Advice on Pricing Kids Clothes & Shoes for Garage Sale!

Updated on June 08, 2011
L.S. asks from Fort Collins, CO
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Hi moms!
We're participating in a garage sale this weekend & I was just wondering what to ask for baby/toddler clothes & shoes. Most everything is in very good condition. Should I individually price things or group all shoes at $__ and all sleepers are $___. What have you guys done or seen done before? Thanks for the help!

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answers from Des Moines on

I haven't had my own garage sale, but I go to a ton for kids' clothes and I won't buy them if they aren't cheap! I hit one a week ago and they had kid's clothes priced at $1 and over...that's not cheap enough for me! Then I hit the next one and they had great prices...25 cents to 75 cents. Perfect!

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answers from Chicago on

Make it as cheap as possible. Like a car, clothes and shoes once worn lose their value. I know you want to make some money but you need to be realistic.

For's great you want to sell that two piece Nike jog suit for $10...In reality it probably won't see for more than $5. Also, T-shirts put a buck a piece on $2...Now if your items are new with tags you can go a little higher. Used jeans $2 maybe $3. Let's face it for more than $3 you can go to walmart and target and get brand new jeans....ok enough of my opinion...good luck :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had my first and only yard sale a couple years back and I have to say that my kids clothes were the BEST sellers and I WAY under-priced them and boy was that a mistake...I could have easily doubled my money but was just happy that all that stuff was out of my house! I had a $1 table and a .50 cent table and EVERYTHING went!

I say pick through what you have and pull out any 'outfits' and price them accordingly and absolutely have a table or group things together but do not be afraid to mark some of the nicer things up a bit more.

~Think about what you would pay...and then go from there. Me personally, I would absolutely pay like $3-5 for a really cute whole outfit.

Good Luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

It depends on the condition of the items. It's hard to say without seeing them. Whatever you do, make the prices really cheap. I hate garage sales where the clothes are priced almost retail. Hope you have a great sale!

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answers from Dallas on

Price them individually but have a group price in mind just in case someone asks. Or post both prices... Keep in mind to price everything cheap. People only go to garage sales to get stuff cheap, cheap, cheap...

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answers from Pittsburgh on

What I have seen is someone offer me a dime for an item priced at a quarter! LOL

Price them cheap--like a dollar per item--based on condition, etc.

You might be better off putting them on ebay. Baby/toddler stuff goes like hotcakes on there and people will pay WAY more (plus shipping) for higher end stuff than they will at a garage sale.

Good luck!

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answers from New York on

Just to get rid of them I put $10.00 for whatever you can fit in a paper bag. Or you can say $5.00. It's up to you. Some ppl think you are supposed to practically give it to them. $10.00 a bag is dirt cheap. I wouldn't price them individually cause you will drive yourself nuts! Good Luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Personally when I have a garage sale I want to get rid of things, not make a killing. I don't want them to come back into my house. I like it to be easy. So others may not agree...... but I price low and avoid the work of individual pricing. Toddler clothes could be fifty cents to three dollars a piece depending on the shape they are in.

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answers from Pocatello on

If they are stain free and in "nice used" condition... sell an individual peice (like a onesie or bodysuit) for about $.50 up to $1.00

Anything with a stain, tear, hole, missing button, etc- no matter how small should be about $.25

PLEASE pin outfits/sets together. and sell them together. it is so frustrating to find a bunch of cute "bottoms", but all the matching tops have sold... or find baby hats that don't match any of the clothing! I am willing to spend a few dollars on a nice "set"

Good quality baby formal clothes and dresses could go from $5.00 to $10.00... at a garage sale.

Baby Shoes - maybe $2.00 in good condition

Price clothes in sets, and if you can organize clothes by sizes like
newborn and 0-3 months
3-6 months
6-9 months
9-12 months

nothing is more frustrating than digging through bins with no organization.

Also... consider offering a "take it all" price for all the boys clothes... and one for all the girls clothes. If someone buys the whole lot they'll pay (maybe $50 or $75)... you could hold off on a price and just put a sign that says the prices of items, and also "or make an offer for the entire boys lot"

Good Luck!



answers from Eugene on

I'd go to Goodwill and see what their prices and and charge less. You could price things as a group and give a discount for multiples: $2 each/ 3 for $5. A friend of mine used to buy kids clothes by the box on Ebay. 20-30 dollars for a box of clothes. This might be a good way to get rid of lots of stuff, by putting all the "girls 3T" together as a set, for example.


answers from Houston on

I make it easy... as I cannot stand hagglers. They all want something for nothing. I priced all of my baby/kids clothes at .50c each...outfits $1

I know it's cheap but it all went.....and QUICK!

good luck



answers from Los Angeles on

I had a garage sale last weekend. I had all baby stuff clothes, some shoes, stroller/carseat, swing and two bouncy chairs. I priced my clothes .50 to 1.00. One piece items were 1.00 and like a shirt or a pair of shorts/pants were .50. I made $265.00. I only brought in a bucket full of clothes and the pack n play. I think I did good.



answers from Portland on

Check out prices at a retail shop and price your's a bit less.



answers from Minneapolis on

What I do is I ask myself how much am I willing to pay for this being used? I price it from there and I sell a ton of stuff!! Also if you are more looking to get stuff out of the house you can also make a sign that says prices marked or best offer.


answers from Seattle on

We are having a garage sale this weekend too! All of my kids clothes will be priced at $1. I have older boy sweatshirts and jackets that I will price at $3. Shoes will be about $2. Then, if people buy multiple things I will count it up, say they have 10 things and say< "how 'bout if you give me $8?" There will also be maternity (plus size) that I will be selling at $2 each. Someone is gonna make out like a bandit!
My point...if kids clothes are priced at more than a dollar you will probably not sell them unless they are an outfit or new.

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