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Updated on February 23, 2010
K.B. asks from Riverside, IL
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I'm involved in something similar to a the big brother/big sister where I spend time once a month with Jr High age girl through my church. My kids are little, so I feel a little out of my game trying to come up with ideas for age appropriate things to do...other than the typical go out for ice cream kind of thing. What would knock a 13 year old girls socks off? (She loves to dance.)

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answers from Indianapolis on

I think all girls no matter what the age love crafts. Almost all of them can be customized to each girl's likes. I'm giving you a link to a site that I have found some really cool & cheap crafts. There is even a dollar section. I've actually made my husband a birthday gift from this site and he loved it!

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answers from Jacksonville on

baking- this is big if she has not had the chance
does she like to read? library
just hanging out in the mall
renting a movie
crafts you can get dollar kits at Micheal's



answers from Chicago on

Wow this is a training opportunity for you! Not to long down the road you will be at the same point with your children. It is a wonderful opportunity to listen and follow her lead. If she has not been exposed to her interests between the twits and tweets then exposure and activity is the thing. Showing interests in her interests beyond social networking is the thing. Also make some contact with her family.
At age 13 children need a positive influence as they did at age 3 months or age 30. Do something that she knows. Do something that you know. Do something new to both of you. Just BE!
Go dance! Take her dance events, get behind the stage, have some ice cream over the experience. ENJOY!


answers from Dallas on

do you play a musical instrument? perhaps you could teach that or some other skill you have if she is interested.

Watching movies.

Cooking together.

Doing charity work together.

Don't make it about spending money, but about spending time together.


answers from Spokane on

If you own a Wii there is the coolest game out for it called "Just Dance". You could have her over for lunch and some dancing....if you are even allowed to have her in your home, I am sorry I do not know the rules/guidelines you have to follow?

I think the bookstore and a beverage would be cool too....maybe not "knock your socks off"... but still cool.

Nails done might be fun.

Dancing lessons...the 2 of you as partners...not conventional but could be fun.

Bike rides?
Seeing the sights?



answers from Dallas on

Definitely the mani/pedi thing or what about going to one of those craft places where you paint the ceramics or a bead store to make a necklace?



answers from Peoria on

Horseback riding, Hiking, Scrap booking, Bake up some treats together



answers from Portland on

Shopping, sitting and talking, mani/pedi, my students all see to like to experiement with one another with hair, makeup, etc. Their primary activity is TALKING. I am a teacher so my relationship with them is a bit different though. Bide riding, going for walks, events in town..


answers from Salt Lake City on

I have a 13 year old daughter who also loves dance. We have So You Think You Can Dance marathons--tivo the next season and watch it together (snacks included!). Or if you can afford it, take her to a ballet or contemporary dance production.

We also love to do the mani-pedi thing--you can get them at a beauty school for a discount.

Volunteering was a great idea--my daughter knits hats on those looms to donate. She has also put together humanitarian kits and first aid kits.

I loved the idea of volunteering at a shelter--for pets or people!

How about cooking classes? Our local grocery store offers cooking classes every week!

Good luck and HAVE FUN!



answers from New York on

If she likes to dance, maybe she would enjoy going to see a musical. A lot of high schools put on plays during the spring.
She may enjoy going to the mall and just walking arround.
Treat her to a manicure, or give each other mani/pedis
Go see a movie
Check out the local library, they may have a program she may be interested in
Do some baking.
Play cards or board games.



answers from Los Angeles on

That is fabulous you do that! I ditto Patty. My 12 year old loves all she recommended. She does a lot of charity work with me and loves it especially when we work with animals at the rescue center. I don't know if you knit but another suggestion would be knitting, sewing, crocheting...something like that. Have fun!

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