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Updated on September 21, 2009
K.W. asks from Evansville, IN
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I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl that asks to go on the potty, but doesn't do anything on the potty. I want to get her potty trained, but this is my first time doing it and don't know really what to do. My son is 1 1/2 and wants to go int the bathroom and "potty", too. He doesn't do anything but pretend. Any suggestions?

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I friend of mine sent me a book called the Potty Trainer. I haven't read all of it yet, but it's been helpful so far.

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We potty-trained our daughter about two weeks ago with the 3-Day Potty Training program.

It's free, no product tie-ins, just good solid advice. It takes some determination, but it was fast and effective. You basically quit diapers cold-turkey. No pull-ups, no nighttime diapers. Stay right with her and give constant reminders to 'Let me know if you need to go potty'. Give lots of praise and rewards for successes. No punishment for accidents, just more reminders.

Thee were a few accidents early on, and we had some problems at naptime and bedtime where she would say she had to go potty over and over, but not actually produce anything. That lasted a few days but she got over it as she got more confident and learned to recognize when she really needs to go.

We'd tried a few times before to have her go on the potty, but she'd always seemed a little distraught by the whole experience, which made us wonder if we'd ever be able to potty train her.

This program explained why what we had tried before didn't work, and laid out a clear method for success.

Read the e-book and see what you think. Good luck!


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Hi K.
I'm potty training my 2nd girl and so far it's going very well. She'll be 3 in Nov.

What I did was put her on the potty 10 minutes after a meal and then 45 minutes after she goes. I also watch how much liquid I give her, especially at night and then I"ll just say something like, it's time to go potty. Believe it or not, she goes. Just this week, I kid you not, she came out of her room from playing and went potty by herself. All of a sudden I hear this "sound" and I leaped for joy! She's finally got it. She has actully been in the same pull up from morning until bedtime because each time she needed to go, she actually went in the bathroom.

I hope this helps!




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You can take the next couple of months to get her used to a potty chair . Even if she doesn't go , it will help her understand what it's all about. Then read "how to train your child in one day" the potty party one. I got it at the library . It's very positive and it works like a dream. If you wait until she's ready, closer to three you reduce the number of accidents and it builds confidence to succeed quicker. Good luck!



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continue sitting BOTH kids as often as you can. They are both ready if they are showing that interest. After about a month of them sitting regularly (when they wake up, after breakfast, before going outside, before lunch, before nap and after nap, before dinner, before bed) then go cold turkey to undies. Buy the plastic pants that cover them and just go for it. Expect a week of accidents, maybe two from the younger one, but then you will be diaper free. It's not too early! Don't miss the signs, so many parents do!

I start potty training at my daycare at 16 months old and it works.



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Hi, That sounds great. I know it is discouraging when they ask to go on the potty and then don't do anything but that is how they learn. Don't give up -- she is on the right track. You may want to get some training pants for her to wear that way she will feel when she is wet. Good luck.



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Hi K. Just give them time they'll learn. They both are still very young. At least they're going through the motions(smile)



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It takes them 12-15 "hits" on the potty to make the association of where the pee needs to go, how to hold it to get there, etc. It took me a good few months of putting my daughter on the pot before we started getting any real hits. She now goes 2-3 times a day, typically right after lunch and right before bed. It's a timing game, so you need to figure out when she usually goes and then get her on the potty at that time.

I'd work on training both of your kids, since they are showing interest. My daughter is only 18 months old and next week we are going to undies only. It took us a few months to get to this place (she started showing interest at 15 months).

The trick is to just be patient, make going potty fun (we read books), and to not push them.

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