Adult Lunch Box ideas...tired of Boring Sandwiches!

Updated on June 18, 2010
M.M. asks from New Market, AL
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Hi moms! Im hoping you can help me spruce up my hubby's lunch box. He is a truck driver and to save money I pack his breakfast, lunch and a snack or two just about every day. For breakfast he has a granola bar and some fruit. Then usually a pack of crackers or something else. The problem is lunch. He is sick of eating regular sandwiches. I have been making him chicken and tuna salad lately instead of ham and cheese or something similar but after a while that gets old too. Any ideas of something relatively easy to make and something that would be ok in a lunch box (that doesn't have to be heated up). Any ideas or recipes would be wonderful!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I know these are kids lunches but they are GREAT ideas. I use this site all the time!!

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answers from Portland on

Omelets make great lunches, and you can load them up with healthy veggies. Biscuits, muffins or toast on the side. I don't do classic omelets that wrap around the additions, I stir them into the eggs, and maybe melt some cheese on the top. Yummy – think I'lll make one for dinner.

An insulated dish of hot pasta/sauce, or a cold pasta salad for summer, would work if he parks while he eats.

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answers from St. Louis on

I was thinking pasta salad as well. Also quiche (they have nifty portion sized pie shaped tupperware at the store)...which you can put almost anything into.
Warm soups, stews, chili, etc. can be packed into a thermos.
Does he like asian food? Cuz you can make yummy asian wraps w/ dipping sauce.
Check out the cookbooks at the library or a book-store..there are ones written especially for lunchbox ruts ;)

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answers from Denver on

What about taking the same fillings and putting them in a tortilla and making it a "wrap" or into a pita pocket? OR put some grilled chicken with some lettuce and caesar dressing into a pita/wrap.

I find changing out the bread makes the sandwich different enough I don't get as tired of them.

Oh! I like this sometimes to break things up a small platter of a slice of cheese cut up to fit on a cracker, salami, apple and orange slices, and crackers. Deviled eggs are an option too, they'll keep until lunch time.

For breakfast some yogurt in a cup with some granola sprinkled on top. He can still 'drink' it while driving.

For snacks, handful of almonds provides more protein and fiber.

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answers from New Orleans on

Get some sort of a thermos like container/Food jar. We have one of the food jars for my youngest stepdaughter and we can send her with soups, pastas, etc. We just heat it in the morning, then transfer to the container. I believe the label says it will stay hot for over 5 hrs. We've never had her complain her food was cold.



answers from Fayetteville on

Hello....sorry, I am getting to these late! Look up recipes for 'wrap' style sanwiches on and ohter foodie sites ( is a fave) . They have great ideas and get you thinking outside the bread so to speak. Tortillas, pitas and the Joseph's flat bread wraps are great and easy to pack and eat out. Virtually any kind of food you make you can slap on and roll up. I do a great chineese chicken sanwich with the recipie I found on there for the salad and a little more chicken, steak with any kind of seasoning, pulled pork, kabob sandwiches. A layered 'taco' sandwich with a side of salsa. I find the little cups at Sam's (Costco) for packing sides or sauces and life has been much more interesting. There is also much more in the Deli counter than ham and turkey. I love Italian, and you can add lots of variety with a few slices of Cappacola, Sopresetta and the like. Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

How about using pita bread or tortillas instead of bread? Or make pizza and he could eat that cold , also cold pasta dishes would work aswell.



answers from Huntsville on

Hi M.,
You could make him wraps-I get the store brand wheat tortillas and put in a couple of cooked chicken fingers then whatever sauce he would like, and veggies (we go with Lite Ranch Dressing, dash of mustard , lettuce and pickles and tomato). I blot Pickles w/ a paper towel so they won't make the sandwich/wrap soggy ;).
Another think my hubby likes is precooked Chicken Breast Sandwich. We get them pre-done @ Sam's (Mesquite) but if you want to save more and have the time-you can always cook/season them yourself. You can cool and freeze -then thaw that am and make a sandwich from that.
Hope this helps!
:-) C.



answers from Texarkana on

This dish is good served hot or cold: Make it in advance and put it in the refrigerator. Then pack in his lunch with a cold pack.
Pepperoni Pasta
1 box rotini noodles, cooked
1 pkg pepperonis
1 green bell pepper
8 oz mozerella cheese
1 jar spaghetti sauce, any flavor (I use Ragu green pepper and mushroom)

Saute pepperonis with chopped bell pepper until pepperonis are cooked. Drain grease and mix with cooked and drained pasta, add spaghetti sauce and cheese, heat until cheese melts. You can add black olives (optional) This dish is delicious!



answers from Fayetteville on

This is a hard one. I myself have a hard time filling my childs lunch box with new ideas so I'm excited to read the answers as well. Some people can eat hot dogs and pizza cold you can also try different lunchables they make such a variety these days that one of those every now and then might break up the monotony. I have also baked chicken nuggets in the morning and wrapped them up to go. Even though they're not hot when lunch time rolls around they are not ice cold either. I hope this helps a little.



answers from New York on

What about pasta salad? You could add any type of veggies he likes and maybe some cut up chicken breast or ham.

Have you tried a thermos for some hot food?



answers from Santa Barbara on

Maybe some unique rolls, along with tortillas and pita bread for sandwiches. My son loves ciabatta rolls. Also how about some olive tapanade or spices on the sandwiches to make them more unique. Salads are good, but not "truck driver" food. What about a great big chef's salad? pin wheel sandwiches are good. Cream cheese, chopped/sliced olives, meat, cheese, diced tomatoes, chopped green onions rolled in a tortilla and then sliced.


answers from Los Angeles on

Grilled chicken. MMMM you can put whatever you want on it, peppers, cheese, onions, different spreads (sun dried tomato mustard is my fav). also for chick salads (if you're not already doing this) I like to buy the big chucks of pre-grilled chicken in the lunch meat section and use that to make chicken salad, instead of the stuff from a can. You can also buy some nice foccia bread and use real ham (like make a spiral cut for the week or something) and put pineapple rings and swiss cheese on it. Those are good too. How about steak sandwhiches, or carne asada sandwhiches. I make this pasta salad (most think its gross) but I like it. I use cheese tortillini, ranch dressing, whole olives, and whatever else I want that week (peppers, pickles, cherry tomato's, etc). Hope this helps.

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