Advice on How to Help Clear Congestion for 5 Month Old Baby

Updated on December 29, 2008
K.A. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Hi Expert Moms out there!

I'm hoping you can help me figure out how to help my 5-month old daughter clear some of the congestion (mostly just a stuffed-up nose) from her very first cold. I've tried the little suction bulb, but that does not seem to get much out, and she definitely does not get the concept of blowing her nose yet. She's mostly fine and happy (although a little sneezy) during the day, but it's much worse at night, because she wakes up about every hour and a half, literally screaming! I think it's because she gets to a point where she can't breathe, so she wakes up freaked out, gasping and crying. This is no good for sleeping, for her or my husband and me. Any suggestions??? Please let me know. Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

How long has she been sick? There is a rule I implemented with anything, after my son's first cold that was actually an allergy attack that caused a double ear infection...if it's been more than three/four days, take her in.

But, otherwise...

Steamy shower
Cool Mist humidifier
Pedicare Plug-in (they are non-medicated)
Infant vapor rub
Sleep Triangle for propping up during the night, this helps with keeping head elevated and nasal passages clear.

Hope she feels better soon.

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answers from Honolulu on

Although suction bulbs can help... beware that if used too much, & too frequently, it can abrade the inner nostril. This is per my Pediatrician. So just use sparingly. Or only IF you must.

Take care,

And yes, take your daughter into the Doctor for a follow-up, in 2-3 days, if the cold just started, and especially if her symptoms gets worse or "new" symptoms arise. USUALLY, this is protocol with a baby.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi K.,
I remember those nights. I turned to my pediatrician for guidance, who immediately told me to stop the suction bulb. She said it is uncomfortable for them and who I would feel to have that done to me. Instead the best solution was a steam bath. It worked wonders and would let my little one clear up her sinuses and sleep better. It will get uncomfortable for you or your husband, dress minimally and sweat it out with her. You can also have set up the cool mist while she sleeps. Good luck and hope she gets over her cold soon.



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Welcome to your first (of many) colds! I use a cold water humidifier and those plug-in vapor thingys (sorry can't remember the name right now). Also, try rolling up a bath towel and placing it under her mattress to elevate her head slightly, this may help in keeping the mucus draining instead of pooling and blocking her breathing. Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

You can take the baby in the shower with you or even sit in a steamy shower room and let them breath in the air, then use a suckshon bulb and get all the boogers out. Works great. I am not found of putting the salt water up the nose.



answers from Los Angeles on

i was told saline drops or warm water... and then suction as needed :]... hope this helps



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Saline spray at bathtime will work wonders, plus continue to suction, especially after you do the saline spray. Can you prop her up a bit to sleep? Maybe even sleep in her car seat or a swing? Probably not old enough for a pillow but a wedge of some sort?

Someone told me vicks vapor rub on the feet. I have yet to try it but you could google it and see what comes up.

** You got lots of great responses - I'm suction bulb happy, probably because my kids tolerate it. I learned some new stuff tonight and will not reach for it so often.

Hope she is feeling better soon,



answers from Reno on

If she's waking up screaming, she may have an ear infection. Babies get ear infections with colds easily because their ear canals are so tiny. You may want to have her checked out, just in case.

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