Advice on a Camera Upgrade

Updated on April 11, 2007
L.A. asks from Spokane, WA
6 answers

So I am getting a nice tax return I just found out, and so I really want to get my hubby a nice camera for his photograpy. See his work here to get an idea of what he does.

He also later would like to do event photography, so we will need something to accomadate that as well.

Our camera takes great pics some of the time, but other times, the screen is black so it's impossible to know what you are correctly aiming at, or the speed is so dang slow, we miss a ll the moments we would like to capture.

He can figure out all the symbols and uses, but not me, so I would like one that is fairly easy to learn to use as well.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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answers from Little Rock on

Hey Lisa - Definatly go to Wolf Camera and I would take him along with you as well cause holding and feeling the camera is a BIG thing as you want to be comfortable with it exp when you are planning on doing event photography later. That and you can see which ones have the most options to buy more stuff needed for event photography later on. When you buy a camera through Wolf you also get to attend their photography classes for free and you can bring a guest with you as well. They go on little photo field trips too which are a blast. The classes are taught by professional photographers which are also on the Wolf Camera staff. The 2 that help me the most their and helped me with my camera choice are professional photographers and really have a lot of info to offer on best choices rather than just going to a dept store. They show you how to use and program your new cameras which is really helpful. I go to the one by Dennys on Camp Bowie next time you are down here. :)



answers from Dallas on

Your husbands work is really nice...I'm no professional or anything. I don't have a suggestion on cameras, but I wanted to tell you to tell your husband to consider making a calendar. I would love to look at his nature pictures every month. I always shop of unique and beautiful calendar for the upcoming year. Good luck. I like your site too....



answers from Dallas on

I'm not sure what he has now but if he wants to do event photography he definitely needs a digital SLR. There are quite a few to choose from starting with either getting Nikon, Canon or one of the other many brands. The one we are looking at getting is the Nikon D80 - it is pricy though. A less expensive option from that is the Nikon D40. You'll want to pay attention to how many megapixels the camera takes because while it's not much of a factor in actual picture quality when just taking snapshots it is a factor when you are enlarging pictures. Arlington Camera is a good place to go shop around and the staff there can really help you out a lot. Good luck shopping and congrats on the refund!
Cristina is right about AC being overpriced, to actually buy look at a place such as B&H Also check out the nikon website to see if there's any rebates being offered. I'm sure Canon would also have the same info.



answers from Dallas on

I have a Fuji Film A700 - it's a 7 megapixel camera and it works great! And it was very easy to figure out all the symbols and everything. I ordered mine from, and they also have some that have higher mega pixels. With my camera, I can get very clear pictures up to 11x14".



answers from Dallas on

You may want to let him pick out his own camera since it looks like this is something he is not only good at, but something he wants to do in the long run.

FYI - Minolta doesn't make SLR cameras anymore
FYI - Arlington camera is SOOOOOO overpriced - it's ridiculous. Shop there to get a feel for the camera, buy online!!!

I am a Nikon shooter myself and I hear the D40 is a pretty great starter camera (it goes for about $380 in some professional photography websites). The D80 is an awesome little camera because it has more megapixels but it is pricier (about $900).
Here is a link with some Nikon camera comparisons:
You may want to share it with him (though he may already know about this website).

I am a professional photographer ( and I know that when I first started (with the Nikon D70s) I did a lot of research because I knew I wanted to do this 'for real'.

Good luck! Please feel free to contact me if I can answer anymore questions!




answers from San Antonio on

You need a professional type camera that allows you to adjust the shutter speed and flash. Try Minolta or Nikon. Those are two of the best brands. They also come digital. If you go to Wolf or Ritz camera stores, the salepeople should be able to point you in the right direction. I think Best Buy also has them

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