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Updated on July 26, 2011
M.C. asks from Des Moines, IA
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Hello everyone!! I am getting ready to adopt a little boy around 6 months old. He has lived with my husband and I since 2 days old. I want to throw a party to celebrate. I was thinking of calling it something like "Welcome to the Family Shower". I've tried to do some searches online for various ideas and have found a couple, but nothing that is sticking out. Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you so much everyone! :D

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So What Happened?

Wow! Thank you to everyone for your replies!! You all have super thoughts and ideas! I am getting really excited as the time is getting closer for the big adoption day!

Things I’m thinking about doing so far are:
-Creating my own cards on the computer. (I got a good deal on some blank cards at hobby lobby! hehe)
-Since my family/friends are wide spread I’m having 2 parties; one at my church on the April 26th (I hope) and one at my Mom’s on May 3. I thought both of these could be an open house type thing. This way people can come and go as they please. I don’t think I want to do games because that may be seem odd, I don’t know?
-I’ll put up different decorations.
-I thought about getting a big board of some type and include all the different pictures we have of our little boy. I thought about having a poem at that same table with the pictures.
-I want to keep it simply with food. I thought about a make your sandwich kind of thing, some salads, chips, punch, and of course cake! Yummy! :D
-I do plan on registering for items he needs or could use.

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answers from Madison on


Congratulations! Both of our girls are adopted. I love the idea of the "Welcome to the Family Shower". What kind of ideas are you looking for. Games? Invitations? Food? We did a shower for our first one (Avonlea) and we had a open house style party and invited husband and wifes to attend. We did not do any games we just celebrated the moment with our friends. I loved it because it was very low stress and people could come and go and give their well wishes to us. It was enjoyed by all.

I also wanted to tell you about a great song that I just love about adoption. It is called "Happy Adoption Day" -written and sung by John McCutcheon. I have it on a CD Called "Celebration of Family" put out by Music for Little People. See words of the song to follow:

Oh, who would have guessed, who could have seen
Who could have possibly known
All these roads we have traveled, the places we've been
Would have finally taken us home

Chorus: So here's to you, three cheers to you
Let's shout it, "Hip, hip, hip, hooray!"
For, out of a world so tattered and torn,
You came to our house on that wonderful morn
And all of a sudden this family was born
Oh, happy Adoption Day!

There are those who think families happen by chance
A mystery their whole life through
But we had a voice and we had a choice
We were working and waiting for you


No matter the name and no matter the age
No matter how you came to be
No matter the skin, we are all of us kin
We are all of us one family


My favorite is the whole song but the part that hits me the most is "There are those who think families happen by chance, A mystery their whole life through, But we had a voice and we had a choice, We were working and waiting for you."

I don't know if I was any help but please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any other questions or anything I can help you with. Again Congratulations and I am so happy for you.




answers from Minneapolis on

Congratulations! It's a long haul and I don't envy anyone who goes through the adoption process. I'm very happy for you all.

I have friends who have adopted and within the adoption community, many parent's call the day that the adoption was final their "Gotcha day" or "Got ya day". I've heard that some adoptive parents celebrate their "Got ya day" like they would another birthday. So, sticking with the theme, you could call it a Gottcha Shower or something like that. Good luck, and congrats again. :)



answers from Omaha on

Congratulations on your (finalized) new addition!

What if you did a tree theme for decorations (as in... we added a new branch to the family tree).



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi M.,

How exciting! Congratulations & many Blessings!

Cake & ice cream are always good ideas no matter where you live.

A cook out is always nice. Depending on where you live.

It all really depends on how big you want to go and how much money you want to spend and how many poeple you are inviting.




answers from Milwaukee on

My friend has two adopted children and celebrate their Gotcha Days each year like a birthday. They just gather family and have cake and decorations and some presents. I like the name Gotcha Day too...very cute!

On my children's birthday each year my husband and I take them to a statue that is special to us and take their photo along side it...and each year we look at all of the photos and see how they've grown in comparison. That could be a nice tradition. I LOVE traditions!!!

Congratulations on your new little one!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I would love to help you out... i am trying to start a kids' party company (I actually listed it here on mamasource) and this is right up my alley to get going and see how it works. Can you share more about the process you went through so I can help streamline my ideas.... were you involved in the birth mother's pregnancy, is this your 1st child, did you get to name the child, what were the most memorable milestones for you during his 1st 6 months, etc. I'll throw some ideas your way and you can take it from there.



answers from Lansing on

We call it "Forever Family Day"



answers from Rochester on

I just went to one of these this past weekend! Which is why I took this long to respond. The things they did was:
They did a word search out of the child's first, middle and last name. Gave a prize for the most words found and the longest letter word. They made a lunch buffet style with hot dishes and cold fruit salads, make your own sandwiches and desserts.
Then they had the child open all of his gifts, like a birthday party, after we ate, and then had a cake besides! It was done very nicely!
The family did register at Toys R Us, and Target, & Wal-Mart.
Hope these ideas help a little.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have many friends who have adopted, and their parties were "Forever Family day" and they celebrate that more than the child's actual birthday. "Gotcha day". They take a family picture every year on that day, and talk about how lucky they all were that the birth mother loved the child enough to give him to a family that take care of him and love him for the rest of his life.

Whatever you do, I am sure it will be wonderful! And CONGRATULATIONS!!!



answers from La Crosse on

Our daughter is adopted and I just LOVE a quote that is actually an ancient Chinese proverb. It goes: "An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break." You could have a red theme (balloons, plates, flowers, etc.) - Put the quote and a photo of your child on the invitations. You could even read "The Red Thread: An Adoption Fairy Tale" by Grace Lin at the party! It is a beautiful book and told and illustrated in a way that could pertain to a child of any race. Give everyone a "red thread" to wear (red yarn w/ a few red pony beads w/ a picture of your child adoption date, etc.) as their keepsake to take home. I go crazy with these things and could go on and on! Just an idea!

S. W

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