Adhesive to Attach Glass Top to Wrought Iron Legs of Table

Updated on April 13, 2010
D.H. asks from Dresher, PA
4 answers

I have a glass kitchen table that used to "stick" to the legs via these little pads. However they have all since been lost somehow and i have a very adventerous toddler. We had to bungie cord the legs together so that she can't pull the chairs out to get up on them (works great by the way)
Now we want to start to eat dinner at the kitchen table like a family but are terrified she is going to try to stand on the kitchen table which would tip the entire glass over. I swear we can literally blink and she gets herself into trouble. Any ideas?

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answers from Seattle on

Check with a furniture store or even home depot. I think you can buy replacement pads.

That said, I would also make sure that the table top is made from laminate/safety glass, that holds together when shattered.

Good luck!

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answers from Williamsport on

Even adventurous toddlers can learn rules. You'll be able to blink as long as you want if you teach her not to climb on the table, and it's much safer for her in general to do what you say, and easier for her to learn now then later. If you're afraid she can't learn, then definitely get a shatter proof table.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I agree with Tammy...try clear silicone caulk to attach them. My in-laws have 2 different glass top tables....they used to have 3. The glass on one of the end tables in their LR got knocked off and broke. So my FIL used the clear caulk to attach the glass tops to the rest of the tables (1 end table& 1 coffee table). Make sure to use doesn't look clear at first, but it dries clear. It works.


answers from Chicago on

How about clear silicone caulk?


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