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Updated on July 05, 2008
G.P. asks from Leander, TX
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Hi, my husband and I are in the process of adopting a sweet baby girl. She will be officially ours at the end of the summer, so she will be about 8 months old. We haven't had any showers yet, because we wanted to make sure she was ours before we did. My friends have been asking me what we need for her. My question is, what are some necessary things she will need other than diapers, formula etc that will be good to register for? We have the basics such as high chairs, strollers. Thanks!

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You need to go and get everything for a baby, just like you would if you were having a baby of your own. Some things, like a bumbo chair, aren't going to be age appropriate, but she probably is not walking yet, so you'll need a floor gym, SOME burps clothes (just in case), bottles (I prefer Dr. Brown's glass), changing pad and cover, etc. Be honest with your friends, and ask them to include gift receipts so you can exchange items, once she's here :) I'm happy for you! I'll be praying the transition goes smoothly!



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Congrats!! What a wonderful day to finally say "my baby". Your heart must be so full!
I'm sure you have collected stuff for the past 8 months - so the traditional baby stuff is out.
How about a theme? you could do a "thru the years" party for developmental toys for different ages, and clothes for that year.
Summer fun theme?
Have everyone bring their favorite childhood book.
You could go a bunch of different ways.... Best wishes for your family.
T. S.



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Developmental toys to encourage crawling,walking,musical things,ride on toys,mirror in the crib my daughter loved to see herself and talk in it also used it for her to crawl toward herself, books, books, books board(body part book to teach body parts)(Sandra Bointon all good) ones that she can touch and feel,I am teacher myself but had to buy board books for my kiddos to be able to touch at 6-10 dollars/book brand new so they are clean and chewable if your baby girl mouths it. Clothes for upcoming sizes 18month and up, teething stroller pals that clip on, she is probably already started but its nice to have the clip on for on the go chewable toys. Dr. Smiths rash cream, very expensive but the best on the market, I'm still using rash cream here and there and my kids are 2 1/2 yrs in diapers. A good, ear thermometer is awesome as you'll use this even after she is older. Think about outdoor toys for her too, a little slide, sandbox, its all stuff you could explore with her this year helping but as she grows she can use independently. Dinner plates Plastic ,toddler forks and spoons,sippy cups as this is just around the corner for independent feeding as well as a booster seat for eating at the table and Bibs the plastic toddler ones are easy to clean off in the sink don't have to put in laundry.
Mom of twins on 620



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Congrats G.!

Here are a few recommendations:

She should be crawling soon (if she hasn't started by now)so I highly recommend safety equipment to keep her safe from herself.

Teething rings/toys are very important at this stage. There is a product that allows the baby to gnaw on frozen/cold fruit in a mesh bag. Wonderful for teething.

My daughter loves her doorway jumper! It helps exercise those cute little thighs of hers.

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