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C.R. asks from Adamsville, AL
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I have a 5 year old boy that is the "poster child" for ADHD. His doctor has put him on Concerta, and wants to keep him on it another month before trying something else. He's more focused on things, but he can't seem to keep quiet. I mean he talks CONSTANTLY from the time he wakes until bedtime. His teacher has made a small comment that he is talking a "little" more, but this is crazy. I do admit that it has helped him to finish work at school, but is it worth it? Have any other parents had this problem with Concerta? Or have any ideas on what I should do?

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answers from Lawton on

I want you to know that there is reason to work with the Doctors on your child's needs for ADHD and that it is most definately "worth it". The medications are not an exact science as each body is different and what they need to find balance is different. Real ADHD is caused by chemical imbalances and a medication is usually required to create the necessary balance. I have 2 children who were both ADHD, learning disabled, and gifted. This diagnosis was 25 years ago. My son was about 4 and my daughter was around 2 1/2. I tried everything they suggested back then (limit sugar, limit wheat, etc, etc, etc). My son was not a talker but he did not stop moving and did not sleep until he was totally exhausted. My daughter just could not focus and was always distracted. I worked full-time plus and was beyond exhausted dealing with both children, a job, overtime, and a military spouse. We were in Germany so I had no family support. I finally gave in and let them put my son on the ADHD drug of that time frame (Ritlin) when he was in pre-kindergarten. People at my office told me I was insane letting them drug my son but we both needed help. He drove everyone around him crazy and I was afraid I might lose it. We were lucky and the Doctor hit the correct amount of the Ritlin immediately. The drugs took the edge off my son and he learned how to cope with his ADHD. After fifth grade we were able to take him off the drug. When my daughter was in second grade we finally placed her on Ritlin as she could not concentrate or focus in class. Again, we were lucky and the Doctor hit the correct amount of the Ritlin immediately. Her grades came up almost immediately. She was only on the drugs a short time and learned to cope with the ADHD. I was told early by Doctors, Psychologists, etc., not to expect much from my kids-I would be lucky if they graduated High School. But I will have you know that they both graduated from High School and College with Honors. I never let them use ADHD or their disabilities to fail. I did ensure their teachers understood my children's diagnosis and that I did not expect their teachers to treat them differently or expect less of them because of their differences. My son is now in his late 20's and still has issues with ADHD, however, he refuses to use medication and is trying all the non-medication related gimicks for himself. My daughter has not had issues with ADHD until recently. She recently had a baby and it appears to have upset her balance. She currently has issues focusing but is not ready to speak to a Doctor about the problems yet. Keep the faith but also know that a lot of children diagnosed as having ADHD are really not ADHD. They might be pampered or undisciplined, getting too much sugar/simple carbs, or having a reaction to another food. If the Doctor cannot find a balance you might want to think about what your son is eating. Does he drink a lot of soda (diet or regular)? Does he get too much candy? Take note of all the juices and foods that contain high fructose corn syrup (sugar). It is the second ingredient in things you would never even think it was in. Does any particular food, drink, event, etc., increase his activity level? Try limiting things that appear to affect him. Ask a dozen different people about this issue and you will have a dozen different answers or suggestions. Get a second opinion if you are uncomfortable with your current Doctor. Find a Doctor who has studied ADHD. Ask them, they will normally tell you if they have done research on ADHD. You might even consult a Child Psychologist/Psychiatrist if possible. Use your intelligence and your Doctor's advice to determine what will best serve your child. Drugs may be the answer (I know we do not like to hear that but...). Do not give up and most of all PRAY!

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answers from Fayetteville on

Hi, C.,

I'm not familiar with Concerta, but I have used neurofeedback with very positive results. It is used for ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, and even addictions, with few or no side effects and is very non-invasive, so you don't have to worry about it throwing your son for a loop, messing with his liver (toxicity issues), being addictive, etc. Neurofeedback doesn't get the big marketing dollars that pharmaceuticals get, so you won't hear about it as much - because it's just plain cheaper and more straightforward - but it's been tremendously successful with conditions like ADD/ADHD. I know of a practice in Fayetteville, and they're just splendid, really know their stuff. You could do a free consultation with Elise Burt. Also, it should be covered by insurance - mine covered it. You might start seeing results immediately, or it might take a number of sessions - it will not hammer him over the head like drugs can, which is good, though again, it might not provide the quick results that drugs sometimes introduce, but don't let that get you down if the latter is the case. It's ultimately a stabler, more permanent solution because it trains the brain to function optimally - on its own, without the need for continual therapies of one kind or another.

Also, there is an excellent book by Gabriel Cousens, MD, called Depression-Free for Life, which also addresses ADD/ADHD issues from a nutritional stand-point. Medical science doesn't address nutrition much because med school glosses over it. 36 hours of nutrition in all of the years of med school, I hear. But it's true: what we eat becomes us. I discovered that my anxiety disorder was caused, in part, by an imbalance in my diet that I had completely overlooked. Too many simple carbs, in my case, and an Omega fatty acid imbalance: too many Omega-6s, not enough Omega-3s. I've also used supplements to balance out my former, long-term deficiencies, like vitamin B complex. Such a little thing, but such solid results. Maybe there is some supplement or type of food that your son needs in what appears to be a balanced diet. Address these fundamental issues, and whatever therapy you choose is bound to be more effective in the long run. I was able to get off of my series of pharmaceuticals by looking into my diet, adjusting my nutrients, getting more exercise and taking time out to decompress. Who would have thought that such a simple, cheap approach would make such a powerful difference? Yet I'm a different person! It wasn't the years of meds that did it. They just caught me in a spiral. They left me a mess, even if some took away the symptoms temporarily. If Concerta isn't his first prescription, you've probably noticed what personality changes drugs can cause, and I know that must be hard for you, as a mother of a young boy, to see, wondering what it's doing to his fundamental personality. This is why I really hope you'll try neurofeedback and nutrition (a consultation with a nutritionist is such a gift, and it doesn't cost much at all. You can do one by phone, even).

Another thing to think about is, maybe you could do a detox with him. His ADHD could be caused by mercury, aluminum, some other contaminant and/or be other issue related to vaccines (mercury isn't entirely out of circulation, even still! They have only begun the phase-out, so most people think vaccines are free of them now. The companies don't want to toss their supplies, is how I've heard this intermediate situation described). Ozark Natural Foods probably has some detox products, or you could find some online. There's a company in Brevard, N.C. that has a very good line. You could also provide him with a medically supervised, more intensive detox through a program like Dr. Stephanie Cave's (M.D., F.A.A.F.P.). I think she's in Missouri. She has turned even cases of autism around pretty dramatically (you can read more in What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About CHildren's Vaccinations, a very balanced and moderate book, but a very eye-opening one, as well).

Good luck. I know what a struggle these things can be. But knowledge is power. I'm sure that with all of the care you're giving your son, whatever options you explore, he will turn out just fine, and life will settle down in time.


PS I read through some of the other responses, and would like to address one mother's question: paraphrased, "would you refuse insulin for your child if s/he were diabetic?" I know what she's saying, but in fact, insulin might not be the only solution there. One author who comes to mind, a leading nutrition scientist, T. Colin Campbell, in his book, The China Study, reported on a study that showed that diabetics - types I and II - were able to drastically decrease or even end their insulin treatments with a low-fat, whole-foods plant-based diet. I know that these types of programs, like Dr. McDougall's, aren't advertised like the pharmaceuticals are, so it's understandable that people think that many diseases like diabetes can only be treated with drugs, or surgery or what-not, but I urge you to consider that we're only hearing about the options that are placed in front of us because those are the ones that get the marketing dollars; they're the ones whose studies get subsidized by various big grants because they're so high-tech, require labs and expensive equipment, etc. It doesn't mean that the low-tech, simple, straightforward approaches don't work. It just means that no one's making billions of dollars off of them, so they won't advertise them on TV, in magazines, etc. What I'm trying to say is, exploring other options can't hurt, and could provide you and your son with exactly what he needs.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Wow. I read these responses and I am sometimes taken by surprise at the variety of opinions. I am a teacher and the mother of 5. Of our 5 children 3 have been diagnosed as ADHD. We have been through a variety of medications. My advice is to educate yourself. I have attended many workshops, read tons of research and stayed very in touch with my children's teachers. Currently our oldest daughter is a wonderful young mother and attending nursing school. Our oldest son is now a flight instructor with a commercial pilot's license. We did not use medication to deal with behavior issues. We used medication to assist our child in society. Our 13 year old daughter takes Concerta with great success. The dosage is very important. There are a lot of other options out there. Some resources that have been invaluable are: Sandra Rief-she has a website and a fabulous book The ADHD Book of Lists, also a book that surprised me-getting Rid of Ritalin.
To me, anyone that htinks ADHD is just a behvior issue has not really seen the quality of life improvement that medication can offer these children. I chose to begin medication in 3rd grade for my 13 year old and she asks to be on it even during the summer because she needs the help to control her impulsivity. She makes all A's and is a wonderful girl. I am also making some decisions about our 6 year old. We have been working with the doctor to get a diagnosis. (The doctor's started asking about family history when he 2.) We have not began medication yet, but it is in the near future. Of ll 5 kids, only one does not have symptons. It is in our family on both sides. Don't get discouraged. Knowledge is your best tool.

Good luck-I am praying for you and your family.

Teaching mother of 5- his, mine, ours, 34 year old-married for 12 years.

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answers from Lafayette on

my son just made 8 and was currently on concerta. i recently took him off and put him on "focus attention" this is an all natural herb med especially for adhd. it works awesome. he has been on it since feb. 5 2008. i never had problems with the concerta and he was on the lowest dose i just didnt like giving him medicine.

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answers from Tuscaloosa on

Hi Carol,
I have a son who has ADHD. Before we put him on any meds, we tried behavior modifications, diet modification, counseling, special classes at school, family therapy, small goals to accomplish every day (one positive thing he did, one positive thing he said about himself, one positive thing he said to someone else), um.....well we tried EVERY thing we could get our hands on. I even sat in his classroom for his 4th grade year every day. Finally in 6th grade we gave in and had him checked for every possible physical thing that might cause his behavior, as well as a psychiatric evalutation. We ended up putting him on ritalin. That helped, but he was not growing and his appetite was nil. When adderal came out, we tried that. He actually did not get into trouble his whole 7th grade year at school, pulled straight As in school, and started learning some social skills.
His growth was progressing again, and I could not keep this kid fed enough!We actually could take this child out into the public--restaraunts, friends homes, church, etc.and he behaved.
By the time he was in college, he decided he was not going to take any meds any more. He did not do so great in college.....would do the work and forget to turn it in. He still refused to go back on his adderal. In his junior year he quit school, and joined the Marines. He had to prove he was off the meds for a year and functioning well, before they would take him. Now he is married to another Marine, loves his life, and his wife--who is a special gal to be able to keep up with his keys, socks, etc.....and find his eccentricities adorable.
He is happy, well adjusted, and the structure provided by the Corp gives him the chance to shine. He is doing very well.
When asked what made the difference, made it work for him, he told me that he got real tired of doing runs and pushups, and it was easier to conform than to screw up.
They are talking babies now, and the chances of him having a child with the same thing his father had, and he has are pretty good. So.....he will probably have to travel down the same road as a parent that you and I have traveled.
My only regret is that I did not try to find the right med earlier, and that I spent so much of me on him, his brother was somewhat shortchanged on attention.
They are both ok though.
As for the motor mouth, it never has quit. What we do is simply raise a finger and he knows it is time for mama, or someone else to have the floor.
I am not sure the meds make a kid that way--it may be the adhd. I know he is happy when what is coming out of his mouth is mindless humming or happy burbles he mutters to himself.
Not sure there is a "fix" for ADHD. All I know is unconditional love, and encouragement brought this son of mine into adulthood. It was a bumpy ride, full of stories I could tell for hours and hours, and I wouldn't trade that sweet, kind hearted, well intentioned, honorable young man for anything in the world. I think the key is in the description of the condition itself. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Lots and Lots of attention is needed.
By the way, removing the TV, video games, and leading him to love to read helped alot. They may give mom a break, but all that energy just builds up while he was in a zone, and exploded in burst of wild behavior. Then he would act out whatever he had been zoned on. His Batman phase was wild. So was his spiderman phase--talk about a curtain climber!
Concerta is one that was not available then, and I am nervous about new drugs, and the long term side effects.
Hang in there. As hard as it is to raise your child, you have a special one who has a sweet heart, and is a treasure. Good luck. Childhood passes so durn quickly, and the busier you are with a kid, the faster it passes. All of a sudden you are done, and you look up and the adult is standing before you, and things seem a bit dull with out the constant challenge.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your children.

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answers from Jonesboro on

I also have a child who has ADHD. My son is sx years old he takes Adderall XR 20 mg. This medicine is a time release pill it last him the whole day,. My son makes excellent grades in school he gets in trouble a least once a month. My son talks alot too. He is a big chatter box. I have no tried Concerta but my son has been on Adderall since he was five. The talking to much never goes away.

A little bit about me:

I am 29 years old. I have been married 8 months to my husband but we have been togather 11 years and I have one biological child and three stepchildren. My husband has been deployed to Iraq and he will not return until 2009. My son sometimes acts out because his dad is not here to help with the discipline. My son refuses to talk with his dad when he calls. Just have faith in your son and the lord and everything will be o.k. If I can do it and I am doing this alone for the moment I know you can.

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answers from New Orleans on

My son is in 4th grade and will be 10 next month. Since the day he was born he has been unable to keep still. He spins in circles, jumps on the couch, and is very wreckless. He is also a straight A student so medication was not even an issue with me for a long time. In the second grade he had a teacher (who has 30 year experience). She called me up on several occasions, not because he was agressively distrupting the class, but because she saw social behaviors that she felt would most likely affect his life when he was a little older. When she would give him punish homework it was things such as writing a sentence many times. And one time is was writing a prayer several times. These tasks literally took my son 4 hours to do. He would cry all night because he could't focus on getting it done. This was the same with a page of math problems. At the end of Second grade his teacher told me when I asked, that she would not recommend medication at this time because he was highly intelligent and was doing real good in school. However, she did warn us that in the 3rd or 4th grade when there was moare things that he would need to concentrate on, he may start having problems.

In third grade about halfway in we were struggling so much with those page long math assignments that would take him from 4 in the afternoon to 8:30 in the evening. We finally took him to the Dr. She had prescribed a small dose of concerta. This worked wonders! The first thing he said when he got home from school was that he needed to finish his home work and he hasn't had any problems since. He has also made several friends and seems really happy with himself. I was so worried about him before. Hope all goes well with you, I know its not easy! And yes my son does talk alot on the medication, but he no longer spins in circles, and stands on his desk. Good luck!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Hi. I also have a five year old son. He also loves to talk, and seems to talk constantly. He's very loud. He's been like that since he learned to talk. He's got tons of energy, too. I have never even thought about putting him on any medication. I don't think that the medications that they give kids for ADHD are good for them. My mom knows a lot about that stuff from working in the medical field, and she is totally against them. She says that they stifle the child's personality and makes them seem like a zombie. To me, my son is just being a kid. Granted, there are other children who are quiet, but every child has his own personality. I accept that this is his personality, and don't feel the need to try to change it. Something that might help is making sure that your son gets lots of exercise. This will help him to release some of that pent up energy. Also, make him spend quiet time with you each day doing something like reading a book.



answers from Jackson on

I have a 5 yr old son ( almost 6 ) that was recently diagnosed with severe ADHD! He is not on the med that your son is on, but we have the talking issue too! He is on folocin or something like that.. He is the MOUTH OF THE SOUTH! He is NEVER quit!! and like yours, he talks from the moment he rolls out of bed till the sec he goes to sleep with no stopping!! Our med doesn't seem to help the talking either.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Dear C.,
My heart breaks everytime I hear about another child who is being medicated to control behaviour. There are so many other choices. What if your son is just super intelligent? Along with that intelligence comes creativity and imagination beyond what you are I can fathom? These little boys are your Einsteins, Bachs and Piecoso's. They don't need to be mediacted they need to have opportunities that allow them to utilize the gifts that God has given them. Medications not only mask the sysmtoms, but they stagnate the natural development of the central nervous system and therefore their gifts. A 5 year old boy who is intelligent, creative and imaginative is going to be extremely talkative and active. His brain is developing at the fastest rate it will ever develop. It will however appear to some that he is out of control because he doesn't "fit the mold". In reality he is simple learning at such an excellerated rate that he becomes bored with the mundane. the flip side is that at 5 years old he hasn't developed enough brain (neuropathways) organizatin to direct all this intelligence. I would like to refer you to 2 organizations with altermatives. First, My family has worked with them for over 10 years with incredible results.
The other is alternative to drugs for stabilzation of the body systems that regulate and balance the body for optimal growth and health. . we have used their program for over 6 years.
I Pray that you will not be another parent trapped by limited options and that God will allow you to see your sons incredible potential for what it really is. There are answers beyond what you've been given! Seek and you shall find..



answers from Fayetteville on

Hi, I have a five year old who also is a poster child for ADHD. He is on Daytrana which is wonderful! We still have some issues at school on occasion but he has learned so much since being on Daytrana and is so much happier. Daytrana is fairly new but is getting rave reviews from parents and doctors. It is a patch that is worn on the hip for 9 hours. It gives us a good 12+ hour coverage and we control how long he wears it therefore controlling the length of coverage.



answers from Huntsville on

Hello Carol,
I bet you have learned a lot about ADHD in a short amount of time.My son, who is now 11, has been diagnosed with ADHD since he was 4. He has taken a miriad of meds and we have tried eveything from behaviour modification to no meds at all.We finally decided on Adderal XR around 1st grade.

Stay positive girl..It is a process but be encouraged my sons' dosage only change from 20mg's to 40 mg's until he was taken off of it in 4th grade. I decided to take him off of his meds at 11 yrs old because he complained about headaches and tummy aches. We had lots of side effects(constipation and impaction) from meds but we searched to find something with the least problems.

He is not perfect off of his meds and we are redirecting him when he needs to focus but he is learning to re-focus himself. Keep the faith..these kids need creative teachers and solutions. Mom and dad can be their biggest advocate!! With your compassionate help and love HE will be fine...



answers from Shreveport on

Hey, C.! I also have three boys, ages 14, 4, and turning 2 this weekend. The oldest has ADHD and the child was born talking! Of course, in the beginning I was the only one who could understand him. LOL By the time he was two, people where constantly commenting on how well he spoke. My youngest is just now learning words, much less putting them together in sentences! When he started preschool the teachers constantly complained about his non-stop chatter, among other things. He was diagnosed in 1st grade. He tried different meds over the years, but stopped around the 5th grade because he had developed tics. No medication curbed the constant talking and he was still in trouble at school. He moved in with his dad when he was in the 7th grade and things have only gotten worse. He still has ADHD, he's recently been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder and he's living in a group home under habitual runaway and burglary charges. I recently got a Valentine's Day card from him, which I don't remember the last time he gave me one of those! My brother who also has ADHD was a constant talker also and he's an adult now and doing much better. I don't think he talks quite as much, but he's still a talker! LOL I don't really have any advice for you but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone!



answers from Texarkana on

Hi C.....this is going to sound crazy to you but...have you looked into chiropractic care? Yes, I did say chiropractic care. Believe it or not chiropractic care CAN help your child with ADHD. I work for a chiropractor and we see children daily...some for ADHD. I have seen children no longer have to take their meds and I see children that come in to prevent ever having to take meds for ADHD. Before you put your child on a "drug", look at this other, safer option. There are many different techniques of chiropractic care out there. There is the normal twisting, popping, cracking of the bones and then there are much gentler techniques such as the one my doctor uses...a "tonal" technique with an instrument called an "integrator" that requires no twisting and popping. I suggest calling a local chiropractor and ask them about ADHD and chiropractic care...and how it can help. Even better, there is a group of doctors in an organization called "Maximized Living" (no my doctor is not in this group) and I would contact them or Dr. Ben Lerner for more information. They could connect you with a chiropractor in your area. Please consider this option before putting your child on a drug for ADHD. I hope this helps! God Bless!
Here is some contact information for you!

Maximized Living
610 Sycamore Street, Suite 350
Celebration, FL 34747

Phone: ###-###-####
Fax: ###-###-####



answers from Tulsa on

My 8 yr old was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 3. We tried Ritalin, first and he flew into rages for no reason. I took him off of everything and tried the natural approaches, which did very little for us.
When he was in Kindergarden and getting sent to the office 2-3 times a week, complaining to me about "wanting to be good but not being able to" and his teacher began hinting, we went back to the Dr, and he started Ritalin again in the first grade. He got in trouble maybe 3 times that entire school year, but as I work, I rarely saw anything different at home because he was coming off the meds by the time I came home each day. He compained a lot about his tummy hurting,but I left it alone, thinking that would go away. He spent the summer med-free, which almost made me crazy.
As second grade began, this apst fall, we put him back on Ritalin, and hebegan complaining about his tummy again and trying to avoid the medicine. We went to the Dr, who changed it to Adderall XR, and referred us to a child psychiatrist for further emdical advice on his meds. He lost 7 lbs and wouldnt eat, while acting like a zombie. He has now been on Vyvanse, a new drug, for about 3 weeks, and he does not complain about things, but I have notices he is picking a LOT at the skin on his fingers, has trouble falling asleep, and I ahve to call for him as many as 8 times before he will answer me.
I know there are tons of differnet meds out there, and I hate that in this day and age we still have to almost "guinea pig" kids to find what works, but from the research I have done, and the Drs I ahve spoken with, this is the only way we ahve, right now.
Talking as like being run by a motor is a major symptom of ADHD, which I am sure you know. My son ahs done that since he could talk, from the time he wakes up, until he falls asleep, and even as a baby, he would sometimes simply fall asleep, mid cry, making me rush to ensure his safety....If it were a new thing in my house, I would ask the Dr to reevaluate the medicince, maybe he is getting too much of it? In my house, I just apologize a lot for being rude about it first thing in the morning, and try to be patient the rest of the day. Either he will learn to regulate it,I figure, or become an auctioneer, right?



answers from Texarkana on

I have an 8 yr old daughter who has ADHD. She has been on medicine for a year and a half. She takes Focalin XR which is an extended release medication. She takes 10mg every morning about 7:00am. She is doing very well in school and seems to be very calm while she is on it. She metabolizes it out of her system at about 3:00pm every afternoon. So, it gets her through school which is really all I care about. She is in the 2nd grade and makes A's and B's. She is not a discipline problem at all. She takes it 7 days a week. You might ask your doctor about Focalin XR.



answers from Oklahoma City on

My son is ADHD. I faught it for a while. Refused to believe ADD/ADHD was anything more than teachers not wanting to control their class. Well, I finally had to admit to it, my child was ADHD. At first I allowed the doctor to talk me into ridlin. Never heard anything good on it, and for good reason. It did "drug" him. He just wasn't the child he should of been. A responder on here said it best, but I can't remember what she said. Her mom is in the medical field and told her... anyway. I like concerta though, it didn't effect my son in a bad way, however, after six months we uped his does from the lowest possible up one because he was starting to have concentration problems again. His system was getting use to it. So instead of uping the dose again we felt it was better to try something different. Last month we changed him to the newest ADHD drug. I REALLY like it. VyVanse. They are aslo very interative with the parantes. You do surveys and such that help you see where your child was and were he/she is progressing too.
His doctor is PA Scroggins and the warren clinic. she also has a child that is ADHD.

I have to say, I can tell when he has NOT taken it. Non stop, talk talk talk. Drives my husband nuts. Oh and it last longer into the evening too. Most drugs begin to wear off around 6 or so. this last until around 7-730. really heps cause his bed time is 830.

one last thing, his teacher last year, she is real good with ADHD kids, said that she would never recomend a child to be put on the drugs, until it becomes a disruption for others as well as the childs and prevents them from learning.

she told me one kid explained it like this. ever have a fly that constantly buzzes your face, won't leave you alone. distracts you from doing things? that's what it is like for a child with ADHD.

also, helping your child understand that just because they have not taken a drug does not give them permission to act out wrong. My son tried that with me like twice. "I didn't take my pill today that's why I did...." WRONG answer. He learned quickly that the purpose to help him stay on task, concentrate. The boy LOVES to read, he is actually on a 6th grade reading level and is in the 4th grade. Currently we are having problems with him remembering to bring home his homework which is effecting his grades. But we are working on that too.

I have taught him how to 'breath' when he gets to be too much. When it comes to doing chores to include clean his room, i have him do it in stages. I give him something to do and have him come to me when he is done for the next stage. Now, I tell him to clean his room, and he gets it done most times without me having to follow behind him making sure he does it.

its not easy. all in the family have to learn how to deal with it, get past it.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Please, please, please do some serious research, C.. My grandson is now 10. At 6 years of age only by Mom and the teachers filling out a questionnaire, the doctor decided to put him on drugs - another word for chemicals. I forget the first thing he was on, but the second was Concerta and next was Adderral(sp). ALL of them mess with the brain and cause liver and kidney damage - in some cases, the heart. He turns into a zombie and when it wears off - look out! He says his head hurts so bad and he gets incredibly angry and wants to hurt anything and everyone. Not only that, but my little guy also was diagnosed with asthma and allergies out the wazoo.

When I get my grandkids for the summer - the first two weeks are rough; however, they get little to no sugar at my house which includes soda and their food is watched as well. I change their diet and use cleaning products with no chemicals.
I have an air purifer as well. After the two weeks, my grandson is off ALL his meds - he sleeps well and can even play outside for 30 minutes at a time. It used to be about 5 minutes.

So, I ask you to PLEASE look at what he's eating and drinking - check for sugar and preservatives. Look at your cleaning products - there are so many chemicals in them and some kids will definitely act out due to sensitivities.

I have more testimonials if you are interested in reading them - from other parents of ADD/ADHD kids - who are NOT using "medications" - but a healthy and natural supplmentation program instead.

Watch the following 30-minute video - it's a real eye-opener!
Toxic Brew

I do hope I have helped. Feel free to contact me if you'd like more information.



answers from Little Rock on

My son is ADD and was diagnosed in Kindergarten. He is currently in 4th grade. We tried the Concerta, but he could not handle the "coming down" at the end of the day. His problem was lots of tears and frustration. We switched to Ritalin AL, which works great. It is an extended release pill, so it lasts all day, but does not have the "coming down" issue. You might try switching his medicine. Each child reacts differently to each medicine. Have you talked to your doctor about trying someting different?



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my son is 7 and a half and also has been diagnosed with ADHD, although probably more HD that ADD.....we have him on Focalin - keeps him focused and stops outbursts, blurting out and chattering is long lasting and wears off by the time he comes home from this is helpful for his academics.



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My 10 year old son was on the patch (Daytrana) which is the same main ingredient that is in Concerta. But he did not take the patch off at 4pm like he was supposed to and at 10pm he started hallucinating that bugs were crawling all over him and freaking out. I wasn't sure that it was from the patch or not. This happened again a month later and then I knew it was because of the patch then. So be careful. He is on Adderal now with no problems but it doesn't seem to work as well as the patch but still, no hallucinations now.


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Hello C.,
I know what you are going through. My son has ADHD and OCD also, he is on Adderall XR it's a time released pill. It's good to try it for a month because it does take a little while to get into there systems. If he is still very active you might need to change him. The talking constantly he might not get out of that. My son still does the talking and the noises constantly. The doctors said that it might not be the ADHD that is causing it. They said it could just be a way to make him feel safe in his own conforent zone. If it doesn't work at the end of the month I would change him, he might also have to take somthing in the after noon also. Well I wish you luck!



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My son was diagnosed with OCD & ADHD when he was six. His doctor put him on luvox & concerta. He also talked non-stop when he first started on the concerta, but it subsided in about two months. Also, if we ever skipped a day of the concerta the next time he took the meds it would make his stomach hurt very badly. He would actually throw-up from it. But as soon as he did he felt much better. Just make sure he takes it everyday!
Good luck - my son is now 13 and has been off the concerta since he was 11.



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My oldest son has been on Concerta since he was about 6 or 7 and I think it does wonders for him. He is now 13 and we adjust the dose as needed. It sounds like he is overly stimulated with all of the information that is being taught. If he wants to talk grab a book and have him help you read it. Ask him questions about the story and why he liked it or not. I have a younger child as well and he talks all the time. Most of it is questions or infromation about his day or what he saw and what he thinks. I give him a chance to talk and then we talk together about what is on his mind. Each child is different and some don't need the medicine and some do. Be patient and talk to you son help him through all of this. His mind is going about 100mph. a second and it takes time to adjust. He is just recalling every thing that he has learned and it is exciting to him.


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Hi C.,

Concerta didn't work for my son at that age. The doc put him on the Clonodine patch and that was a huge improvement. We tried the pills first but the level fluctuated too much...the patch worked great because it is slowly absorbed into the system.

My son is still a talker (age 15 and off the Clonodine) and the docs say to expect it the rest of his life...a symptom from ADHD.

W. Q



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I have a lot of personal experience with Concerta as well as having a child who takes it.

You need to work with your doctor to keep increasing his dose until you find one that works with his metabolism.

How your body metabolizes Concerta is different for everyone and it isn't based on your size or weight at all.

You will find a level that will help him focus and slow down the impulsive talking.

You will also find that over the first year or 2, you will need to increase the dosage as his body gets more efficient at metabolizing the product.

Unfortunately, everyone is different so you have to take a "try it and see what happens" program. At least with stimulant medication, you will know THAT DAY how he reacts to the medicince. Concerta is not something that needs to build in his system over weeks.

Be thankful that your doctor prescribed Concerta. Aderal is addictive and can be dangerous.

Have you been to to for information? I found it helpful.

****Also, please do not believe people when they say that you can solve ADD/ADHD without medicine. I believed them for a long time about myself and was horrified that people were giving kids drugs to solve their problems. I was on their side so I know how they think.

As I got educated on the scientific facts, I found that ADD/ADHD is neurotransmitter problem at the syapse. It is genetic. No outside influences can cause your children to have it or to not have it. You can not beat them. You can not feed them differently. You can not adjust their spinal cord, etc...

If your child has diabetes, would you tell the Dr. that you wouldn't use insulin? If your child was diagnosed BI-polar, would you tell the Dr. that you didn't need to medicate them? If your child has a cough that won't stop, do you skip a medication that will help? Of course you wouldn't and I am proud of you for doing what medically needs to be done for your child.

K. B.

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