ADHD With Mood Disorder

Updated on April 26, 2008
T.S. asks from Martinez, CA
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All your responses were so awesome and I really needed to hear about a lot of you. So I don't feel so alone and overwhelmed. Still do. : ) Anyways, not only is my son diagnoised with ADHD, they say he has a mood disorder. He gets angry, really, really angry and he hurts others, kids, adults and himself. Not all the time. He has been doing fabulous since last May. December it has begun and now it is going stronger and faster. He flips, he really does not remember it all. ANd is so sorry and really confused. He does not like to hurt others and when he does he feels so bad. They did start him on meds. Trilptal. Any one ever hear of it or tried it????

Thank you all for all the great advice and understanding and points of views. He was just a baby when the violence was going on. 14 months and younger. He has nightmares, he does have problems with keeping friends, parents have a hard time letting their kids play with mine. Including family members. We tried the sugar thing, sugar has no negative affect with his moods or behavior, blood tests all come back fine, his EEG he just had came back normal. We or I should say I, have tried so many different things. It is really hard on me. The stress level I have and not letting it get out of control. He is trying as you could imangine. He does seem to totally focus on one thing. Fanatacially too. OMG. He is a total snuggle bunny too. :) He loves his mommy. Which makes me feel like I am totally doing the best I can. I have times I feel so sorry for him and worry about how he will grow into the wonderful strong man he so deserves to be. Everything under the sun. I feel sorry for myself sometimes. We are in counseling and have been for 6 years. My son is in therapy once a week, and counseling 2 to 3 times a week. And meets with a pscytrist 1 time a month. He is a avid skateboarder. Medication was the last resort. He has been on them for 5 days. The first 4 days seemed like it gave him super energy. Like he needed that. : ) but last night was better. He is proud to take them since it is supposed to help with his outbursts etc... He is quite aware of them and he is the one who afterwards hates himself and feels so bad he feels he does not deserve anything etc.. So very sad.

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answers from Sacramento on

A friend of mine is considered bi-polar and takes that medicine, she actually tried to commit suicide before she was finally diagnosed. She says the medicine makes her sleepy, but I can tell you by just one sentence when she is on her meds,and when she is not on them. They do work,
it just might take time for the body to adjust to them.
Good luck.

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answers from Sacramento on

Did your son witness any of the violence? He could be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My daughter went through years of treatment for simialar behavior after an early trauma. She was treated as if she was bi-polar and given tons of meds that caused all sorts of problems. Meds do not help PTSD. Have you heard of DBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy? It took me 13 years of other treatments and almost loosing her to a suicide attempt to find it, but is actually effective. It teaches you how to validate your child's feelings. Which is something he needs that isn't easy to figure out on your own, especially,with his behaviors. It also teaches the kid many strategies for handling the bursts of emotions that have been controling them. It is usually used with self-distructive teens and adults, but the applications are moving to other areas. Check it out on the internet under Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

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answers from Stockton on

HI T.:
I am sorry to hear that you lost a baby to SIDS., According to dr. Tim O'Shea, the author of "The sanctitiy of human blood - vaccination is not immunization" (and an authority in immunizations), at least 10,000 American babies mysteriously die each year with the catch-all Sudden Infant Death Syndrome diagnosis. Before mass vaccinations, the term didn't even exist. (dr. Mendelsohn -the greatest pediatrician ever, 226 ;author of "how to raise a healthy child in spite of your dr.).
He also affirms that DPT is the most dangerous vaccine of all, because of the deadly pertusis virus. He also says that not one vaccine is safe to the moment. Aprox. 1 in every 150 (or less) children are diagnosed with autism today; and they don't talk about ADHD and other learning disabilities.
Most of the kids in the spectrum have elevated testosterone levels, and this makes them aggressive and moody; they may also have premature sexual awakening.
Another problem kids in the spectrum (many agree that ADHD kids have nothing more than mild autism) is that they have yeast issues, also due to vaccines. Yeast makes people aggressive and moody; or deppressive, among many other symptoms. Maybe you should check for yeast, and try to get rid of sugar and gluten (those feed the yeast beast).
There are also many antifungals for that purpose (drugs like nistatin and diflucan and natural antifungals such as grapefruit seed extract).
ADHD children also benefit from the same biomedical treatments that children with autism do.

I hope that you find a more natural treatment for your son to make him feel better.
I am the mother of an 8 yr. old with autism (in the road to recovery) severely injured by vaccines.

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answers from Fresno on

Hello There T.,
I have not heard of the meication you mentioned but,have read that it is used for the condition your son is experiencing. Please know that you are not alone in this situation and know that it is very important to remember that medicating is only part of the solution that therapy and counceling for you and your son are very important. How old is your son? Please know that it is ok to question all and any advice or medication suggestions by your Dr. Search out a support group and read all that you can.

A little about me: I am a mother of two boys 10 years apart 16 and 6.My first was diagnosed finally in 3rd grade after a few years of frusturation and hardship in his schooling with ADHD. Once we knew why he didn't have the ability learn to read at his grade level to sit and concentrate and was easily frustrated. Medication was helpful we found that our patients and encouragement along with therapy helped matters greatly. My son is now a Junior in high school and is still being medicated and still does struggle at times, but leads a very normal teenage life and as long as he stays organized and continues to keep his grades up he will graduate next June God willing.

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answers from Redding on


You are an awesome mom! Stay strong!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi T.,

I do understand having a child with mood behavior and anger. My nephew was going through that also. I started asking him questions and found out that he was having sleep problems at night. Statistics say that 1 out of 3 children have sleep challenges. I found some technologies that my sister and I have been using on her children and my granddaughter are using that is really making a difference in their attitudes. Check out and if there is any questions you may have feel free to ask.

Have a great weekend.




answers from San Francisco on

Read some books by Dr. Amen, he is also on PBS doing a special. His website is and it has several photos of what a raging brain looks like. My daughter would get into a fetal position after her rages and feel really depressed about her brain on fire. Her doctor told us that the difference between bipolar rages and Asperger rages is that after a bipolar rage, the person feels high" and elated" by the rage and on the Asperger rage, the person feels very low and depressed. Mood disorder rages last several hours- sometimes as long as three hours, three times a week. They are not the same as sugar rages, which wear off when the sugar wears off. Keep your child safe and folllow the doctors recommendations.

Abilify worked great for my daughter. Make sure your son is not hiding the pills, my daughter did this for two weeks, pretending that she was better, and hiding the pills in the sofa cushions. We changed the medication to liquid form, mixed with chocolate milk. Now we get it in pill form, crush the pills and mix with the milk. Did you read the "Bipolar Child" book, it helps parents deal with the rages. My daughter became suicidal at 9 years old! One day she said "I want to go to Heaven now, if it is so beautiful and having to live with this illness is so awful, then I want to die now. I don't want to live anymore." We visited the doctor within an hour, and then had daily doctor appts for two weeks until she stabiized. I never left her side, did not send her to school and took her everywhere I went. Fortunately, we have excellent communication and she does feel comfortable sharing her feelings. When she was just 7 years old, she was drawing pictures of princesses with knives in their hearts, surrounded by pools of blood (ick). She painted all her fingers and hand with red nail polish, and when asked why, she replied "I wanted to see what it would look like if I died." Off to the doctor again! Hopefully your son is able to express himself, either in art, drama, music or creative writing. From this expression, you can then observe changes in behavior and need for medication increases. We found that she needed a medication increase every 6 months. Is is essential to keep the communication open so that your child trusts you enough to tell you when he is feeling really low (manic depression).

Get some help for yourself too! I relived the violence and it was terribly painful when it was my own child hurting me. With therapy, I found out that I had Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and it began when my daughter started hurting me. Kaiser has excellent and affordable mental health programs to deal with stress. It is very lonely having a raging child; your friends and family judge you for your parenting skills, your friends abandon you because they don't want their kids exposed to the "bad behavior" and you walk on eggshells waiting for another rage. Please help yourself too!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi T.,

My daughter, who is 12 was recently diagnosed with ADHD because she has difficulty focusing in school and has had various issues with friends and what seemed to be a bad temper as well as somewhat compulsive behavior.

What we didn't realize is that she also suffers from sleep apnea, a condition that can lead to ADHD-like symptoms. Often, children who are diagnosed with ADHD also have sleep apnea or may have even been misdiagnosed.

Does your son snore or did he suffer from chronic ear infections when he was an infant or toddler? Is he often irritable in the morning or forgetful with school assignments? Does he often get sore throats? These are some possible signs of having pediatric sleep apnea.

I write for a local publication called "Parenting on the Peninsula" and just finished an article about this because it hits so close to home. I have included a link to the article which lists some resourceful websites:

As a parent, it is so hard to know what to do when faced with such issues. It can be so overwhelming, but please know that you are not alone. Hang in there!



answers from Fresno on

Hi T.,

I pray God will heal your young man and give you wisdom. It is a heartbreak to watch your love one and feel so helpless to help. I hope you have a church family that can love and support you both.

God's care and protection,



answers from Chico on

Hi T.,
I don't have personal experience in this area, but I remember seeing a piece on television about a young child that exhibited similar behaviors. The family tried everything but what they ultimately found was that this five year old boy had multiple, and severe food allergies that dramatically affected his behavior. The most powerful (violent) reaction he had was to sugar. I guess it was like flipping a switch. The family ended up strictly monitoring his foods and saw major improvement in his condition. It's something to consider, although you'll probably need to consult with a naturopath because most western doctors are advocates of medicating children first. Personally, I think meds should be the very last resort, especially with a child.
Best to you!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi T.

I don't keep up much with this site, but I glanced at the last few issues and read about your child, so that is why I am responding so late. I asked my friend Dr. Rhonda Emmert who is a chirorpactor specializing in psychonueroimmunology to comment on your question today, so this is a month later. I know someone suggested sugar issues and so did Dr. Emmert, but she suggests the sugar problem might be more severe than a dietary reaction to sugar, rather a genetic component with the possibility of diabetes.

She asked if there happens to be extensive diabetes on both sides of your family?. She said in her experience the mood disorder and associated behavior in combination with his ADHD diagnosis could very well be the result of blood sugar problems. She suggested either doing extensive blood tests for hypoglycemia, diabetes. She also said that you can test at home first by using a blood sugar kit (Wallgreens has one). It has clear directions and you can monitor your child's blood sugar levels. Watch to and see if he is suffering from highs and lows? This can be quite significant. Again this is not about sugar allergies, but much more serious.

I can see you've been following up on everything, yet if you are still up for some more advice and haven't tried it yet, Dr. Emmert did suggest that meanwhile you try to feed him every two hours and specifically complex foods such as: brown rice, oats, dark grains, bread and proteins, and see if there is any relief in the symptoms. If the symptoms persist she urges you to consult a diabetes specialist if you haven't yet done so.

I am Chiropractor, Acupuncurist and nutritionist and have been in the health field for over 20 years. I am also the mother of a 6 year old boy. I would not offer this advice lightly unless I thought there was much merit to it, and the hope of relieving the pain and suffering you are all experiencing.

I am enclosing a short biography of Dr. Emmert's for your information:

"Rhonda Emmert, D.C., B.A. Nutrition, co-founder of essencehealers/Patient Advocacy through Molecular Mindfulness, has been practicing for 23 years in San Francisco. Dr. Emmert, was voted one of the ten best chiropractors in San Francisco Magazine, and is listed in America’s Top Chiropractors, 2007. She has built her practice by addressing her patient’s obscure and chronic conditions. As a scientist, she was alarmed to find people could remain so ill, both mentally and physically, after having been treated by various methods over many years. She has devised a system of analysis, Molecular Mindfulness, that utilizes biochemistry as the avenue to systemic diagnosis. Dr. Emmert has a family-based practice; hence, she has seen the genetic implications that warrant biochemical healing at the deepest level. She takes her patients on for life. "

I Hope this helps. Warm wishes Dr. M. Herman

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