Advice for Unisex Siblings Sharing Room

Updated on June 19, 2012
Y.L. asks from Alexandria, VA
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I am in the process of moving... My son is 3 my daughter is 1... This will be their first time sharing a room since their always in bed with what are good colors that I could decorate their room with that would be neutral for both of them being that they are they are the oposite sex.. and what ages do you recommend that brother and sisters be seperated as far as room concerns as they become to age and want different things?

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answers from New York on

Yellow or greens would be good color choices!

You would want them to be separated by the time he starts school (two more years) so that they have their own spaces and he has a quiet place to get his work done. My nieces are twins but total opposites in every way... one is a princess and the other loves Buzz Lightyear. They share a room and my sister has painted the walls a sky blue. Each chickie has her own bedding, but the colors coordinate nicely. So far, so good!

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answers from La Crosse on

We did our son and daughters play room with two walls across from one another pink and the other two blue. Then the trim on the "boy" walls was purple and on the "girl" walls in a green.

Then we put little shapes all over the walls. Just the outlines, it kinda looks like bubbles. Its really cute.

As far as when to seprate them is based on your own families personal choice on when you feel its time. I think every family is different on that.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I think this is the idea time to be truthful. Unless he is totally happy not having ANY toys that are age appropriate for him and will only play with hers.

Her throat is about the size of a drinking straw. That is why her food has to be cut so much smaller than the bigger kids. Balloons should never be allowed with kids under 5. If they get a broken piece in their mouth and it chokes them the paramedics can't get it out. When it gets wet it gets slick and they can't grasp it to pull on it. They die from choking.

She is at risk of choking if he has any toys that will fit inside a toilet paper tube. That includes Hot Wheels cars, small bouncing balls, jacks, lego's, any toy with a magnet in it that could pop out, toys that make sounds have tiny pieces in them that can come out just by being banged on the floor, any toy with wheels that could break off, squeekers inside toys, eyes, noses, buttons, beads, etc...on stuffed animals, toys that have cords that could be swallowed or accidentally wrapped around the neck, no toys with batteries since they can come out easily and be swallowed, crayons can be chewed up and swallowed and choked on, board games, marbles, any toy that can be broken or taken apart.

This is just a partial list of the things he will not be allowed to have that are age appropriate for him. She will get in them even if they are up in the top of the closet. We had our puzzles and games up in the girls closet and they fell one time when I was in the shower. It woke her and her little brother both up and she was smart enough to close her door and come get me. She protected him, but she was about 5 or just about 6.

Your little one should not have to do without his toys and the things he needs to play with to develop and grow. They need to not share a room.

If you cannot move to a place where they can have separate rooms then I encourage you to keep her in your bedroom until you can move to a place where they can have their own space. She is young enough he can have his toys and a baby gate be put up to keep her out all the time, even at night. She will get out of her bed and wander before too long if she is not already doing so. She needs to be safe and if his room is not completely off limits she is at risk.

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answers from Grand Forks on

Lime green or apple green for the main color. She can have purple accesories and he can have blue accessories.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I shared a room with my brother intill I was 6 and he was 5. The room was done in light blues, with teddy bears on the walls.

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answers from Norfolk on

I love yellow or green for both genders. My kids shared a room until they were 7 and 5 years old. At that point, we moved into a four bedroom house.

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answers from Lynchburg on


I have always been a fan of primary colours for children's rooms. I have had rooms with a balloon theme (carried through on wall and ceilings...painted of course...and a few cloth wall hangings)...but my favorite was a primary coloured kite theme...Had a large kite (rainbow) and ribbon streamers hung from the ceiling...TOO CUTE.

All my kiddos were able to share with a same sex no advice there...

Best luck!

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answers from Hartford on

Unisex means "one sex." But you have a son and a daughter. Just saying. ;-)

It depends on the children and if they even want to be paired up in the same room. If you're able to separate them right off the bat, then I would give them their own rooms. If you "have" to pair them up then I would do it until they start puberty or they request to have separate rooms.

I'll be honest. I hated sharing with my first brother, who is two years younger. I never wanted to sleep in the same room right from the very beginning. Luckily I didn't have to for very long. When he was three months old my parents bought a house and I got my own bedroom. I didn't have to share again until my parents had my kid brother when I was 10 years old, and then I begged to have him in my room so I could help my mom out. When he was three and I got my period, I moved into my own room and my brothers started sharing.



answers from Washington DC on


Great to hear siblings love being around each other! I think that's been the greatest by having 2.

When I had my first I didn't want to know the sex. I didn't want white walls and I knew I likely wouldn't be painting much post baby. Pale yellow is the color I read crosses over sexes well. I think green as someone said is a good one too. If you look at the baby section you find pink, blue and yellow/green. As a lady said, you then pop some colors or pictures that fit into that. you could go consistent with red and use dots for her and stripes for him (or vv). You could also go with a theme like a tree with animals. i painted a tree (to put laminated family pics on) and it wasn't as hard as I thought.
Key thing is look at the room not as a boy and girl living in it per se, but as a cheery place. what would make them happy when they come in? what would also make your husband and you want to come in?
I do agree with the lady that mentioned monitoring the toys that get placed in the room if you think the kids will especially hang out there. Your son likely is learning he needs to place some things away from his sister. ensure those things get placed higher up in the dresser/closet so he can still get to it, but not her.
the room is going to be great!



answers from Washington DC on

yellow, tan/beige, light green



answers from San Antonio on

Reading your responses has been interesting. I have a 4 year old boy, and a 2 1/2 year old girl. They have been begging me to let them share a room for about 2 months. We went on a weekend trip during which they shared a bed, and since then they ask every night. I have even gone to his room in the morning and found her sleeping there. It is cute, and they are so adamant about it, that we are considering making his room their room (for the short term) and having her room become a play-room. Your responses have given me some ideas about decor, so thanks!



answers from Honolulu on

These are links, for when to separate siblings in bedroom.
Who knows.

I like lime green
Or simply paint half the room a color your boy likes, and a girl color for your daughter. And accessorize, accordingly with bedspread, area rug, etc.

BEFORE you put them in a room together and decorate it, you FIRST need to see, if it will even work. Meaning, if they will even get sleep and be safe in that room, together.
And the 3 year old should not be "responsible" for his younger sibling. He is too young to be fully aware of things for a 1 year old.
Do not decorate the room, unless you know... that they will even get along in a room together.


answers from Chicago on

soft mint green -- they have great bedspreads that are pink and green and you can also make it boyish too. 2 bedrooms in my house are this color. The other is a light orangish/beige. I am into neutrals though :) My daughter (almost 5) and son (3.5) have shared a room since she was 3.5 yo and he was about 27 mos. They will continue to do so for about 1.5-2 more years, until she is pushing 6.5-7. At that point, before one of them starts puberty, I think is best. We have another son but he is just now 1 yo so we want his sleep schedule to be more similar to our other son before we room them together. Plus, my daughter still likes her "roommate" ;) for now!

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