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Updated on January 04, 2011
M.F. asks from Brownsville, TX
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What is the adoption staffing all about? We made it to the finals and there will be a staffing to decide if we get to adopt a sibling group of two. We need to send our dogs to Grandmas temporarily in case we are chosen since one of the children is scared of dogs .If our Family Photo Album has been requested is that a good sign. We met children at an Adoption picnic and interacted with them . It was a beautiful experience. I want to be their MOMMY !!!

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So What Happened?

I am so happy to inform everyone that we were selected to be parents of a sibling group of two. She is 4 years old and he is 6 years old. Thank you so much to Lutheran Social Service of the South in Harlingen, Texas.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hmmm -I have a huge issue with them asking you to remove your dogs from the family. Unless you have someone you KNOW will give them a good home, it's highly likely they'll wind up euthanized in a pound. I guess I just consider them part of the family, too, and what you made a commitment to first. Why would they ask that?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Is this a County or State adoption service?

Somewhere, perhaps on a website, there should be a very detailed list of what they require, what they look for, what the legal issues are.
Somewhere during their interviewing you, they should have given you booklets or information sheets with all of this info.

It seems strange to me that you would be told that you are one of two families in line for these children. I would think the agency wouldn't tell either family how many families are being considered.

Have you met the children in question?
Do you know their history?

And [drumroll] . . . what is a HESG?


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answers from Austin on

You are probably among the final choices between yourselves and maybe one or two other couples. This is a great sign! The album will just help them get to see your family and home life a little better, and in some cases, if you are selected and accept, then they may show the children the album ahead of them meeting you, to help them with the adjustment and to know what is ahead of them.

Best of luck to you! We adopted a sibling group of 2 last year and it was the best thing we ever did!

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answers from San Antonio on

We went through this almost 4 years ago. And what typically happens is a group of caseworkers sit down and look and all your paperwork, homestudy and photo's, the kids caseworker provides their paperwork, and any information about them that may be of importance. They will discuss any issues the children have and what they feel is in the best interest for them and then look at the families that have been selected and then decide which ones they feel would be best suited for the children. The Family album being requested is pretty standard as it gives all the caseworkers a look at what type of family you have and also a look into they environment you live in. Good luck, it can be a very stressfull situtation. In most staffing situations you are not invited to attend, so if you do get to attend the thing to remember is to stay calm.

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answers from San Antonio on

It is a good thing, there you will be able to speak to the foster parents and look over their case file for one more time. Nothing to worry about, just relax and let God do his job.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I think it is nice to be thoughtful enough to send the dogs away if the kids come to live with you. There is no telling why that little one is afraid of dogs. You can't know what might have been done to that child by dogs or what an adult told that child about dogs. I hope you'll be able to slowly integrate the pets back in to the home. I twill take time and patience but also it may never happen.

Good luck in your adoption quest and good luck getting them over their fears and being able to bring the doggies home too.

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answers from Seattle on

I'm not familiar with the HESG acronym. My guess is that the adoption staffing is all of the people involved will meet to discuss the case, pros and cons, and it will be done with each prospective adoptive family. This will give cps a better idea of which family will be better to place the kids with. About them asking you to remove dogs, I'm not sure. Are the dogs mean, or perhaps one of the kids is allergic? Ask why. As for wanting your photo album, that doesn't make sense to me because some of us are very good at "album making", and some of us are terrible. I would be hoping that my family album looked happy and wholesome, or whatever it is that cps is looking for. Again, ask why.
Good luck, we need families like you, and if by some chance you aren't chosen, don't give up, there are more kids that would love to have a home! I will keep a good thought for you M..

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