Advice on a Good High Chair, Please.

Updated on March 21, 2007
J.P. asks from Riverside, CA
7 answers

It has come to that point where my daughter has started Rice Cereal and veggies. So naturally, i need to get a high chair. Any recommendations? things to look for? things to stay away from?

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answers from Los Angeles on

to be honest, you really only need the little travel one that you can stick on your chair on your dining room table, it saves space and you can use it other places if need be. If you choose to go with a regular one make sure it has different height adjustments and can wipe clean easily...



answers from Las Vegas on

I bought a very nice Graco for my first son, with two trays and the toys and adjustable everything. Though it was a great high chair, there is a better way. For my second, I bought a First Years portable that you fasten to the top of the seat. It also adjusts to three different angles, and comes with a tray, which you won't use after a while. It cost about $35, and the entire thing is easily washable!!! Also, you can bring it with you to Grandma's or a restaurant. Don't bother with the big seats. The little ones like it better if they are right at table level, just like you. Good luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

When I was looking, the most important features to me were:

1. Sturdy--no tipping over!
2. Easy cleanable surface
3. Longevity--I plan to have some more children so I want to be able to use it for years.

There are definitely all shapes and sizes out there. I settled on the dark wood Eddie Bauer one and we love it. I've also used a chair-top Fisher Price seat that worked very well. Good luck on your search!



answers from San Francisco on

I definitely agree that the Fisher Price "booster-seat" type chairs are the best. I think they are called Fisher Price Healthy Care or something similar and cost about $27 at Target. We have them for our twins and they are fabulous. High chairs, in my opinion, take up way too much space. Besides, when you have a booster seat, your kids can sit at the table with you more easily and feel like a part of the family.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi, We have the Fisher Price Space Saver. It hooks onto your dinning room chair so doesnt take up space. It is very sturdy and cleans up very well. I think it was about 50 dollars. It's one I have ne regrets with



answers from Los Angeles on

Well Jamie, I have a 1yr. old son who I just bought a Graco Harmony chair for. So far I love it. It has wheels so you can take him anywhere, has two trays and they are removable for if you want to slide him to the table to eat dinner with the family.... which is nice. It can also recline for smaller babies, and the height can be adjusted. it will run you about $90. Good Luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Walmart...25 so you can toss it when it's too gross or you're sick of looking at it.

(Yes I clean it daily but you know what I

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