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Updated on September 09, 2009
K.E. asks from Dallas, TX
4 answers

Does anyone have a good recommendation for an oral surgeon for a pre teen that will offer a payment plan?
We have had one consultation with an oral surgeon however he does not have any payment plans available and his costs are half of our entire two year costs for braces .My kiddo needs 8 baby teeth removed that just won't budge and his incisors chained to bring them down. The cost quoted was $2500.00) My husband has been laid off and we cannot make a lump sum payment of this sort at this time.

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Dr. Robert Buckles


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Hi K.,

We love our oral surgeon, Dr. Odell Marshall at Medical City Dallas. He has done our teenage daughter's wisdom teeth as well as her front tooth implant and jaw surgery. He does accept insurance and does work with you on payment options (paying out over time). His number is ###-###-####.

Good luck,



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Ameriplan is a discount plan that offers discounts on health, dental and optical for less than $20 per month for the whole family. Let me know if you would like more information. It is a really good plan for the uninsured and for people who need a lot of work and their insurance has a maximue that they have already exceeded.



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Most dental oral surgeons (well good ones) charge an arm and a leg. Don't be
Surprised. Yet I'm curious why a surgeon has to remove t as opposed to a general
Dentist??? Also, th is outside financin available thri or
Chasehealthadvance wil allows interestfree program.

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