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Updated on January 04, 2008
C. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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We are currently using Brinks for our home security. Although we are not unhappy customers, we are considering switching to ADT. Does anyone use them? Are you happy with your service? If you need a service call, how long do you typically wait?


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So What Happened?

We made the switch! So far, things are off to a good start with ADT. Thanks for responding.

Added 1-4-08: As A.L. mentioned, we too have set the alarm off by accident a few times with no phone calls. We were told the same thing (that the alarm had not been going off long enough to call). We are sticking with them because of some of the features they offer that we were not able to get with Brinks (although Brinks may offer them now).

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Check out Monitronics for your service. They have faster and more efficient service than Brinks or ADT. The customer service is better as well. Overall we have been much happier with them than any other security company!

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Have had ADT since '99. Considering changing to a local service instead. ADT doesn't call when we set off our alarm by accident. They say it's because it was shut off within 2 mintues. Still, I think they should call and check that all is well. They come out if you need them but charge you for the visit. I'm sure they all do.

Hope this helps...know it has been a while since you asked.

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We have ADT and haven't had a problem in 4 years.

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We used a former ADT employee who opened his own business. It's called AEON, his prices are typically lower than ADT.

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