Advice on Getting a Bigger Vehicle

Updated on December 07, 2006
E.S. asks from Rosemount, MN
4 answers

Hi Mamas,

We are quickly outgrowing our cars and need some advice on finding a new vehicle.

We need something that seats 3 adults and 2 car-seats (minimum). And we're not ready for a mini-van. We've seen some SUV's and wagons that have 3 rows of seating but are concerned that with 2 car seats, it might be difficult to use the back row. (Is it easier to put the car seats in the back row or in the middle row???) Does anyone have any suggestions on good vehicles for a growing family?

Thanks for your help!

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We have 3 carseats and a granma who lives with us all the time so we ended up getting a buick rendevous and i love it . the 3 row is fairly easy to put seats in and the middle row seats fold down very easily for access. bring your carseats with you when you test drive any vehicle (i think the guy thought i was crazy) but then you can comfortably feel whats gonna work best for you.

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I know of a person who bought a Ford Taurus Wagon because she had to fit 3 car seats in the back and it was the only vechile that worked, she could close the doors too! This is the older model and I do not know if the newer one would work for you. The biggest tip is to take your carseats with you and try them out in the vechiles you are considering.



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Hi E., I have a Saturn Wagon and am able to fit three adults and two car seats in it. When we were looking I liked the Saab that had a safe flip up third seat, but there were more than we were looking to spend, but I've been happy with our Saturn.




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We looked at a lot of vehicles with a 3rd row and decided on the Honda Pilot SUV-the third row is super easy to get to and quite comfortable even for a tall adult (I'm almost 5'10" and I didn't feel cramped). The Pilot has awesome ratings and is best in class for gas mileage too! We LOVE ITTTTT!!!!!

I would suggest putting the carseats in the second row, and honestly the third row is super easy to get to, the second row can adjust easily back and forth to accomodate someone getting into or out of the third row. You can also fold down the third row and you get a huge back end to haul things-again we LOVE IT!!

Good luck!

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