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Updated on February 22, 2012
C.P. asks from Parker, CO
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Hello, all,

My DH and I are looking to move on to adoption. Does anyone know anything about Hope's Promise? Can you share your experience? If you used another CO agency. Can you share that experience? Thanks so much!


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answers from Salt Lake City on

I haven't personally dealt with an adoption, but my brother has adopted twice (through a different company). He is a writer and was recently invited to start sharing some of his experiences on an adoption blog. Here is one of his most recent posts if you want to check it out or any of the other posts within that blog.

He also has a facebook page about adoption where people ask questions and if he & his wife can't answer it, they are connected to several people that might be able to answer them.

Facebook: Open Adoption, Open Heart

Good luck. Adoption is a BEAUTIFUL thing and I hope everything works out for you. It has definitely been a blessing in our family.

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answers from Denver on

We used Hope's promise and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them. All of our paperwork was in order, our deadlines were always met and we never once encountered a situation where they were like oh we forgot or something is missing. They are great, great people. When you fill out your paperwork you may express your preferences for a child (i.e. boy or girl) you may also express what types of situations you would like to be called about prior to being shown to a potential birth parent. Every one of our wishes was respected. We adopted a beautiful baby girl with them almost 6 years ago and the process was easy and painless. Good luck and please let me know if you have more questions.

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answers from Amarillo on

I don't know about CO but we adopted in AZ. The agency was state run and on a sliding fee scale based on your income. We were able to have our own children without medical assistance but chose to find out what it took to become adoptive parents. When we started the paperwork there were no babies available but during the process one was born which we took home at 5 weeks.

Check out a few of the agencies and see which one feels comfortable to you. Possibly you could view books of mothers who have made a decision to adopt out as opposed to keeping their child. This way you get a feel for what the mother is about and if this is a child you would want.

I wish you much success in your journey. It is a special thing to do and it takes special people to do this.

The other S.

PS Our son now lives in Fountain, CO.
He has thanked us for giving him a home. My special thanks came on his wedding day when he thanked me for all that I had done for him.

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answers from Denver on

I got pregnant in high school, and decided adoption was the right choice for me. At the time, I was very confused and just wanted to be through with the whole process. My mom encouraged me to find a family open to open adoption, meaning I know where my child lives and who he is and keep in touch with the family. I am so very glad I have a wonderful family for my son (and their son!) and I never have to wonder if the boy I pass on the sidewalk is my child. I receive pictures, and talk to him on the phone. All his life, he has known about me and does not feel like he is weird for being adopted or that there may be something wrong with him for being adopted. He knows my decision was made out of love. I strongly recommend an open adoption. I now have two kids of my own with my husband, and my adopted sons family and him will be visiting me in three weeks. I am so excited I still get to share his life and that they are willing to let me be part of it. You can never have too many people in your childs life who love them, right?! I am especially excited for this trip because he will get to meet my two kids (who are his 1/2 siblings). He is looking forward to it and so am I. I hope this helps, or at least adds some insight from the other side of the adoption process. Good luck with the new addition!!

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