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Updated on May 30, 2008
P.K. asks from San Diego, CA
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Hi All,

I have a 12 year old daughter that up to recently has had good skin. In April she and a friend made facial masks with gaucamole, olive oil. honey, oatmeal and aloe vera gel. She ended after two applications with a facial rash and since then has had acne. I have taken her to a nurse practioner and she suggested Dove facial wash, Benadryl for the allergic reaction, Hydrocortisone cream and an oxy cream. It has helped some but still is having out breaks. She has a good diet and is cutting down on the sugars. She has not started her period yet so I am wondering if that is around the corner. I have appointments to Dermatologists but it's difficult to get in soon and my daughter is miserable. Does anyone know a Dermatologist that I can see ASAP in San Diego? Or if anyone has had a similar situation or advice I would appreciate it. I would prefer a holistic approach but am open to any suggestions of over the counter products.

Thanks for your help,


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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the great advice! I was able to get an appointment with a Dermatologist yesterday. One thing he said was salt ( especially with Iodine) is a skin irritant. As well as Asparagus, broccoli, white onion and sushi. He also recommended using a 100% cotton all white pillow case (no dyes),getting 15 minutes of sun ( not between the hours of 10am -3pm and a prescription to kill off the bacteria ( I don't like the possible side effects) but he did ok the new product called "Zeno" which is a heat treatment. A bit expensive but I have found that Bed Bath & Beyond has a seperate department called Harmons that does carry them and they accept the 20% off coupon. Hopefully we will get this under control soon and this information will help others.
Gratefully yours,

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Hi Pat - Melaleuca makes an excellent acne care system called Zap It. It works great (it contains tea tree oil which is excellent on acne) and it is so inexpensive! You get a face wash, deep cleaning astringent, pore clarifying cream and quick-stick - all for $15.99.

If you want to check it out you can go to

Just let me know if you have any questions. By the way, I'm attaching some comments from customers below as fyi. Thanks and best wishes, C.

"My 15 year-old daughter had suffered from that dreaded adolescent curse, acne. We had tried almost every product on the market to address the problem. She has particularly sensitive skin and many products commercially
available were quite harsh and created more problems. Her self-esteem and confidence were suffering and she became reluctant to go out when her skin was bad! Upon joining Melaleuca I purchased the Zap-it! Facial Wash and the Zap-it!
Quick Stick. After using these products regularly her skin began to improve. After only a few weeks her pimples had all but disappeared and her skin regained that pre-pubescent healthy glow. She has been using these products now for two full months and her skin looks fantastic! She is thrilled to
bits, and so am I. I wish I had had access to this stuff when I was her age, because I remember how embarrassed and self-conscious I was at her age with the same problem." ~~ Khyiah A.

"My product experience is w/my son. He has suffered from severe acne for a few years now. We have tried several things and even been to a dermatologist and gotten prescription crèmes to treat it. Nothing seemed to work to clear it up. I
joined Mela in Feb 2003 and bought him the Zap-It Acne Line. Being a 17 year-old boy at the time, he of course did not use the whole line the way he is suppose to, but used only the face wash. Well, I have to say that I am amazed at how clear his face is now getting. It has taken some time, but with daily use, the acne is finally starting to clear up! Thank goodness for Mela!!!" Belinda H.

"My first baby, Adrianna, was born in November and after she was born I broke out in acne for the first time in many years! I used to use Proactive, but that's really expensive (about $50) and it burned the area around my eyes, then I tried Nutrogena but it made my skin so dry! I've been so impressed with Melaleuca's safer products since I became a customer, I decided to order the Zap-It Package right away and got all four products for only $15.99! They worked wonderfully! The acne cleared right up and my skin isn't dry or burned and it was one-third the cost of Proactive. I recommend Melaleuca's Zap-It products to everyone! " Keren M.



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I can safely say that I know an amazing solution that is 100% organic and will resolve your daughter's problems!!! I know of one of only a handful of 100% CERTIFIED organic esthetician in the SoCal area. She's located in Vista and she only charges $95 for a treatment. She will use absolutely everything she has from custom mixed/blended products depending on what's going on, as well as technology such as infrared and Microdermabrasion and more. She has had physicians refer her patients because she's so good. Her results are amazing. And treatments are between an hour and two hours (as needed per case)...and it's just $95. Her name is Charlene Handel, and she can be reached at ###-###-####. Her results are truly amazing. She helps teenage and adult acne issues, as well as traditional aging issues and sun-damage on both men and women. I can't recommend her enough. I'm living proof of the results myself and drive all the way up to Vista from Central San Diego to see her once a month. Tell her C. recommended her when you call. She'll give your daughter a confidence booster unlike any other. Cheers, C.



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Dear P.,

I know of a great product called '' and the 3 part system is available for $49.95. I use it when I have a breakout and it is very gentle. My grandson uses it for his acne problems also. It has a money back promise so if it does not work you can return it. No questions asked. Call 888-600-4380 and say line 2, then say find them and my cell phone will ring. It has to be ordered, so I can let you know how to do that if you are interested. Have her stay hydrated and keep her hands off her face as this transfers oil and dirt. An addition of probiotics can also help with good flora in the gut. With my grandson it was an issue also of his hair in his face if that may apply. A good vitamin is always appropriate, A C and E are the skin winners.

Hope this helps,




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try the Acne line from Arbonne - it worked like a charm for anyone I have ever known to try it, including myself! and the products are all natural!!!



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In my twenties, I had some major difficulties with acne. I used Proactive and it worked. I believe they have a 30-day money back guarantee. I responded very quickly to the cleanser and lotion, but I disliked the mask--it stinks, in my opinion.

I prefer holistic approaches, but Proactive worked. I don't like promoting such commercial, over-advertised products, but it worked for me.
Good luck

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