Adiri Natural Nurser Baby Bottle

Updated on September 20, 2008
A.G. asks from Minneapolis, MN
5 answers

I am due with my second in April and would love to be able to get this baby to use a bottle so I could sleep through a night feeding! I couldn't get my daughter to take one, but all I really tried was avent bottles. Has anyone tried this kind? They really do look like a breast! I am really curious as to their success rate! Thanks!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi there,

I thought the Adiri Nurser was brilliant, and it is but ONLY in theory. It leaks terribly from the top and the bottom unless it is completely, 100% dry and wiill even leak when totally dry. Plus, always having to have a compeletly dry bottle (every single piece) is so unrealistic unless you buy a dozen or so. I returned the Adiris I bought after a week or so of absolute frustration and the girl at Babies-r-us said that several moms are returning them for the exact same reason.

Born Free bottles have a wide base and soft nipples that our baby, as a newborn, took easily to. She also had no problems with the Evenflo BPA free bottles, which are a steal at $2.99 for a 3 pack. They have a smaller base but the bottles fit right on to my pump so I don't have to transfer bottles. Very convenient.

Hope this helps and good luck!



answers from Cedar Rapids on

Yes, I have this bottle. My son has only taken a bottle one time, but it was successful! I like the booblike shape to it too!



answers from Minneapolis on

I just exchanged my bottles at Babies R' Us for ones that are BPA free. I got a package of the Mam bottles which are great, my little guy is breastfeed and he didn't have any problems with them. And I got one Adiri. I can't stand that bottle. I even went to their website to see if it is something I am doing wrong and I still can't get that thing to stop leaking. So, I wouldn't waste your money. I think the key is just to make sure you give your little one a bottle early on. So, they get used to going back and forth.



answers from Minneapolis on

My friend tried the adiri bottle and was far from impressed. She complained to of the leaking. They also have a tendency of collapsing since there is so much soft rubber on them. MY daughter didn't like bottle either. I went to the store and tested the feel of the different nipples on the bottles. Don't just trust the package. I liked the medela bottles the best. They have a very soft nipple which I think helps a lot. Bonus if you have a medela pump too. The medela bottles are also BPA free so that's nice. Once we switched to the medela and worked on my husband's technique it was a lot easier. I think guys just don't try hard enough sometimes to make it work. It took the new bottle, good temperature, and mind over baby to make it work. My mom(also a daycare provider) showed us how to make her take it. It takes a few steps but it does work.
Sorry this ended up rambling on.



answers from Minneapolis on

My first child liked the Dr. Brown's bottles and I found that Avent nipples are way to hard and stiff. My second liked the Playtex drop in nurser bottles.

With my second I tried Adiri, Playtex nurser with brown and clear nipples, Dr. Brown's and Medela with straight and contoured nipples. My second child wouldn't take any bottle until she was in daycare and was hungry enough to figure things out. I picked the Playtex bottle because I liked the drop in feature and the nipple had a bubble then the nipple so it was like a breast and it was a soft nipple.

I think a child will figure things out if they're hungry enough. I liked the Dr. Brown's and Playtex bottles. For the ease of cleaning I like the Playtex drop ins better.

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