Adding Additional Cable Jacks in House

Updated on August 24, 2009
M.G. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
4 answers

House is wired for cable. Looking to add jacks in a couple of rooms. I know I can call cable company. Is this the best route? Or is there a less expensive way to go (DH is not handy).


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You can call either an electrician or the cable company, but usually the cable company is less expensive. However consider several location in each room. things like Wall fishing, where the cable line will have to be worked into the walls can be more expensive. If you have a cable tech comming out for say a repair, ask him his idea on best ways to run cable. you might even be able to save money if you know someone who does it on the side.



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You could certainly call the cable company. I am not sure what they charge. My company, Definitive Audio Visual can install them for you. We routinely install jacks - usually part of a larger installation such as a home theater system or video conference room - but we would be happy to take on a small job like yours. You can give me a call at ###-###-#### for pricing.



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If you know someone who is an electrician they should be able to easily be able to run another line for you. If you build a new house the electrician is the one who runs all your cable and phone line through the walls.
You could use a splitter and run lines on the floor along the wall but I think that looks a little tacky but that is just me.

Good Luck,



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Hi M.,

I don't know about adding jacks, however you can use splitters to get the cable going to more rooms. Find the source of the cable (basement, roof or another room). You can get a splitter from radio shack, best buy, they aren't that expensive. The best way to do it varies by house & the set up. I worked it so we had cable in 3 of our 4 bedrooms in my parents house by using a splitter. I was able to find one of the primary cables coming from the roof (they have a flat roof that you can walk out on). I used a 3 way splitter. One end has one input(main cable from roof) co-ax jack & the other has 3 output (one for a each cable leading to a bedroom). We ran ours through the window so it was always open just a tiny bit, but nothing noticeable. And hooked the cables up to the 3 separate tvs & voila, we had cable. Keep in mind, the more you split a cable signal, the lest quality picture you will get. It's a lot easier to show that to explain. I hope it helps. Feel free to contact me with any questions & I will do my best. :)Good luck!

PS - my DH is not handy either :) so I do a lot of the fix it work. But he does do laundry & floors when I ask! :)

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