD LUCK!



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi M.! It looks like you have gotten alot of really great advice on working at home.

I am so glad that there are so many opportunities to empower families!

I am a Director with Tupperware. Our business has been around for more than 62 years, we offer a lifetime warrenty with NO receipt needed, and the hours are set them yourself. Parties are not required. Tupperware has come a long way. When you become a Tupperware Consultant you can have parties, you can just show the catalog around, you can do online sales...this business can fit into your life. Along the way you can earn free products, cash, trips, etc.

I have been with Tupperware for less than 2 years and now have over 40 on my team. They come from many different backgrounds and they all sell Tupperware for many reasons. I have earned two trips already...I went to Las Vegas in December and in June I am taking my family to Disney World on Tupperware!!!

I can help you get started with NO out of pocket expense. I hope to hear from you, but either way I wish you and your family the best because it wasn't very long ago that my husband and I were struggling too.
(As seen on The Rachael Ray Show aired on April 16th)



answers from Washington DC on

I think there are more people who can relate to this than not.

I too am in direct sales with a company called BabyCrazy. We sell unique products and toys for newborns to preschool as well as new and expectant moms.

You can read about the opportunity on my webpage at

I wish you the best.



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi M.,
I'm really sorry to hear about your husbands pay cut. This is happening all over the country. What do these companies expect families to do? It's really scarey.

I lost my job in April of 08. Because I have medical issues, it made it very difficult for me to find another job. So my husband and I did start a business working with a technology company. It is a Christian based company that has a solid foundation. We help people who suffer with allergies, asthma, sleep apnea, COPD and other breathing problems, even snoring. It's not for everyone, but here's the link if you want to check out the opportunity.

For product information, you can go to the required passcode is guest.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck to you, I hope you find something that will work for you family.



answers from Toledo on

Hello Michelle~
I am sorry to hear about your situation as I know SO many people that are going through this as well. The good news is that he does still have a job, my husbands company is closing two plants (not in Ohio) and cutting more jobs at their corporate. So I completely understand as we are always praying that my husbands job is secure as I too am a SAHM.

As far as companies to work for at home, there are a TON. The advise you have gotten so far is great. Research is truly your best friend right now. There are several book out there that talks about working from home, such as "Will Work From Home" by Tory Johnson and she does a great job breaking down the different types of home businesses and what suites you for your personality and references some businesses to give you some great places to start. I am sure you can even get if from the library. Another great place to research direct selling companies (Tupperware, Passion Parties, Mary Kay, BabyCrazy...) is They are the Direct Selling Association.

I worked f/t when we relocated out of state and though I love being a SAHM I missed the adult conversation. So after doing A LOT of research for the company that best suited my life, I became a rep for BabyCrazy. We too are a home party business but we cater to families with children from birth through preschool. I loved the idea of getting educational and quality products for my children IN ADDITION to making some extra money and meeting new people. However, since I had never done a business like this (and never really went to parties) the appeal of NO sales quotas and NO inventory requirements PLUS a 1 year kit buy back option and a very very small upfront investment really apprealed to me. Now I am a Director after about a year and a half and have recruited 5 new members on my team just this month! I love what I do and so do my kids. It is totally flexible so you can make your business what you want. It is owned by a mom, for moms (and dads)so you have the flexibility to be with your kids/family first and earn money where you can fit it into your life - how YOU want. I truly could go on and on about BabyCrazy, but you can visit my website at or call me directly at ###-###-####. If you want to know if there are any reps in your area, you can check out our corporate site at and just click on the rep locator.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever avenue you decide. Just make sure you do a lot of research and pick what you will enjoy doing and works with your life!

A. Decker
SAHM/BabyCrazy Director



answers from Dayton on


As the other moms said, be very cautious if you have to pay any kind of starter fee for the "work at home jobs" out their like medical billing and assembly work. Those are mostly scams. For example, several years ago, my mother and I tried medical coding/billing. We had to pay a fee to get the material to start it. Once we got the material, we found out that we could not get any doctors' offices to work for because they already had someone internally doing that same job. I also tried Quixtar/Amway 4 years ago. Their compensation plan looked good on paper, but we ended up spending a lot more than we ever thought we'd have to spend. We never made any money, either. Now, I am with an international health and wellness company that has been in business for over 23 years. They are a member of the BBB and the CEO has even been on the US Chamber of Commerce. Thousands of families across the US are earning an income from home with this company. This business can be passed on to your children if something was to happen to you, too. So, please feel free to check out my website for more information.
Good luck in your search!

A. Mendenhall



answers from Lafayette on

Hello Michelle,

I just saw your post and I know it has been a while since you posted it. How are things going for you? Have you found something you enjoy?

If you are open to a great work-from-home opportunity, check out our website. This is an incredible company--an opportunity to represent a company that says Faith first, Family second, Work third. Leave me a message if you would like more information.




answers from Toledo on

Hi Michelle,

I saw your ad and wanted to let you know about an opening I currently have in your area. I am seeking a PT Area Director to service about 8 host families who live in the southern suburbs of Detroit and the Toledo area. It is a flexible, home-based position - about 10 hrs/wk. If you are interested, please email me your resume - [email protected]



answers from Cincinnati on

Hi Michelle,
I want to sympathize with you about the situation we seem to all be in, or someone close to us is. I have a full-time job and am a direct-sales consultant. I have done the ds in the past for play money but now it looks to be becoming bill money. My work is also asking for 20% reductions but I am so thankful that I have my other business to rely on.
I sell Tastefully Simple and have done it for a several years. The company is VERY stable and has recently reassured all of us that they have always been a debt-free company and have also maintained continued sales growth in this troubled time. TS is a direct sales food company and we (I) are continuing to experience great sales. We offer gourmet foods at low prices. Families who are cutting back on dining out are finding TS provides great meals at great prices that are a lot less than dining out.
My business is listed on Mamasource so if you would like any info, please feel free to check it out.
I wish you a lot of luck an everything you do and I hope to hear things are getting better!
B. Thomas



answers from Columbus on

There are plenty of legitimate home-based businesses. I am a Tupperware Manager and I love what I do! I contribute to our household finances while continuing to raise our daughters, and I get the chance to get out of the house to keep my sanity. Nearly all of the time that I am working away from home, our girls are with their dad which accomplishes a couple of things: they get more quality time together and it gives my husband a better understanding of life with preschoolers. :)

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Meanwhile, feel free to check out my website at



answers from Youngstown on

Hi M.! I know that your ad was posted a while ago, but having just joined today; I'm just soaking it all in!

Anyways, I've recently become a Consultant to an online children's consignment store,, and LOVE it! What you do is sell children's items for people that either don't have the time, don't know how, or even don't have a computer - you post their items online for them, you can store the items at your house if you want until they sell; and when they do sell, you get a percentage of the sale price!

Anyways, if you would like to know more after checking out our website; let me know and I can put you in touch with the hiring manager!



answers from Cleveland on

Hi M.,

I work from home doing direct marketing for Melaleuca. We are a team of SAHMS, who help each other build our businesses. Every customer has to be referred by another in order to get wholesale pricing on our products. Our company is different from Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, etc, in that we don't sell the products, nor carry inventory. Our businesses are also fully inheritable, meaning that should you decide to build a business, you can pass it on to your heirs.
Even people who sign on simply as Preferred Customers usually end up getting a small commission check, because they love the products so much that they refer other people.

For more info please visit:

Good Luck,




answers from Fort Wayne on

I am sorry to hear you will be making some cuts in your household budget. :( There have been a lot of great ways to add additional income by the ladies above and I wish to put in my two cents. I work for a company called SendOutCards, LLC ( and what I do is specialize in greeting cards. My business can either be a B2B or B2C type of business, so the market is very big! I have made a nice income off of this; however I must mention, I do not do it full time. It is more of a hobby for me which gives me extra money to spend on my children and splurges! I use the services all the time sending birthday cards, anniversary cards, Christmas cards, etc. As a matter of fact, I just sent my sister a congratulations card on the birth of her second child!! Let me know if you would like more information about what I do.


answers from Cincinnati on

Hi M.
Sorry to hear about your husbands job. I guess we are all in the same boat these days.
Have you ever thought of having your own business? In this economy it's really the only way to go. No more working for someone else and making them money.
I'd like to invite you to take a look at a link
This may or may not be for you. You could at least stay home with your kids and make some extra money.
If you'd like more info on this duplicatable system, let me know.
Have a wonderful weekend.



answers from Columbus on

Hi Michelle,

Well seems you've come to the right place! There's lots of great advice from all of these wonderful moms that all know what you're going through. I would like to add another oppty for you. I applied recently to There are several different types of jobs with this company and they can all be done at your home. I'm really excited because I have an interview on Monday. WhOO HOO. Good luck and jobs are out there. Just do great research~



answers from Columbus on

I have a friend who does medical billing/coding? and she really likes it. I started schooling for medical transcription and figured since I was a nurse for 5 years before having kids, I would be able to do it no problem. Well, the medical part for me was a breeze, but the typing.....gave me anxiety!! Also, what I eventually learned was that most places require you to work AT the facility or have experience of at least a year or two before they hire you to do medical transcription from home. Some of the people who did their schooling through CareerStep did get jobs right after finishing their schooling, but the school helped them find jobs. I don't know what the tuition to that school was, but my school was $800. The school I used would almost guarantee you a job, but you had to pay an extra $900!! Any of these jobs (transcription,billing, coding, etc.)do require you to have some training which you would have to pay for. I know a lot of moms out there who are looking for something to bring in some extra money. However, a lot of offers out ther ARE scams and I always do as much research as possible before I make any phone calls or even request information. One thing I am looking into is helping a local organic vegetable farmer by growing a garden on our property to then have him sell. If you have the room, you could contact the local grocery store to see who sells to them, locally. Did you have a career before kids? A teacher friend of mine is doing some tutoring. I so wish there was more out there for SAHMs. Good luck!!!

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