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Updated on March 12, 2011
H.J. asks from Fairchild AFB, WA
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This question is for anyone who has adopted or knows anything about adoption.
I have always wanted to adopt but the cost to adopt is very expensive. We are miltary and move around a lot so foster care is not an option and we want a closed adoption. We have been thinking about international adoption. Does anyone know a less expensive way to adopt besides foster care.

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answers from Portland on

I believe you can still do short-term foster care, if you are interested in that. I have a few friends that do and it is such a vital service needed by foster youths.

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answers from Rochester on

I don't have advice for you on that, but I just wanted to write and say congratulations...please adopt.

I am adopted, and I thank God for it. My birth parents (who I now know, but my adoption was closed and I didn't know them until I was an adult) were neglectful to the point that I was removed from their custody, because they would leave me alone, in a crib, for two days at a time while the left to party. To be fair, I should say my mother did this, and my father was on the road...not that it matters, but I don't want to be unfair to him.

There are so many, many children out there in situations like mine...and sometimes, the state will actually do something about it and remove them from the care of their parents, permanently. These children need loving parents and loving homes. I don't know how to direct you, but I'm sure you can do research and figure it out. I was adopted OUT of a foster home, and the parents who raised me (from about 18 months on) were such a blessing to me. I will never know anyone else as my parents...only them.

Seriously, you have a kind heart to adopt. Please do it. I am sorry I can't offer more help, but I can offer encouragement. DO IT! :) :)

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answers from Topeka on

ten years ago my daughter became pregnant at the age of 16 and she placed her precious little girl for adoption through a Crisis Pregnancy I do not know exactly what it cost for the couple to adopt Lauren, but I do know it was a LOT cheaper than it would be through a regular adoption attorney. The attorney volunteered his time, the counselors helped her make a choice as to what family she wanted to place her with...etc. She has an open adoption, but I am sure that a lot of the people who work through that organization opt for closed adoptions. Don't let the idea of an open adoption scare you away....YOU are still in control of things...granted, the birth mother knows who you are but YOU are in charge of how much contact she is allowed to you and your family. The website that I gave you is our local organization but I believe they are somehow associated with a nationwide organization so you should be able to find something more local to you.
Good luck to you

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answers from Decatur on

We have adopted two wonderful children. I commend you for opening your heart to orphans and those who need a forever family. Stop worring about the money and start the process. The Lord will be faithful, and the funds will come. Many of my friends have had great fundraisers to help defry the costs. It is amazing how generous people are when they are helping a child! Great blessing to you.

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answers from Washington DC on

Something to consider is that there is a $10K credit for adoption. It is still not cheap, but it may help.

My cousin was adopted internationally. Something my aunt and uncle were asked was what age range they would accept (for them, any child under 4) and if there were any medical problems they felt they could not handle. If you could, for example, handle a child with a minor problem it might be faster and less expensive in the short-term. Now I'm not suggesting that anybody treat a child like a used car or anything, but some children are harder to place and if the right family comes along, some agencies will waive some of their fees to get a child home.

You could also ask the foster care system if there were any children who were unlikely to be returned or if there were children already free to be adopted (their parents' rights already terminated)?

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answers from New York on

I procrastinated for a long time because of this even though we really wanted a child. My DH kept saying some people spend 25 thou on a car! or a house. We will call this child ours forever, and his grandchildren as well. I couldnt stop thinking about how much we wanted another child. And it didnt make sense to us to go through invasive fertiltiy porcedures when there are orphanages FULL of babies, toddlers and children who long for a home. We took out a second mortgage put everything else on credit cards and adopted from Guatemala. What a joy! we will never regret being in debt for years, looking at his happy little face we know that we have received much more than we spent. Good luck with your journey, I pray you find the child who is waiting for you where ever he/she is .

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answers from Seattle on

Hi - our son joined our family through domestic infant adoption. We have an open adoption (we have a relationship w/the birthparents). As far as cost - no, it isn't 'cheap'. However, I would also encourage you to look at HOW you want your child to come into your family and their relationship with you and their birth family. It isn't to be taken lightly - any form of adoption is an incredible experience. I'm happy to share our experience with you if you like, just let me know.


answers from Austin on

I encourage you to pursue it as well. Like you , my husband & I started the international adoption process but besides the cost, it got way too complicated and so we backed out of that. We then became foster parents and had a few small children in our care. We realized we couldn't do that very long. It was very worthwhile but not for the faint at heart. It hurt too much for me. Its not for everyone.
We pretty much gave up for the most part. ( exhausted emotionally and mentally ) But then a situation came up to where we had the option to adopt a little girl-- we of course accepted. ;) She is beautiful and she is my daughter. The very first day she came to stay with us- it was as if she had always been there.
I say all that to lead to this~ if God leads you to it, He will lead you through it.
Good luck to you and your family.



answers from Seattle on

Most agencies will do a home visit/approval to make sure you have a good home to bring a child into. I think it is a good caution on the part of adoption agencies. However it may be difficult if you move in the middle of the process and I don't know what they would think of base housing. Definitely something to look into.
I had friends who adopted from India and it was about a 1.5-2yr process.
Other friends chose to do foster care. because a local dr knew them and knew this they were able to foster a baby from the hospital until the 6 mo waiting period was over and then adopt him. So foster care maybe a good way to get the necessary steps/training/house checks done.



answers from Los Angeles on

I know 2 people who have adopted from over seas (3 children total, 2 families) because the process in the states takes too long.


answers from Richmond on

My very first question on here was about adoption, go to my profile and go waaaaay back, I got a tremendous amount of great advice!!

Good luck! This is a wonderful thing you're doing :)



answers from Portland on

When we first started the process, we went to an adoption seminar given by NAFA (Northwest Adoptive Families Asso). They discussed options and costs of adoption:

We did end up adoption Internationally, but have known others who have adopted domestically as well. Like any parent, there are ups and downs and like any parent your heart just swells with love.

Good luck!


answers from Minneapolis on

Special needs adoption!

We came home with our daughter in October from Ukraine. She has mild Cerebral palsy. There is a little girl on there right now with an umbilical hernia, she just turned 2 and is GORGEOUS!

You can special needs adopt for under $20k and that includes travel. And the adoption tax credit is 14k right now. We just got it all back in a tax refund today. You have to wait for tax time to get it back, but its so nice to replace those funds!

The cheapest way to adopt is from foster waiting kids. Kids who are teens, tweens, boys, kids with medical needs.... who are in the foster system and free for adoption. Their adoption is usually free or close to it. Otherwise adopting international special needs.



answers from Anchorage on

I just wanted to respond to your comment that foster care is not an option due to you being military. When I lived on post in Germany, we had some friends who did foster care, so I think that is not an issue. There are cases on post where children are in need of foster care.

I know quite a bit about adoption otherwise, but probably not from the perspective that you are looking for. Best wishes finding the info you need!

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