Adult Supervision on Day Care Field Trips??

Updated on April 12, 2012
L.O. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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My daughter is 6 and in kindergarden. My son is 4 and in preschool. I work part time (2 days per week). They have been attending a kindercare day care this school year. I just got a flyer about the summer program at kindercare. It looks like they have lots of fun activities in the summer. My daughter is eligible to go on field trips with the "school age" kids. My son is not allowed to go. When I asked about the number of teachers on the trips. I was told that they maintain the state required ratios.. 1 adult for 14 kids. That seems like a lot of kids for 1 person to take care of on a field trip. I can imagine a child needing to go to the bathroom and the other teacher has 27 kids to watch.When I went to the zoo with the kindergarten class.. we had 1 adult for every 3 kids. Would you let your kindergartener go on these field trips in the summer? with 2 teachers and 28 kids ? I am thinking of just letting her stay at the center with her brother.. They have different fun activities planned for the kids at the center.

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answers from Chicago on

I would let my kid go. I'm assuming that the daycare knows how to handle those types of situations you described. They are professionals and have done this a lot longer than you have (no offense).

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answers from Dallas on

The teachers are experienced with handling that many children, and the kids are used to the routine and rules required. My son would do just fine, and he would make a great buddy for a classmate. I guess it depends on if you think your daughter can handle it. I'm sure the teacher would talk to you if she had reservations about keeping your child safe on a field trip. You should talk more specifically with the teacher about your concerns to put your mind at rest. Say you know the program does these field trips every year, but this is your first year, so you're just wondering the details on handling that many children and if the teacher has any specific concerns about your daughter's ability to handle the field trips. I'm sure you wouldn't be the first parent to ask :)

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answers from Boston on

I feel its what ever YOUR comfortable with. If you feel its to many children for one adult. Do not send her, I have to say I would not send her. Way to many kids to watch. I also go on many school trips and I only have 5 or 6 kids and I find that to be a lot. Not all kids do what they are told and some just take off. So do what you feel is right for you and your child.

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answers from Austin on

Never had a problem with this.

These children have been in school and know how to walk in a line, always have a partner..

Your child is probably very prepared for this.

I think as parents, we always think our children are way younger than we give them credit for.

Never underestimate your child.

If you know the schedule.. plan on attending one of these events.. or ask your husband, grandparent , Aunt, Uncle.. to volunteer once. They can check it out and see how it goes.

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answers from Dallas on

Your daughter is 6, in school, and is old enough to go on a field trip..

Yes, I would let my daughter go and experience fun, educational field trips. Why deny her due to your fears? Do accidents happen, yes they do, even under a mom's watchful eye.

We have to let go in baby steps and this is one of them. If she has been in school, she is prepared for a field trip.

I also teach, mostly 1st grade, and they know the protocol of field trips. It is practiced daily with walking to the cafeteria, recess, PE, etc and before a field trip, we go over all the rules very extensively.

I say let her go, have fun and learn. She is more ready than you probably think!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

They will have bathroom time for their whole group. The adult will stay outside and supervise all the kids and make sure no one unknown goes in while the kids are inside.

They will follow the state guidelines and all child care places do this. There are very strict rules about staff/child ratio's. In Oklahoma there is 1 teacher for 20 school age kids.

I think that your child should find a different place to go if you are going to segregate her from her school age friends. That will make her feel horrible. When I had field trips and a parent didn't want their child to attend I had to tell them they would have to keep them home that day, I could not put her child in another class and have to send one of those kids home to keep the ratio's correct. She won't have a teacher at the center on the days her class travels so she'll need to not go. They may have some room in another class but they might not, if they don't she won't be able to stay.

I would say that if you stay with the same facility and choose to not let her go then schedule your days at work to not be the days the center has a trip scheduled. That way she is just "not there" on the field trip days.

She will still feel part of her class and not the only one that is not allowed to be with her class.

I took my school-agers fishing, to the local water park, to the zoo, we had tons of fun every summer. There are lots for kids to experience while they are out of school. I would choose what activities I wanted the kids to attend then keep them home on the days the center is going somewhere I don't want the girl to go.

I could not let parents take groups out of my supervision so it ended up I just had more people to watch. Each volunteer has to be investigated and put through a child care background check. That is something each parent would not want to pay for and do just to go on a field trip with the kiddo's.

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answers from Chicago on

The number of teachers may be two, but maybe there are some parents coming along as well. It also depends where they are going. A zoo field trip is much more difficult than going to a theater performance, for example.

I would find out where they are going and decide based on that.

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answers from Dallas on

I would let her go. My oldest attended a Kindercare at that age. He did several summers for the field trips. They were always very careful with the kids. They also made it very very clear that any child that acted up, didn't obey, stay with the group, etc. would not go the next time. They also had to show in class that they were ready for field trips by the way they acted. I never heard of any issues with any field trips.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I wouldn't do it....made that mistake once years ago. I let my kid go on a similarly chaperoned fieldtrip and found out my kid (in Kindergarten too) got separated from the group while the group was just walking to a baseball field near the school (about a half mile away), and in that time, he was almost hit by a car because he panicked and tried crossing a busy street by himself trying to catch up with the group. A parent not connected with the group enroute to the school helped him...not anyone who was supposed to be in charge. I of course wasn't happy when I found out from another parent and my very upset son...NOT the school that this happend.

Trust your instinct. Common sense is kids that small still need close supervision if they're going to venture off school grounds. But there are some kids who are the exception to the rule. If she's not self-sufficient enough to know what to do if she gets lost or something unexpected goes down, she probably isn't ready for an experience like this.

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answers from Lansing on

If I felt confident with the teacher(s), I would at your daughters age.

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answers from Washington DC on

I don't remember how many kids we had per person on field trips when I was a kid, but there were so many of us the teachers lead us to our seats with a jump rope. What they may do is take everyone to the potty at once.

I would talk to the teachers to see how things tend to go. I've seen large groups navigate the zoo and seem to stay together. When my SD was in middle school, they had parent chaperones. Does this program have that option? Maybe if you paid your own way? And would you want to volunteer? DH and I chaperoned a group of about 8 kids per trip. I also agree that a zoo trip is different than a puppet show or something. Anywhere the kids sit in seats is easier, and many teachers are regularly in charge of 30 kids at a time alone, so I can see them being able to handle it. I had my hands full with eight 11 yr olds who didn't know me and vice versa. Had I not had SD in my group, I wouldn't have known who to keep a closer eye on. Teachers are trained in classroom/group management and already know the kids.

If that is your only concern, I'd let her go. Talk to the teacher, certainly, but if you think your child can stick with her group, then I think it'll be fine.

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