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Updated on August 09, 2007
M.A. asks from Carrollton, TX
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As a soon-to-be new mom, who plans to return to work 12 weeks after the birth of my baby, I would like to start breast feeding by pumping immediately after my daughter is born and pump exclusively.

Given the volume of pumping that I'll be doing, do you have feedback on what sort of pump I should get? I don't read anything negative about the Medela Pump in Style pumps, but will it endure pumping 8-12 times per day? Should I consider a hospital grade pump? Any feedback is appreciated.

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answers from Dallas on

The most Medela In Style Advanced pump was the one that worked for me. It was the one with the electric pump in the included bag. It was painless, it was quick and very efficient. Which is really important in a breast pump. I went through 3 or 4 different pumps and ended up getting this one anyway.

If you plan to have other children this will also be worth every penny. I used every single thing included in this pump. I plan to use it with my next baby.

Its even quiet so when my son woke me in the night to feed I would put him back down to sleep and then pump before I went back to bed without waking up my husband.

Truly a great investment.

Hope this helps!

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answers from Dallas on

I pumped exclusively when I started working & used Ameda Purely Yours. It was a great travel pump- came in a backpack & had an insulated bag to keep milk cold. Do get a pumping bra- it is like a halter top w/ holes that the pump shield fits in. This way you can pump hands free!



answers from Dallas on

I used an Ameda electric breast pump and it was soooo loud! I wish I'd not tried to save money and went with a Medela.

Surrogates often pump for the babies they deliver for weeks or months after. They're pros at keeping the milk coming without breastfeeding! Here is a link to several discussions on the topic:



answers from Dallas on

First of all, congrats!!!

I used the Medela Pump in Style w/ my daughter and it was fantastic! There were times when I pumped 6-8 times a day and I never had any issues. I highly recommend it.



answers from Dallas on

M., congratulations on being a soon to be mommy! I am a new mom to a 2 month old little boy and it is great!

OK, I was BF'ing for the first 3 days...then I had to supplement with formula until my milk came in and was pumping to get it going. I got on a pattern of just pumping. NOW, I can not get him to latch on at all! I still want him to get the milk, so I just pump and make up bottles.

I got the Pump in Style and LVOE IT! I use it at home. It is a double pump so it is quick. Last week we were going on a road trip (8 hours) and I didn't want to take that huge pump with me. We are also going on a plane to Florida in September. I was looking for a smaller pump that is just as good to take. I ended up getting the Medela Swing pump. It is a great pump but is mainly good for traveling/working/etc.

I am starting back to work on Monday and will be taking the smaller pump with me and leaving the larger Pump in Style at home.

Good luck with the baby/labor/BF' is a wonderful time!! Just remember that crying is a way that babies communicate at first! Ha! :)



answers from Dallas on

I loved my Medela. It is a great pump, amd that was 6 years ago. Just remember that the baby does a better job of emptying the breast. I would let the baby nurse as much as possible to get your supply started.
I wish you the best. I nursed mine for a year and it was the best experience.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Yeah, i would advise you to go with a professional pump. You get what you pay for in breastpumps! Trust me!



answers from Dallas on

Congrats on your pregnancy. As far as pumps go ... medela Pump in Style .. ALL the way!!!! B/c of latch issues with my first ... I ended up pumping exclusively for 7 months with him .. it was great and held up fine ... that was in 2000. then for baby #2, 2003, I EBF her ... I used the pump on occassion and it worked fine ... then had 3rd in 2006 and while I also EBF him - I pulled the pump out yet again ... it worked, but my 3rd never had a bottle ... but it would have worked if I needed it. ;-)

While you're not looking for advice on whether or not to pump - gotta put it out there as someone who has done both ... give BFing a try! It IS soo much easier. I mean, I loved the flexibility of EP for my first and others could feed him .. but it's also why I was determined to BF my 2nd ... b/c I knew it would be more difficult to find pumping time with a toddler around. I've got friends whose kids easily interchanged between breast and bottle .. that's not too difficult.

B/C you do want to pump exclusively, I really think you should at least BF in the beginning. A baby will be able to kick start your milk production better than a pump. So, if you're dead set on pumping - that's fine ... but start it off with BF so that your milk gets good and established - JMO! :-)

Congrats and I hope all goes well ... give an update later on! :-)



answers from Dallas on

Congratulations on the decision to give your baby breastmilk. It is the best food you could offer. You are contemplating the most difficult way there is to feed, however I understand your worry about the baby not taking a bottle, please be aware that no matter what type of pump you get, hospital grade or otherwise, many women do not let down as effectively to a pump as they do to a baby so begin supplementing to have a large enough quantity for babies growing needs.

To answer your question about pumps the Medela pump n style advanced can handle the load of pumping, usually 6-8 times daily is adequate, that you are contemplating. It will take you through multiple children and is worth the cost. If you rent a pump you will have a hospital grade pump, but it will end up costing more after about 3 months than if you just purchased one.

Please consider a good breastfeeding class so that you really understand the supply and demand cycle and can give yourself more options. I would be happy to be of help, either with a pump for rent or purchase, or with a class before delivery.
Good Luck,
K. @ The Nestingplace


answers from Nashville on

I loved my manual Avent pump- smooth, durable, fantastic, easy to use- I got to where I could put mine back tofgether in the dark!. Keep in mind though, pumping when your milk first comes in & early post partum can be really difficult & hurt!!! Spend the time & enjoy nursing, use a lactation consultant to make it go even smoother. It won't likely take long to wean the baby to a bottle, but you can both nurse & bottle feed. My oldest had absolutely no problem switching back & forth- which she did from time to time starting at 4 weeks! It doesn't have to be all or none, and nursing is...well, can be... a great experience.

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