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Updated on November 24, 2010
N.N. asks from Scottsboro, AL
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Ok well I have finally completed my first round of clomid. It was 100mg and I took it on days 3-7. I am currently on cd 13 and have yet to get a postive opk. The doctor said that I do have PCOS. The only testing he did was the inital bloodwork to check my LH and FSH. I am so worried that I will not ovulate this month. What days did you all ovulate on and what were your symptoms? I have yet to have symptoms too.

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I finally got a smiley face this morning! Cd 19 and I'm sooooooooo excited!

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answers from Saginaw on

Hey Nichole,

I recommend purchasing the OV Watch to work with the Clomid. We tried Clomid, then a failed IVF. We tried for #2 for 7 years since I too have PCOS. I heard of the OV Watch while going through our IVF process. Since it did not take, I purchased it and convinced my OB to let me try Clomid again but this time with the OV Watch - and on 2nd month - we were pregnant! I now have a 1 year old and a 8 year old. Good luck!!! And feel free to email me if you have any questions.



answers from Minneapolis on

Are you also on metformin? I also have PCOS and took clomid. I personally didnt respond well to it and it made a total b*tch. I switched DR and he took me off of colmid and put me on fermera (sp?) its a breast cancer drug and got pregnant the first try.
If you want to talk feel free to private message me.
Good luck



answers from Dallas on

Ok, first...breathe. Now, I have PCOS. When trying to get pregnant for the first time I started using Clomid through my OB/Gyn. I did 3 months, increasing the dosage each month and never ovulated. SUCKS! Then I was referred to my RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) and he added a "trigger" shot that I took around day 13 to my Clomid and I finally ovulated for the first time. Unfortunately, the infertility road is a winding road with lots of hills and valleys (more valleys in the beginning). Just hang in there. Keep doing what the doctor says. If after a few months you aren't seeing results you may need to see a specialist (if you are currently seeing an OB/Gyn). I know it is so difficult to be patient. It is so hard to not be pregnant right now. I know the struggle, the highs and the lows. I know how fast hope can be smashed. But I also have 2 beautiful kids that are the fruit of all that I went through to get pregnant.

I never really had any ovulation "symptoms". When I finally did ovulate I knew because of the OPK. I would take them daily starting about cd12 for about a week. When I did finally get a positive I was shocked, it was the best day (at that point) because I was actually seeing progress.

Keep your chin up. Don't get discouraged.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I was on it for both kids and didn't ovulate till end of month - now have a rotten boy who is 6 and a girl that is 13

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