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Updated on October 23, 2007
L.B. asks from Gainesville, FL
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I have a 10 month old and 3 year old, so I've recently started shopping around for a Sit 'N Stand style stroller because my oldest is getting too big to sit in a normal double. Plus, I finally feel like I can trust him enough to let him walk on his own!! (He was a runner.) I've looked at the One Step Ahead brand and also the Joovy Caboose, but I was wondering if there are more brands out there that I should look at? Or does anyone think I should just get one of those boogie board type things that you can hook on the back of a stroller for a toddler to stand on? I know that eliminates the option to sit, but thought I'd check out what others had to say. This is the one I'm thinking about getting:

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answers from Tampa on

i have the one step ahead version...I chose it because it had cup holders. I have a 3 year old and a 21 month old and my 3 year old was too tall for a standard double stroller. I love the one I have!

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answers from Pensacola on

I have the joovey caboose, before I choose which stroller I wanted I went and test drove them at babies r us. I love my stroller, and especially the fact that it has the baby carrier attachment for the front seat. My second some will be around 3 yrs when we decide to have another baby so it will work out good. My older son is almost 4 now so he doesnt use that back that much anymore.
Thats the one I have but its orange and black, good luck.



answers from Tampa on

I have a 7 week old and a 2.5 yo and bought the Joovy Caboose Ultralight in Sage Green from Amazon a few weeks ago. I cannot say enough WONDEREFUL things about it! We didn’t want the dual stroller since my daughter really likes to walk, and the dual strollers are huge. The Ultralight, (not sold in stores right now), is better than the regular Caboose, which is sold at BrU. It’s lighter, has a bigger and higher canopy, has better wheels, includes the parent organizer and the jump seat can be secured. We have used the stroller a few times (zoo, mall etc) and LOVE it. My 2.5 yo enjoys standing and sitting on the back. It is SO easy to fold and lift and is quite compact. Also, we’re tall people (I’m 5’10”, hubby is 6’2”) and the handles are so comfortable and we don’t kick the stroller when walking. The Ultrlight is built with more height clearance and will accommodate taller children – my 2.5 yo is almost 40” and it looks like she will be able to use this stroller for years to come. I am extremely impressed with this stroller and would highly recommend it!

The only downsides are when using the infant car seat, the canopy cannot be used and the basket area is a little hard to get to, but the benefits far far out way those things.

I did a lot of research on strollers before I decided on the Ultralight, and although the Baby Trend and others may be cheaper and will do a similar job, the easy of use, the durability, the little extras (taller handles, larger canopy etc), the comfort, and the fact that it accommodates taller kids is worth the extra 60 bucks.




answers from Lakeland on

8 and a half years ago we purchased the Baby Trend Sit N Stroll and liked it. At the time we had an infant and 31/2 year old. Keep in mind that was 8 and a half years ago and there may be something better on the market. The concept is a wise choice and worked well for us! J.



answers from Tampa on

I have the Joovy and we love it. my daughter is now almost 5 and the baby is almost 1 year old. It works for me. The underneath basket is hard to get too when both children are seated. That is my only complaint. I am overall happy with the stroller.



answers from Fort Myers on

I have the joovy and I'm okay with it. I saw a really nice one in Big Lots awhile ago. I don't know the brand. It was gray & green, & much nicer than my joovy.

The joovy is very heavy and the seat is the best when the baby is sleeping. My kids are 3 1/4 yrs apart.



answers from Jacksonville on

I have the Baby Trend one from Target(?). It has been great! It is easy to collapse, light weight, just not much more room in the trunk, though I have put it in the front seat from time to time. My daughter loves it as well as my son. You just have to share the cup holders with your older child as there isn't one provided for him.

*It did take me about 9 months to finally realize, though, that I could put bulkier things in the basket simply by unsnapping the side button on the basket to open the side. *DUH*!!!

Your best bet is to just go to the stores and put your kids in the display models to see how they fit. I was given mine as a shower gift, so I didn't get too much say-so, but it has turned out to be quite the blessing!

I hope you find one that will work for you!



answers from Tampa on

I have the Baby Trend sit and stand from Target. It looks exactly like the one that One Stead Ahead carries. The Target ones are cheaper than the other ones I looked at. I love it! It's perfect for my 4yr old..he was 3 at the time I purchased it. He loves the option of sitting,standing, or walking. It was also the only one that had a parent tray which I use all the time. It has a big basket underneath as well. I highly recommend it. I used my friends side by side double stroller recently and hated it as it was hard to navigate in stores (if you could fit in the store). Good Luck in your search!!


answers from Ocala on

Go to this web site and you will see 4 strollers i think that the 2nd one down for $119.99 is a great choice. Check it out. :)

God Bless you MOMMY and your little ones.

From one mother to another.



answers from Tampa on

Hello L.,

Bugaboo makes a great wheeled board. Here is the site;



answers from Allentown on

Hi there - we have the Ultralight Joovy Caboose and it's awesome! We did a lot of research since there are so many double strollers out there and it worked out great for us! It's so much lighter than a lot of the other front-and-back (I think 30% lighter than the original Joovy Caboose, even)and is so compact. It does fold down a bit long but, then again, it is a true double. My 3 y.o. has no problem standing or sitting in the back. I love the fact that there is still a seat belt to keep them in place, if necessary. :) My 16 m.o. likes sitting in front and enjoys the tray. The parent organizer is also pretty cool. It's also super easy to steer and the wheels are great! Like the other moms have said, the basket is a bit hard to get to. Other than that, we have no complaints. If you want to take a test drive in ours, lemme know! Oh, and we got it thru With their site-to-store option, shipping was free. Hope this helps! :)

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