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Updated on May 01, 2016
R.W. asks from Vancouver, WA
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My husband and I are talking about adopting a child. We are open the the sex of the child and also the age of the child. I would love to hear any personal stories from other people who have adopted, suggestions on where to begin, and recommendations of adoption agencies that you have had positive experiences with!

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answers from Portland on

my daughter's best friend and sister were adopted from texas. their parents had looked into foreign adoption but were discouraged by the cost and red tape. after the birth-parents signed away their rights, they had only 3 days to change their mind and then they were out of luck so you don't have to worry about them taking away your child. i guess there are a lot of black babies available in TX. just depends on what you're looking for and how 'perfect' you want to adopt. my daughter's friend's sister was a crack baby and has OCD.

good luck with finding your baby :)

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answers from Detroit on

I want to help couples who can't have babies but I don't know how I'm a 24 year old mother of two and I love being a mom I'm not pregnant right now but I would love to talk with you more just send me an email. [email protected] in subject type adopt



answers from Portland on

I have two daughter (1 and 4) who we adopted at birth. They are perfect, healthy, caucasian little girls. We adopted through Antioch Adoptions. They are a Christain agency and do both birthparent adoptions (where the birthparent chooses the parents during the pregnancy) and foster-to-adopt (where you adopt babies and children from the foster care system). Check out to find out more about them. I only have wonderful things to say about adoption and this agency; they provided awesome trainings, supported us through the entire process, and still help us whenever we have issues or questions. If you want to know more about my stories or more about birthparent adoption or foster to adopt. Really, the waiting was the hardest part.



answers from Portland on

I was adopted as a baby and always knew that I would give other children that same gift as well. We have adopted two wonderful boys, one at birth through a private adoption (birth mom was a friend of a friend) and another through foster care in Washington. We have had really great experiences both times. Adoption is a wonderful to grow a family! I have been through a variety of adoption trainings and would be happy to be a resource for you if you would like to contact me. Best wishes! [email protected]



answers from Portland on

I am an international adoptee and have experience working in International Adoption as well as Domestic Adoption - I guess the question that you would first want to ask yourself is if you want to adopt international/transracial or if you want to adopt domestically. Once you have done that, there are several places to go from there - I would recommend doing a google search of either international or domestic adoption agencies in your city and then start calling. You want to ask about application fees, contracts/fees, agency/program fees, travel expenses, time frames (length of wait time until you would receive a referral of a child and also how long until you'd get to bring your child home), etc. Then determine what agencies provide you with the best education and services for what your agency/program fees are...Good luck! Adoption is an amazing gift that many of us are fortunate enough to receive - one that allows us to have two sets of parents.



answers from Columbus on

62 yr old adopted lady here..adopted at age 3.wonderful childhood with Christian otherwise childless couple. My adopted brother and I were always told a wonderful story how this childless couple went for children to raise n love as their own, comforting. To adopted older children, I'd think, would take a lot more tolerance of habits and experiences, mindsets. Being so young, I have no memories other than adopted ones. Found bios 20some yrs ago..wasn't pretty. Recently acquired court hearing records of when 3 of us baby girls were taken from parents by authorities and adopted separately, not pretty. Details of the personalities of family members over 2 generations were immoral and nasty. Makes me so very thankful to God that we 3 were rescued, wherever the other girls are. I would say adopting younger ones would be easier. Opinions are free..Good luck and God Bless

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