Adult Honey Pot Costume

Updated on October 07, 2007
T.S. asks from Houston, TX
5 answers

Any ideas on how to make a honeypot cosutme for an adult? I don't have a sewing machine, thinking more on a crafty way to make one.
Thanks for any ideas

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answers from San Antonio on

I don't know, all I could come up with was ...Maybe you could use a trashcan somehow...cut it to length, put some string on the top to go over your arms, paint it black with a yellow stripe at the top and write Honey on it...that's a really difficult one.



answers from Corpus Christi on

Depends on the materials you are using... you could ask the employees at J.-Ann's fabrics for suggestions...

Staples will work, iron on glue, or craft glue would work.

Good Luck




answers from San Antonio on

I would get a big box, round the bottom (punch in the corners), and cover in black fabric with hot glue. Also get yellow fabric and cut it out like it's dripping out of the bowl. Get a picture of a bee and with white fabric cut out
H-O-N-E-Y and glue onto the black. Wear black tight or legging and a long sleeve black shirt.
That's how I would makes it.
Good Luck.



answers from Killeen on

I've never actually made a honey pot but when I read your request the picture I had in my mind it may work for you. Take 2 pieces of foam poster board and trace a large honey pot paint them however you would like cut them out with an Exacto knife then take 2 strips of material whatever color and hot glue them at the top of the pot to make shoulder straps, pull the whole contraption over your head and make adjustments as neccessary. Hope this helps you have a great Halloween.



answers from Amarillo on

Have the adult wear yellow sweats or the equivalant, take poster board around and staple or glue. Put straps or suspenders at top to hold it up. For the yellow rings on the pot try yarn, or swimming noodles! Stuff the pot as needed on the outside before adding the yellow yarn or noodles. I have not ever made one but that's about how I would make one!

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