Acupuncture for Fertility

Updated on May 03, 2010
A.F. asks from Chandler, AZ
5 answers

Has anyone tried acupuncture to help get pregnant? I have a friend who is looking for an acupuncturist to improve their chances of a success in-vitro. Any recommendations for the East Valley? Thanks.

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answers from Washington DC on

i have used it for other stuff though. Great. I can so reccommend acupuncture. Who knows maybe it will work after going back this month



answers from Phoenix on

I went to Dr. Denise Quance Grobe at the Center for True Harmony and Wellness. I didn't have to do in-vitro, but did try for 2 1/2 yrs to get preg with my first baby. I got pregnant the first cycle after having acupuncture. Their website is They are located near Country Club and Baseline.



answers from Cincinnati on

I’ve heard mixed results - 1 person in-vitro ("fresh" eggs) was successful and the other person (frozen embryo transfer) acupuncture did not work.



answers from Phoenix on

Check out Oasis Acupuncture!
The man who owns it, is awesome!
His name is Chris and he's located at Hayden & Mountain View...
I saw him through my entire 2nd pregnancy! I felt so amazing!



answers from Phoenix on

Dr. Christina Kovalik NMD, Lac
Naturopath, Acupuncturist
[email protected]
###-###-#### (cell)

Have your friend go to Dr. Kovalik. She is located in Scottsdale on Shea and Scottsdale rd. She's kind and compassionate and approaches her clients in a holistic way to help them with all thier issues surrounding fertility.

Best wishes


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