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Updated on March 26, 2010
T.B. asks from Lubbock, TX
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i have recently started my photography/digital design business here in lubbock. i am new to the advertising game, have printed out business cards and advertised a member perk on mamapedia. does anyone have any advice? i'm doing wonderfully with the "design" aspect of it, but am getting anxious to do a photoshoot lol!...i am taking my daughter's easter portraits this weekend, and have had others "interested", but no one has booked a shoot yet. i am working on my site, maybe i need to step back and get that as good i can get it before really aggressively advertising?..i don't know, opinions?

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answers from Kansas City on

i have a home business also! lol. a few things that i have done?
made book marks with my website and donated them to bookstores.
put a postcard in new mom packs at the OB/GYN office
put magnets on my car
posted on craigslist (this is great if you offer people a free shoot and they only pay for prints or for the photo cd)
i also have an ad in monthly door knob hanging ad bags!
i have a tote bag that i use as my diaper bag with my website!

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answers from Chicago on

Congrats on starting a business. I started mine about 6 years ago and have never looked back. I love being self employed. My two comments would be

1. Don't wait for perfection before starting, it will stall you into not being agressive enough to go after new business. Believe in yourself and go for it!

2. Visit a BNI group. The focus of these groups is to help connect you to people, it is almost like having a sales force behind you. I am in Chicago but I was trying to meet a director of a large company in Boston. One of my BNI members was able to get me a meeting with the person I needed to meet.

3. Get a linkedin page and start really using it!

Good luck! P.

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answers from Louisville on

Some start up photographers around here offer a free session (limit it to 3-4 outfits). Basically the purpose is to build your porfolio - not make money off of it. They allow the free session person a disk of the pictures, because it is the lowest cost option for you, and hope that they come back for another professional shoot again -and word of mouth adverstiting is priceless. I have participated in a few and if the pictures are truly good - I'll have them print them for me because the photographer put in the effort. And I passed the word too. See about advertising in the local newspaper (often if you book a month you get a discount), place cards in consignment stores (and see if they'll let you hang a pic of yours up), and see about any local fairs. Summer weddings and newly engaged people are starting the hunt right now, so if you can participate in any bridal fairs as a vendor or get to know a local wedding planner you can do the "I'll recommend you if you recommend me" networking thing... Good luck! :)

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answers from Philadelphia on

Dear T.,

Congratulations on your new business venture! I started mine up a few months ago for stress management at . There are some good responses from the other posts. I would add the following to your business, website, etc. to increase your client base:

1) The number one thing is to increase your email list and one easy way is to include something free when people visit your web site. I include a free newsletter on stress management if a person simply enters their email address. That way they will keep you in mind and you will build your list.

2) You could create a fan club on Facebook-it is free, it will build up your email list, and you could offer special promotions to your fans such as 25% off for Easter portriats.

3) You could also create an ad on Facebook through pay per click and target your specific market based on age, gender, interests, educational level, etc. I would stick with pay per click versus impressions.

Hope this helps. Feel free to model off my web site at .

C. B., Ph.D.



answers from Minneapolis on

Congrats on the new business. My photographer offers one hour sessions for $75 for one person and $95 for more than one (any number). She gives us 30 proofs, a cd with all the photos taken during the shoot in color, b/w, and sepia, and a letter saying she has not copyrighted our images and that we can print them at will. I have referred so many people to her because she is good and her prices are unbeatable! The Walmart staff know her work now with so many people using them to print photos.

As far as advertising, Craigslist is great, but don't do anything for free. You will be wasting your time. My SIL just started a new cake business and she also learned the hard way. If you undersell yourself, so will others. If they think you don't think your work is worth anything neither will they. Find out what other photographers are charging in your area and underbid just a little bit...NOT a lot or free.

Offer a referral program (say 10% off the next sitting when someone refers someone else. Offer a baby package (newborn, 3 mos., 6 mos., 9 mos. 1 yr). Maybe if they get 3 sessions done, they get the 4th for 50% off.

Join your Chamber of Commerce and go to the weekly and monthly events.

Think about where your clientele will be and ask to put your cards in those businesses....don't forget scrapbook stores!

Good luck!


answers from Minneapolis on

Congrats on your new business. I have my own business too - I am a consultant with Heritage Makers. My website is I would love to talk with you about publishing your pictures and compare quality and prices with the place you're using right now.
Some of my best clients are photographers who publish their pictures through me. I can help you with gallery-wrapped canvases, photobooks, invitations, posters, etc.

Watch this 5min video to give you an idea of what we are about!

Let me know if you'd like to chat. My email is



answers from Richland on

I am looking for home based and small businesses to join us for our first Networking event in Lewiston on the 30th of March. I still have tables available. I would be happy to send anyone the me

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