Advice on Prophylactic Antibiotics- Resistant Ear Infection

Updated on October 04, 2007
M.S. asks from Riverview, FL
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My 13 mo old has has 1 heck of an ear infection. He's been on 3 antibiotics and 3 shots of Recephren. He still has fluid behind the ear so the ENT told me he should be on a low dose of amoxicillian to help prevent another ear infection. I am not thrilled he;s been on so many antiobiotics as it is, and I don't want to try this but I have heard good things about this ENT. We are waiting on tubes right now. Has anyone used these with or without success? What are chiropractic care for ear infections?

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I really think that so many antibiotics prescribed is a bad idea. My husband is from India and when he gets sick he gets over it really fast and has never used an antibiotic. I was a child of the early 70s and grew up on penicillan(spelling). Now when I get sick it turns into a big time flu with sinus infections and at least 10 recovery days. Finally, I always have to go on an antibiotic to get rid of it. There is some proof that they weaken the immune system and I think some day in the future doctors will prescribe them less. For my son (who I was told might have ashtma (16 months old) I always get an antibiotic because he gets really sick when he catches something. I'm just wondering if there are other ways. Does the chiropractor really work? What did they do to your son?



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Take him to a chiropractor. There's alreay a lot of trouble with antibiotics not working as it is. I think a low dose would only aid the immunity. Good Luck!



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My son has had a lot of ear infections. They wanted to do tubes and remove his adnoise. I took him to a chiropractor who started giving him adjustments. She also suggested we take him off wheat and dairy. It took about three months. But he is doing so much better and no surgery and antibotics. For me I did not want to remove body parts and I wanted to find the cause not just a solution. As long as his hearing has not been affected then I would try an alternative to medication and surgery.




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I agree with the other two posts. Take him to a chiropractor. Both my kids have gone since they were newborns. My son got his first and only ear infection at age 3. I forgot about the chiropractor being able to fix this problem and took him to the pedi instead. After two rounds of antibiotics it finally occured to me to take him to the chiropractor. I took him, he was out of adjustment and sure enough we haven't had a problem with ear infections since. We see Dr. Stan Pierce in St. Petersburg, he is awesome. They have some free books that give you information on all kinds of things that adjustments can fix. They don't crack's an Atlas machine. I don't understand how it works and there is not pain or invasive procedures done. It works!! They offer free educational classes once a month on Tuesday nights, if you have questions about how chiropractic care can work for you and your family go to this. It's free and they don't require you to be a patient or become a patient. They love to educate people on the benefits of chiropractic care.

Give them a call, you will be surprised by how much you learn, and be glad you did!

Pierce Chriopractic

Good luck!

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