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Updated on January 30, 2011
J.D. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My husband and I just started researching adoption and could use some help. If you adopted your child(ren) and would recomend the agency please let us know. We are interested in domesic infamt adoption and international infant adoption. If you wouldn't mind telling us a bit about the process for either types that would be great.

Thanks for sharing your story.


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answers from Lincoln on

My sister and brother-in-law have adopted twice and both times they have used HOLT. As far as I know they had really good experiences with this agency. Both their boys were adopted from Korea.

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answers from Dallas on

My husband and I adopted our son at birth from Hope Cottage Adoption Agency in Dallas. We had no problems with them at all. We did adopt domestically. The cost was approx. 35k. He is now nine years old and the light of our lives! The Birthparents lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area at the time so we didn't have to do any traveling. There is also another agency in this area called The Gladney Center that I have heard is very good as well. The best of luck and happiness to you in whatever journey you choose!

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answers from Kansas City on

A good friend of mine adopted a little boy from Russia through an agency called Bless this Child out of OK. Best of Luck!



answers from Milwaukee on

My sister and her husband adopted a son from Russia in 2007-08. They created a website where they documented their entire journey - it's an amazing story and offers many insights into what they went through. Take a look!

Good luck to you!



answers from Milwaukee on

Adoption is an amazing journey! We adopted our little girl when she was a year old from Guatemala. We used Special Children from Elm Grove, WI for our homestudy agency and then a different placing agency (the agency that matches you with a child) from KY. I have heard great things about Bethany!

You will grow more in your maturity and F. during the adoption process than ever before in your life. It sent my emotions and sense of control through the roof. We lost a referral after 9 months when the birthmom changed her mind. We had visited and spent time in a hotel with this child and had her framed all over our home. We were devestated. But, God had a plan, because our next referral (our daughter) fits in just perfectly with her two siblings (my bio sons). She is our joy!! There is not a day that goes by that I don't get choked by the miracle of adoption.

I'm not a reader, but I recently was given the book "Choosing to See" by Mary Beth Chapman. A good portion of this book discusses their Chinese adoption process. It also discusses their agency which offers 3-4k grants to Christian adoptive families. This book is a must read if you are considering adoption.

You will need to decide on Domestic vs International. We choose International b/c we were told that most young birthmoms would never choose parents who already had two bio kids. With every adoption, prepare for accepting a child who might have health or emotional problems. Due to prenatal malnutrition our daughter came to us with her teeth completely rotted out and had to have 1 surgery and might need one more. She also has speech delays, but is otherwise healthy.

Cheering you on in your adoption process:))!!


answers from Hartford on

My friend adopted a child through their church group that sponsors adoptions. It was very exciting because they put in their application and they were chosen one month later! They were so unprepared, but so excited. I guess the birth mother really liked what they had to offer and chose them, so you may want to try some local organizations. My cousin adopted two daughters from China also using a local organization but I know that she had a hard time finding a group she trusted. If she has any other suggestions, I will let you know.
In any case, congratulations.



answers from Chicago on

how exciting. congrats! i adopted my son from guatemala and have a friend who adopted their daughter from china. i also have many friends/coworkers who adopted domestically and internationally. my recommendation is to check into as many agencies as you can to get a feel for one that meets your needs.

we used sunnyridge in the chicago suburbs- i think they've stopped doing international adoption though. european adoption consultants is another one (based in OH, but many satellite locations). guatemala is currently closed as they work through new process. i know china's wait is forever now- 3 or 4+ years after your paperwork (dossier) is completed.

we opted for international vs domestic because we really enjoy other countries and cultures. also, it was a little easier to adopt outside of the u.s. there are rules within the u.s. where birth mother's can change their mind- that happens internationally as well, but research showed us it was a little more definite internationally. we also weren't a fan of created a document about us where a birth mother would pick us- i'm better with it now, but wasn't interested when we were in the process.

the cost for our adoption was about $35K not including another few thousand for a couple trips (one to visit and one to bring him home). the process lasted about 15 months, but every country and experience can be different. i do have to say it was an amazing experience and always think back a few years ago when we met our son for the first time and then traveled back a few months later to bring him home for good. so cool!

i recommend checking at local churches for informational meetings from agencies- that's how we found ours. we interviewed one other and didn't like their disposition so we decided not to use them.

remember to do the appropriate research regarding once your child comes home as well. children who are adopted have better odds for sensory issues as well as some developmental delays. when a child is removed from their brith mother, there are issues with development and attachment is extremely important. obviously, being their as much as you can for the first 6-8-10-12 months or even more is criticial.

good luck with your planning. it's a lot of work to start an adoption but so rewarding and wonderful!



answers from Minneapolis on

I adopted my gradduaghter thought the county as I have full custody.Just want to make it more offical.I have had dealings with Lutheran Social Services. They are very good- If interested I can give you the info you need on them and a contact - Email me [email protected]



answers from Madison on

When we adopted our son, we contacted a specialized adoption attorney first, and then used the agency that she referred. We had a great experience and it took only 6 months from start to finish. Our attorney was Sandra Ruffalo (Milwaukee, WI) and our agency was Adoption Choice (also in Milwaukee). We were very happy with both. I'm sure that you can find good agencies in the minneapolis area also. The adoption of our son was the answer to our prayers. Best of luck to you.



answers from Atlanta on

One of my best friends just adopted a BOY from China! After the initial process of paperwork, visas, Chinese government okays, etc. they received word of who they would be adopting after only 2 weeks! When they had been on the wait list for a girl -it had taken over 2 years! The way this happened is that China has an adoption list for children with "fixable" disabilities. Most adoption agencies don't mention this for some reason, but the wait time is SO much shorter. These disabilities are cleft palate (that has already been surgically fixed in China) -but you will need to see a specialist here and possibly have a few more surgeries as the child ages; astygmatism, ASTHMA (I was shocked at that one), diabetes and a few others. Her little boy is precious and his cleft palate surgery was well done -it's barely noticeable. Just an idea if you're going the international route!



answers from Reading on

My husband and I are in the process of finalizing our adoption! Congrats on starting this journey. We were also interested in domestic adoption. I actually googled adoption and started emailing/calling all the 'local' agencies. We went to multiple info sessions to find the right fit for us. I wish you all the luck in the world. The revocation period in all 50 states can be different, that was the worst part for us!!



answers from Des Moines on

We adopted our son from Korea through Holt International Adoptions. They are Christian and very trustworthy. Harry and Bertha Holt were the first to start international adoptions in the 1950s, getting congress to pass a law so they could adopt eight of their own. Read about their history here and see the rest of their site:

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