Advice on Best Way to Break a Pinata??

Updated on August 04, 2008
S.B. asks from Omaha, NE
4 answers

We are having a party for our 10-year-old's baseball team and have purchased 2 baseball pinatas. We have only had one other experience with a pinata--almost 5 years ago. (That thing was a nightmare to break! Even a baseball bat didn't work!) In your experience, what is the best thing to use in order to break pinatas? Any other advise??

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So What Happened?

I cut a small slit into the side of each pinata and it broke perfectly. It was quite a sight to see all the candy spilling out. Thanks for the tip!!!

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Stop the pinata from swinging and re-aim the child after every swing. Make sure that all the children know that you will help them re-aim after 1 swing, or they could keep swinging and get someone else (or you) in the process.



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Using a box-cutter or swiss army knife, slice a small, thin breach/crack in the pinata so that it has already been "started." You don't want an actual hole because of course the candy will fall out too soon. But a medium sized slice should be fine, allowing the mache to bow or give as it's beaten. Be sure to cut in in an area likely to recieve the most blows. In no time the pinatas should be fully torn open from the pressure of being hit so many times.



answers from Grand Forks on

If your giving a baseball bat to a bunch of 10 year old baseball players.... I don't know if you will have a hard time breaking that thing open. LOL.

We've done lots of pinata's and they can be hard for little kids....but I think they make them durable so that more than one person can get a good swing at it.

Just make sure that the other kids are out of the bats reach.

Good luck. Tell us how it goes.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have always found it hard to break pinatas, and then they have the pull string one, but there is either never enough strings, or not everyone gets a turn to pull the string. So to save $, I don't use pinatas anymore, I just buy really good candy (really good chocolate candy bags at Costco for like $12, or like the laffy taffy/tootsie roll/jolly rancher, etc mix candy for $10 also at Costco) I call it the human pinata, and I pretty much stand in front of them, and I take a handful and just throw it at the group of kids, and then keep doing it till it's gone. We just did it the other day for my daughter's 6th bday and it just went smoother.

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