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Updated on December 29, 2017
Y.S. asks from Frisco, TX
5 answers

Please disregard my question. My question did not come across the right way. I was simpy looking for flowers not arrangments. I am not copying anyones respected work.

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answers from Atlanta on

so you changed your question? POOR FORM!!!

I KNOW I saw the question being about making your floral webpage and where to download pictures. I had to go change out laundry and BAM!! came back and CHANGED!!!

You GOOGLE pictures that you want and buy them. However, since your original question was about floral arrangements for YOUR WEBSITE?? I would STRONGLY suggest that you make your own arrangements instead of capturing someone elses

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answers from Washington DC on

um if you're a florist - you put the arrangements together and take the pictures.

you don't steal from others. You provide your own "unique" arrangement style

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answers from Norfolk on

If you are in it to win it (being successful in business) then you don't take shortcuts and you don't look for 'free floral pics' for your website.
You make your own floral arrangements, you take pictures of your products and you put those images on your website.
Anything else is false advertising.

Have you taken any business/marketing classes?
It might be a good move for you to do so!

You deal in flowers - take your own pictures of them!
And if you are selling flower arrangements - you put pictures of your arrangements on your website.

In a prior post in Sept you said you were about to graduate as a Floral Designer.
Did you talk to your career development center at your school?
There is something very basic that you are not understanding and I'm having a hard time reconciling a Floral Designer not being able to take some pictures of a few flowers for her own business website.
In the time it took for you to post this - and alter your question - you'd have your pictures published to your web site by now.
Spending money on Adobe Photo Images is not making any sense.

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answers from Boston on

Did you delete your question? I see answers related to being a florist but see nothing in your question or your profile about that.

If you're looking to buy photos, there are quite a few reputable sources (my husband uses a number of them in his advertising and greeting card businesses). You also want to learn the difference between terms like "rights managed" and "royalty free" and so on, and what those mean in terms of cost and usage.

But without a full question, I'm just guessing at what you're looking for. Feel free to ADD TO your question rather than delete the original post so we can follow your thought process and your needs.

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answers from Dallas on

Since you are opening a flower shop you don't want to use someone else's image. You need to put together your own arraignments and then take pictures and upload them to your website.

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