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Updated on December 01, 2011
J.B. asks from Santa Clara, CA
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Is there anywhere you can recommend for private testing for ADHD for my 9 year old son? We live in Santa Clara. I don't want to go to his pediatrician for this. A couple of years ago he was tested through the school system. They didn't find any learning disability but were concerned with his ability to focus. I have tried lots of natural approaches with him, and some have helped, but he stills need further help. It is time to get some answers and solutions.
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answers from San Francisco on

I worked for a school in the area and had very good experiences with Dr. Korb at the center for Developing Minds in Los Gatos and Brendan Pratt at the Pratt Center in Los Altos.

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answers from Lake Charles on

I'm pretty sure you have to go to a psychiatrist for that kind of testing (I did). I know that if you just go to a psychologist then they can't really diagnose and it's pretty much a joke.

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answers from Sacramento on

You need to get in with a child psychiatrist, neuropsychologist or developmental pediatrician for the best evaluation. All three are qualified to diagnose this condition (or rule it out).

Most insurance plans will steer you to a psychiatrist. That's the path with Kaiser and who diagnosed it in our son. You're smart in not going to a regular pediatrician because most don't have the specialized expertise you need.

Most likely, you'll need to get a referral from the pediatrician to a specialist. It can take a while to get in with a specialist, so get the ball rolling now.

Good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

Usually you start with your pediatrician, and they give you a referral for a psychologist/psychiatrist who specializes in this area. Of course if you don't want a referral from your pediatrician (not sure why not?) you can look for one on your own but I can tell you either way it's very expensive and generally not covered by insurance, about $3,000 to $3,500 for a complete evaluation.

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answers from San Francisco on

You should contact The Attention and Achievement Center in Walnut Creek. We took my son there about 5 years ago, thinking he had ADHD. They do a complete assessment. My son doesn't have ADHD he has an auditory processing disorder. Through treatment they also taught him methods to cope in many situations. They are expensive but worth it.
Good Luck.

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answers from Portland on

Both of my grandchildren were screened for ADHD by their pediatrician. My granddaughter was prescribed a medication and given an IEP. Individual Education Plan. She is doing well. Insurance paid for the screening.

My grandson has many learning disabilities. After he was screened and found to probably have ADHD he was referred to a developmental pediatrician who supervised various treatments. Again, insurance did pay for this.

He was screened thru the school system and was placed in Special Ed. However, his difficulties required more than the school system was able to provide. That is why his mother took him to the developmental pediatrician. We learned that this specialty is the most efficient way to diagnose and treat developmental issues. ADHD is just one small part of their focus.

I suggest that you call your insurance company and ask for a list of developmental pediatricians covered by them. The pediatrician will screen him and help you find appropriate therapies if they're needed.

I've not heard that a psychologist or psychiatrist needs to be involved when the difficulty is ADHD or even a learning disability. Their specialty is emotional and behavioral issues related to mental health.

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answers from San Francisco on

Check with Parents Helping Parents, They have great resources for families of children with ADD/ADHD learning disabilities, etc. Particularly the IEP and Educational Advocacy training as you try to get support from your school district.
You can and should ask your school district to do an assessment to determine whether or not any special education services or supports are appropriate. They do not diagnose, they just determine whether or not your child is eligible. For diagnosis you can see a child psychiatrist, child psychologist, developmental pediatrician, or a clinic like Children's Health Council, Center for Developing Minds, or some Universities. Psychiatrists or Medical Doctors can prescribe medications. My caution about any medication is that it should ALWAYS be accompanied by behavioral plans and strategies to help your child benefit from the medications.



answers from San Francisco on

OMG J. I live in Santa Clara and my son is 9 and was diagnosed with ADD this past Jan!. Have you educated yourself on ADHD and how is works?

I was in the same situation, my son could not focus and the school did not diagnose him with anything for years. I was frustrated and as he grew and it was getting even more frustrating for my husband and I. Dyslexia, ADHD etc are all medical terms that the schools will not use. I told the school and my sons Dr. for years and finally last year I pushed for testing on Autism etc. Something, anything to help me understand him and help him.
My Dr. recommended that we also test for ADHD. I thought no way! Of course that was before I knew that ADHD is broken into 3 parts, Inattentive, impulsive and hyperactive and he is solely inattentive. Your son does not have to have all 3 to have ADD or ADHD. I have Kaiser and they did a fabulous job of education us. We also went to a group with parents whose kids were being tested for ADHD and as they described their chid they were also describing mine.

If you would like we should connect. I would love to help answer questions you have or even point you in the right direction if I could. I don't know any parents that can relate so I was a kind of excited when I saw this :)

Lastly, does your son have an IEP at his current school?




answers from San Francisco on

You need an educational psychologist. To find one try calling the school system or a children's hospital. We have worked with one from Oakland who also practices in Davis. After the assessment, then you take the report to your child's ped for follow up and a perscription if needed. Good luck and by the way the med made a noticible difference in my child



answers from Chicago on

anyone from developmental or behavioral pediatrics, psych-d, psychiatrist, or neuro. any medical center associated with a big university is always a plus... general pediatricians usually want no part in diagnosing this

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