Advice for Sons Birthday Party.

Updated on October 12, 2008
C.F. asks from Goodyear, AZ
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Hello Moms,

My son is turning 5 this year and his birthday is in the early part of December, however I plan on having his party within the week before Thanksgiving because we plan to go home to visit CA when it is his actual birthday. My question is actually 2 part. First, since I am very new to Texas and this is my first winter here I don't really know what to expect for the weather around that time. In CA it is usually still fairly warm unless it is raining but that usually starts at the beginning of December. I would like to have a party at our house with a bounce house but I was unsure of the weather. The other thing is I could use some other ideas, alternatives for his birthday party that aren't too expensive. Any advice is appreciated.

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My daughters' birthdays are in November and December and I never plan an outdoor party simply because the weather is so unpredictable. I have 2 suggestions: McDonald's is always a good choice and it is very reasonable. One year I didn't have the minimum amount of kids and they adjusted the bill for me. Also, Putt Putt and Mountasia are good place for parties. At Putt Putt, they furnish the cake and everything. At Mountasia, you furnish your own cake.



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Hi C.,

I am from california also and let me tell you, the weather here, yikes! There is no telling what it will be like. My son's birthday is also in December, last year I had a party planned at my house in our backyard, two days before they said it would be super windy and indeed it was, I ended up having to change the party one day before to my worst nightmare, chuck e cheeses. Argg I hate even remembering that. Friday afternoon I was calling everyone telling them to meet us at that place. Most bounce house rentals will let you cancel if it rains or if its too windy but always have an alternate plan just in case.



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I am originally from Chicago but I have lived here more than 20 years now. The only thing you can predict about Texas weather is that it will change, the running joke, wait five minutes....

As others have noted, have a contingency plan. Indoors ideas are crafts, movies, games designed for indoor play and put on the invitations that if you get rained out, you would like the moms to stay, easier to keep them occupied when there are enough adults present.

Outside, the best parties my kids had at that age, I just bought them a bunch of yard toys, the golf sets, hoola hoops, bubbles, etc. and let them do their thing. Pinatas are a staple for most kids' parties in Texas, and where do you live now, are you already in Keller?



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Sad to say, but in Texas, there is absolutely no telling what December will be like. I remember one December a couple years ago. My son was playing in the backyard in shorts and barefoot. That night, a huge ice storm hit, and it was a snow day at school. I'm not kidding. My youngest son has a December birthday (he'll be 4 this December). His second birthday, we were in shorts with a pinata in the backyard. Last year, we were freezing cold and stuck indoors. I would recommend definitely having a fall back plan or inside plans if the weather doesn't cooperate. We had a bounce house for my oldest's 4th birthday which was a blast. Just make sure it's a place you can cancel at the last minute with no penalties. Our place called the morning of delivery to confirm, and up until that point, we had the right to cancel with no pentalty. Sometimes I wish my boys had summer birthdays. (Their birthdays are mid December and early February) THe weather may be hot, but at least you can guarantee what you'll get. In the winter, here in Texas, God only knows! Best of luck!

P.S. If a bounce house is what you're looking for, we've been to parties at the jump place on 377 near Kroger Dr. and it was tons of fun. Plus, you don't have to clean it up! :)



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Welcome to Texas. It will be cold in December, however the degree of coldness will vary. I own an indoor play & party center that is perfect for winter (and hot summer) birthdays. The price is $50.00 for the room and $5.00 per child (the birthday child is FREE!). You can bring your own supplies and food or we can do everything for you. Check out our website at for more info, or call me at ###-###-####. I look forward to serving you!!

K. Stevens

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