Advice on Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Updated on February 18, 2007
M.C. asks from Richardson, TX
4 answers

Hi, I would like to get info on becoming a real estate agent. I understand how the training and everything works, but is it a good job? It seems like you can make alot of money at the same time I feel like it may not be as good as it looks or sounds. Can you help or give some info on this career?

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answers from Dallas on

I was an accountant looking for a career change & gave real estate a try, my mother is also a realtor. I did not have much success, I'm not a good sales person & don't like to use my friends for references. If you have sales experience (not retail) & you have a wide circle of influence that will keep you supplied with clients it is a great job. My mom had an established realtor help her get started by supplying her with clients & she has been doing well eversince, not easy though. It takes a while too. I took the classes, did the mail-outs & open houses, cold-calling etc, everything they told me to & ended up spending much more money on the monthly costs and license fees than I made. Others do very well. Just depends. Hope this helps :)



answers from Albuquerque on

Hi M.. While I've never been a Real Estate Agent, I have MANY friends who have been. Most of them have tried it, and quit because it was so hard to find clients, make money, and pay overhead costs. Plus, you're always working every evening and weekend showing homes and holding open houses. Your schedule is not your belongs to your clients. Just some food for thought. I would talk to a successful realtor and get their input about what has made them successful. Good luck!
- M. O.



answers from Dallas on

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Are you interested in commercial or residential? I've worked in both (but in the administrative field, not being an agent - I was never secure with a commission only salary). Call Ebby Halliday or Keller Williams offices around you and see what splits and support they offer a new agent.

I currently work in commercial real estate and we have an intern program. I don't know what it pays (if any), but it would give you a chance to see if this is the right field for you. Feel free to respond personally or call me at ###-###-####. It's a great company - I've been there almost 4 years.

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