Adult Gas Pains - Remedies and Recommendations?

Updated on April 20, 2011
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Ladies -

I will never again make light of gas and gas pains. I've been suffering with gas, bloating and intestinal cramps, since Saturday night. The pain gets me out of bed and to the b-room 2x a night. I've got belching and windiness too. My "movements" are a normal size and texture, but they are accompanies with a lot of grief in my lower belly, right along the top of my hip. The gas pain seems to go to improbable places too, like my shoulder, and in my pelvis. It has me shuffling my feet at best and managing only shallow breathing.

Any suggestions?

I'll tell you this much, I'll never again write off our little one's discomfort saying - "it's only gas."

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My husband has irritable bowel syndrome and he has pains like that. We try to prevent - by using gasx, beano, and lots of fiber rich foods. Plus the products on the market that say to take before eating. Prilosec or whatever the generic is. He does fibricil and metamucil and uses mirolax every now and then. If he doesnt and ends up inpain than we go the prescription medicine his dr gives him.

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answers from Boston on

Gas-X. But go to the doctor and get checked out if that doesn't help right away. Because this pain seems more severe than normal.

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answers from St. Louis on

You poor thing.

I suffer with tummy issues. Look at what you are eating. Anytime I eat anything that tastes good I get gas. No, seriously though, I eat pizza, I hurt. I eat chinese, I hurt. I take gas x and that does seem to help, along with some zantac. But, I hate taking OTC meds - so I really try to watch what I eat.

Eat slowly, too. I notice I get the pains much worse and more often when I eat in a rush - which is almost daily because I am lucky to get a hot meal these days!

I get the pain near the collar bone/shoulder, etc too. I know what you are going through!

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answers from Santa Fe on

Maybe you suddenly became lactose intolerant? Do you notice gas pains in relation to what you are eating? Awful. I had some bad gas pains this year and I was surprised by how much they can hurt. For me it was bc we had bought some heavy cream and made whipped cream. I tried it again the next day and again got the gas pains. I will now avoid heavy cream that's for sure!


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I would call my Dr and explain it all to them, see what they say - maybe want to see you to rule out anything else. But Fennel Tea !!!!!!!! works almost immediately!!!! Peppermint tea will also releave the Pain in your lower abdominal, it relaxes the "gut". any Health food shop should carry these - loose fennel seeds and loose pepper leaves. Get a tea ball or spoon and boil the water on the stove, steep the tea for however long you want, I just leave the ball in there till I'm done drinking. Works Awesome! I have IBS and KNOW YOUR PAIN! its the WORST feeling :-(
Also check out it give you a LOT of Great information on what to avoid, some stretches to help (yoga is amazing for the pain and bloating)........ EVERYTHING! Good luck!



answers from Norfolk on

Beano also works really well.



answers from Sacramento on

I would call your doctor. I have IBS and go through that a lot. Your doctor should be able to give you some tips for feeling better.

One thing you can do while waiting to hear back is try the probiotic foods like the special yogurts (Activia, etc.). I've found they can be very soothing and get the digestive tract on track again.

Good luck! Hope you find some relief soon.



answers from Dallas on

use gas x but get it checked out to, it could be caused by other problems like gall baldder issues and other intestinal problems.

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