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Updated on June 06, 2008
S.N. asks from West Hartford, CT
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I am making the venture over to cloth diapering this summer. I am really excited but am a little confused about the different brands. I know that bum genius is one of the top brands to use but I have also read about kiss a luvs and Dappi diapers. Has anyone used those and how did they work for you? They are much cheaper by the dozen than the other brands and since I have twin girls, I am looking for the best bargain!

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So What Happened?

thanks to all the mamas out there for the advice! So, I ended up going to diaperswappers and trying a whole bunch of different dipes for my girls! It was fun and now I can pretty see what works! I also have been to papaya patch and caught that diapering class! it was so great and really informative! Definitly recommend it to other mamas out there! thanks again!

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I have heard that Papaya Patch in West Hartford offers workshops on using cloth diapers...



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Hi S.,

I used kisssaluvs with my son for the first 8 months and they were really annoying and they leaked alot and he always smelled :) Then I switched to bummis with the inserts and I love them so much. Go to papaya patch and ask them when they are having a diaper exchange. People sell their used diapers there at 1/2 the price or even less. Also my friend orders from they are insert diapers custom made and are only $10... they are so great and really cute you can choose all of your own colors and fabrics... I'm going to get them for my next baby.

Good Luck, Allie



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Have you been to Papaya Patch in West Hartford Center? They are a great resource as they have the actual diapers there for you to see and touch instead of just purchasing from the internet. They also offer diapering classes. Prefolds with a cover most likely will be the most cost effective.
I haven't had the chance to use them yet, but here are a couple of websites I like.



answers from New York on

Hey S.,

I use G Diapers, I LOVE them,

they are great,

I use a perfold insert, and not the flushable,
so far its been nearly 2 years and never had any problems
no need to buy any extra inserts either.

but they fit really well and are so easy to clean, and they look really KEWL.

I do every once in a while buy the flushies for traveling and things, ( I mean who wants to smell a stinking diaper in the car for 4-5 hours)and carry it around with you for the weekend--- LOL----it makes it easier.

What i normally do is keep a few plasticbags from the grocery store in the car an put the poopys and other garbage in there til I get home,

Since I say at home, I just dump the poops right in the toilet, and flush, swish the poopy prefold around in the bowl
and throw it in a soap bucket i have in the bathroom,

every other day I toss them in the machine

The poops do stain the liners and prefolds, but a little creamy clorox bleach get the stains right out and vinegar freshens them up.

I am so glad I switched to cloth diapers,

the way I look at it you wipe the poop off their bums, whats one extra step.


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