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Updated on June 12, 2007
D.C. asks from Lawton, OK
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My husband is going to be seeing his son for the first time this sunday night due to him being deployed for the last 16 months. He is in Ny and I in Des Moines, Iowa. People who have seen his son have been telling him things like, ur son is a cryer and very fat... well I breast feed and haven't decided to whein him yet.. he is 8 months old and on baby food, rice cereal, and breast milk. My doctors tell me he is the poster child for a breastfeeding baby. Anyways... :-) my husband has heard him over the phone when Ayden(my son) has been extremely tired and cranky and my husband seems to think he sounds bratty. Ayden has a tendancy to whine alot because he's still a baby. Is this normal? I mean what should I tell my husband when I see him Sunday night when Ayden acts like this. I am afraid I might take the total defense and really lay into my husband if he says anything about Ayden and him being spoiled and what not.

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answers from Des Moines on

This is his son too. You've been caring for him on your own and he will have to get to know his daddy. Your husband should be patient and not expect his son to greet him with perfect manners of a young man. HE IS A BABY. It will be stressful for all of you and your son is bound to react to the stress. Be easy on yourselves. He will soon see the beauty of your son as well.



answers from Des Moines on

I agree with Leigha, you need to surround yourself with supportive people. I too, would really "lay into my husband" if he would say anything about my child being "spoiled". I honestly do NOT think a small, innocent, eight and a half month old baby can truely be "bratty". They are babies, babies cry, and some do it more than others. People should keep in mind too that you have been by yourself with him for a long time with your husband is Afganistan. Keep your chin up.



answers from Des Moines on

As long as he's healthy and your dr. doesn't have any looming concerns don't get to worked up over it. Have you gotten the what to do the first year book.
Remember that around 6-9 months they go through a stranger anxiety thing too.



answers from Hickory on

I would take a professional's (your doctor) advise over "know-it-all" family members :)
I would also encourage you to sourrond yourself with suppotive friends with kids similar ages. Here is a link to some groups in your area I belong to a WDM group and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We cry and laugh about our kids and help each other when we need some extra help.
Good luck :)

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