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Updated on January 20, 2009
K.E. asks from Warwick, NY
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My third baby was born on 1/14 - he is my first son. Since I only have experience with girls, I wanted to ask you all for advice on care for his circumcision. We came home from the hospital last night, so I'm taking him to the pediatrician today because he is still bleeding a bit. I really don't want to hear horror stories - but I'd love any diapering/care advice. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all of your comments. The pediatrician told us to use bacitracin and told us about a special gauze called Telfa which is a little bit more non-stick than regular gauze. I think once it heals up a bit more I'll just use the vaseline/A&D ointment.

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Hi K.,

Congradulations! I had my son circumcide, apply a lot of A & D orment. He will be fine. :) A week it should look great. I had no problems with my son,lots of diaper changes to keep it clean and fresh. Do not wipe, just apply the orment, the doctor probably told you this. Good Luck! :)

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I am a NICU RN, I recommend using LOTS of vaseline, with every diaper change! wipe it very gently only if needed (if the site is soiled with stool). Usual the bleeding occurs from the site being stuck to the diaper or stool. Ofcourse check diaper often ad change promptly. Also if he still has meconium I suggest using baby wash and a warm cloth to help remove. No tubby baths until it is healed and the umibical cord is gone. They may place another vaseline gauze on it, if so usually you leave it on until it falls off on its own and perhaps they will have you place it on again -- if they do -- ask for extra supplies there. Best of luck! Also with boys remember to point the gun down and cover it up when changing or you might get squirted!

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Just use a lot of A&D and gauze, it will heal soon. Also once it heals when you change his diaper try to remember to push any extra skin back because I never knew that and my son's circumcision reattached and I had to take him to a urologist to have him peel it back which was not fun. From what I've read online that is more common with heavier babies that have "fat packs" of skin around that area which my son did. But figured I'd let you know anyway cause I wish someone told me to do that. :)

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K. -

I have 2 boys (4 1/2 and 5 months). For our oldest, we did the gauze thing. For our new baby, the dr told us just to use neosporin (not the cream but the ointment). We globbed it on every diaper change and it healed up nicely within 2-3 days. We used it for about a week just so that he didn't get an infection. Good luck!

- K. :)

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We were told to just put a big glob of vaseline on it when you change his diaper. Nothing more than that....and it healed in a couple of days with no problem. I'm sure if you're going to the pediatrician, they'll tell you what to do.
I was really nervous about it, but it healed quickly with no problems, and we did nothing more than vaseline.

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Miranda's advice is top notch, The only thing I could add is There is not such thing as too much, I have 2 boys and boy I went through alot of those tubes from the hospital, well one my dog ate but that is not here or there, Keep reaplying to prevent the diaper from sticking. If it is just alittle bit of bleeding it is probaly nothing to be worried about.

Good luck, and always remember to point down that is very important.


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seriously, all we did is squeeze a ton of vasoline on and slap on the old daiper. make sure you get the tubes. the bleeding will stop.



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Hi K., I remember putting a large helping of Bacitracin on the circumcision so it would not stick to the diaper. He will heal. Grandma Mary



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Frequent diaper changes and LOTS of A&D!



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Hi K.!
I'm a mother of 6,4 boys and 2 girls.It's o.k. if the baby still have a little blood,because you and the baby were just discharged last night.The doctor usually perform circumcision the day before you're discharge so don't worry,but if you still want to take him to the doctor's,that's fine too.I understand he's your first boy.

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