Advice on Jogger vs Bike Seat Attachment

Updated on May 28, 2009
L.D. asks from Dallas, TX
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Looking for some feedback about your experience with either buying a jogger or buying a bike seat attachment. I'm trying to decide which would be more useful and also affordable. There are soooo many types of joggers!!! What should I really look for as far as "needs" or "musts" on this type of equipment?
Looking to spend between $175-$250. Thanks ladies!

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answers from College Station on

I bought a bike trailer that converts to a jogger since the bike seats are not the safest option if you fall. I spent about $120 10 years ago. It lasted a long time and held 2 children under 100#. It also had spece in the back for diaper bags and other stuff.

Great investment.

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answers from Houston on

I've got a jogging stroller and it's great! I can put my 2 yr old girl in it, and she'll eventually fall asleep while I get a nice workout.

I have a BOB Revolution, but it's a bit expensive. Jogging strollers either have swivel-front wheel (that can lock) or fixed-front wheel. The swivel is good for maneuvering around turns/corners and walking. If you have a fixed front wheel you will have to lift the front of the stroller when you make a turn, but the fixed-front wheels are great for runners.

Most jogging strollers uses air tires. The bigger wheels (16" diameter rear wheels) will offer a more comfortable ride for your child. I think they come in 8"-12" wheels

Jogging strollers offer attachments if you want to hook an infant seat carrier onto it.

Jogging strollers are not very 'compact', so make sure you try folding the demo and making sure it can fit in your trunk. They're not as lightweight either.

Look for a 5-pt harness for your child, and also a safety-strap for a brake (in case you have an emergency and need to stop quickly). I think most jogging strollers have these features.

Then the amenities (like cup holder) may be accessories that you need to purchase separately if you want one.

I think jogging strollers are rated to hold a child between 50-70lbs. so you'll get alot of 'mileage' out of it.

Good luck w/ your search.

I have no idea about bike seat attachments, but would recommend a helmet for your child!

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answers from Houston on

I have a Schwinn jogger.....LOVE IT!!! As the PP said, I also dont have a bike seat (dont even own a bike, hahaha) If you like to walk/jog....those strollers are the way to go. Keep a watch on e-bay and craigslist. I bought my gently used Schwinn for 60 bucks...they were retailing at the time for around 300. My daughter is a little over two and my husband and myself have been using that stroller since she was around 6 months or so. It will hold her up to 80 pounds. She is 31 lbs now. I expect to be able to use it for the next couple of years. I will then just donate it....after all, I will have gotten my 60 bucks worth out of it!!!

Good Luck in your research....

Margaret :)

P.S. I figured out last summer, to aide in keeping the kid cool, I wrapped those ice packs that you use to keep bottles cool. You know, the ones you freeze? I would wrap those in thick towels and stuff them behind her. They werent cold enough to freeze her, yet, cool enough that her back wouldnt be all sweaty and uncomfortable. Seemed to work. Also, dont forget that all important mosquito netting!!!

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answers from Austin on

We love our Chariot (! It converts from jogger to bike carrier. You buy the components separate so you can build it out exactly as it will be useful for you. It may be over your price range, but I'd highly recommend it. You might be able to find a used one for sale online. My husband has been biking our daughter in it since she was 3 months old. I use it for jogging. It's great quality.



answers from Victoria on

The bike seat we bought didnt work for my bike style. The jogger we recieved did not have any swivel on the tires. Very hard to trun once we got to a corner. I love the bike tent that goes behind the bike. I can cover my son and ride any type of weather. He seems to enjoy it. I also used the umbrella cheapy stroller for alot of walks. But our son loves this the only problem is that its super loud. The plastic tires make lots of noise. You know were coming!



answers from Killeen on

I have a wonderful bike seat. We are currently stationed in Germany. Biking is a wonderful way to see it "all." The only real advice that I have is I got the bike seat because my daughter wants to "see it all" too. We tried the jogger attatchment and she really disliked being so low. Now that she is in the bike seat she and I can see the same things and talk about them as well. Happy biking!



answers from Austin on

The BOB jogger is awesome. You have to be careful with joggers b/c some of the cheaper ones really don't hold up. You can sometimes find used ones on craigslist too...



answers from College Station on

Jogger- Not sure what your intentions are if you are a serious jogger, but I would opt for one that has a swivel wheel. This in my opinon is a must. It will allow for more mobility. You have a pretty large budget, so I bet you can do both the jogger and bike seat if you want. I would also look for a jogger that has storage and possibly a cup holder for you. I currently have a double and it is lacking the cup holder. For the bike seat I would check craigs list or garage sales. Lots of people buy these with good intentions and they never make it out of the box.

Good luck.



answers from Houston on

Hi L., I have a North Star Baby jogger, I have only used it twice. It was a compulsive buy... I am willing to sell it for 125, If you would like to buy. The original price was 249 plus tax.
It's red, just used it twice.

Let me know I have a picture but I can't put in on here, I can email if you are interested.

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