ADHD Support Froup for Young Children in Frisco Area

Updated on October 15, 2010
A.S. asks from Frisco, TX
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Does anyone know of a support group for very young children diagnosed with adhd in the frisco area? I need to network and just talk with other parents of preschool/kinder aged children who have issues with defiant behaviors and strong wills as a result of adhd. I have a daughter who has just turned five. THE NEUROPSYCH THAT EVALUATED HER ALSO SUSPECTS POSSIBLE sensory integration issues. WE WILL BE GOING TO AN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST IN THE NEXT MONTH FOR AN EVAL.

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So What Happened?

We are still searching. Put her on ADHD med lowest dose for behavioral impulsivity and defiance. That had gottem NUCH better. (We took her to the ADHD wellness ctr. in North Carrollton)
Although....we still have not done anything for her sensory processing issues.
Has anyone has success with Brain Balance in Plano? My daughter has auditory processing and visual processing issues. She also has a few tactile issues.
Can anyone tell me about Learning RX and their success/failures?...I know they speak of COGNITIVE skills. My daughter took the WIATT and AoodCoack Johnson and scored well. (on a scale of 80-120, she was right at 100, average. BUT...beind and gaps in certain areas)

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My son has sensory processing disorder and my advice would be to make sure your OT is SIPT certified... We have been at this for years so if you need referrals I can help. Who are you going to for your eval? I also live in Frisco.
I am sorry I don't know of a support group for ADHD. You may want to google it for Yahoo groups.
Let me know if I can help.



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My son was diagnosed ADHD (with mild dyslexia and auditory processing challenges) at age 4 (he's 7 now); my daughter was diagnosed with sensory issues, dyslexia and anxiety at age 5 (she's almost 10 now). I have been in your shoes.

The best support group I found was the CAARTE parent training class I took at Shelton School when my daughter was enrolled in Kindergarten there. My ADHD son was 3 then, and I was pregnant with the 3rd child who thankfully doesn't appear to have learning issues so far. Shelton still offers those classes each semester, open to the community, not just parents of Shelton students. You might call other schools for learning different children that are a little closer to you. Those parents are the most supportive I have found.

Another possibility will be through the OT clinic you end up in for SI evaluation and treatment. The waiting room during twice weekly OT sessions is almost as good a support group as anything else.

You are probably in the middle of the hardest 6 months of this whole process. Hang in there. Once you figure out what the issues are, make a plan to address them, and start implementing a lot of small changes in your life, things will start to get better. I don't believe in magic bullets. Every person is extremely complex, and what works great for one kid doesn't seem to make a difference to another. I find it comforting to keep a long list of things I could still try, because feeling like I have no more options is probably the worst thing for me. You compile that list by talking to other parents. Specialists are great, but they often only see what they are trained to treat, and they have their favorite way of treating it. Only you have the bigger picture in mind all the time. Your daughter needs you to keep your eye on the ball - she will be a terrific adult ...if you can all get there in one piece!

If you would like to hear more about the things we have tried and what works for us, please send me a message.

SAHM of 3



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There is a clinic in North Plano that treat ADHD, dyslexia, and sensory integration disorders. Please go to
Look at their website, and give them a call! You won't be disappointed!
Sorry, I know it is more of a cure than a support group. :)



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I am interested in starting an ADHD support group in Frisco. I live in the Trails and would also like to talk to other parents of kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD. I would be more than happy to offer up my own home for weekly or biweekly meetings. I too need to talk to other parents about this as my 6 year old has been diagnosed. It's exhausting sometimes and I would love to be able to share with others and learn from others special tips to help get through the day! Please email me at [email protected] I am 100% serious and would love to talk more about this! Thank you!



answers from Dallas on

Hi, I am sorry I dont have an answer, But I have the same question. Please if you find one let me know, Thank you



answers from Portland on

I've found support groups in my area by Googling ADHD support groups and including my city and state. The groups are actually for the parents. I haven't contacted any of them yet.

One that I have looked at but that doesn't have a chapter in Portland is CHADD. Here is it's web address:

I think I saw a chapter in the Frisco area.

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