Activity/craft Idea for 6 Yr. Old "Magic" Birthday Party

Updated on January 29, 2009
P.Y. asks from Kingwood, TX
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This Saturday we are having a magic-themed birthday party for my 6 yr. old daughter. I have the food planned and a friend is going to entertain the kids with magic tricks. Does anyone have an idea for an activity or craft that we can do as the children arrive? The kids will range from 4-7 years of age. Any suggestions would help as I am not very creative in this area! :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all of your suggestions! We ended up decorating wands and the kids had a lot of fun. FYI-Party City, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree had absolutely no magic themed party stuff. I ended up buying 1/2'' wooden dowels for the kids to decorate. They still loved it.

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answers from Houston on

I just had a magic party for my 7 yr old daughter...I hired a magician and did a 'wizards of waverly place' theme to make it more 'girly'. We did a 'magic wand' craft using pretzel rods, melted chocolate and melted white chocolate. They dipped the rods in the chocolate then I set up different colored sprinkles for them to coat the melted chocolate. For the party favors, Dollar Tree had these magic sets with 15 simple tricks in one box. Enjoy!

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answers from San Antonio on

I agree the "Magic Wand" would be a perfect craft idea. You can use sticks or straws for the wand and a star shaped top made of cardstock and they can decorate their star which ever way the would like... glitter glue, beads, ribbon. You'll need glue, tape or staples to put everything together.

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answers from Austin on

I was going to suggest wands too. Get one foot long wood dowels and a bunch of pipe cleaners and stickers and markers for decoration.



answers from Austin on

We had a "magic" bday party for my son when he turned 8 and the wand craft was a hit!! Another fun idea might be to make magician hats. You could get multi-colored party hats and then additional supplies to decorate them.

Good luck!



answers from Portland on

Have them make Magic Hats:

Paper plates (the super cheap ones with the ridged edge)
Construction paper
Glue (for Glitter)
Sticker (magic themed)

1) Cut the middle out of the paper plates to use the edge as a rim.

2) Decorate construction paper and rim.

3) Tape decorated construction paper into a cylinder shape

4) Tape cylinder shape to rim. Top with circle of construction paper or cout out from paper plate.

Make Magic Wands

What you need:
those chenille bendy things in bright colors
Construction paper
Glue (for glitter)
hole punch
Large Star Shaped Cookie Cutter

1) Trace star shape onto construction paper using cookie cutter

2) Cut out star shapes and decorate.

3) Hole punch 1 point on star

4) Bend Chenille thing in half and twist to make a strong wand base, use unbent ends to attach chenille to star.

I hope you have a great time... ;-)



answers from Victoria on

You can make little valcanoes (sp) using vinager and baking powder.( i think )Making home made slime is always a winner i think its corn starch and water. It turns into stuff called gack--dont know if you remember that or not. Look up stuff. I know that was more science fair but you could turn it into majic bubbles or something creative and the slime what kid dosent like slime?



answers from Beaumont on

Buy plastic top hats and wands and let them glue sparkles and gemstones on them however you want.


answers from Austin on

They could make and decorate wands.

If you sew, you could prepare capes and let them decorate them at the party.

Hand puppets that look like rabbits. You could use white socks.



answers from Houston on

How about making paper bag capes to go with the wands and hats? You could even cut out paper bunnies and let them glue on cotton balls!



answers from Houston on

I agree that wands are a great idea. You could also do some fairy dust or something for them to take home with them. Like powdered bubble bath with sparkles in it for them to put some magic fairy dust in their tubs when they get home. Girlie parties are so much fun!! I hope you guys have a blast!!

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answers from Austin on

Make magic capes. Cut up sheets (cheap clearence) of course and buy a ribbon for the tie sew or hot glue on top edge of fabric. Get some felt and cut out a few stars and moons different colors At the party they can choose 3 or 4 shapes, Hot glue them on for them, and then give them some fabric markers to further decorate the cape ( No fabric paints as this takes too long to dry, fabric or sharpies will work and dries instantly so the kids can wear their capes for the magic show)Make sure you put down cardboard under the writing of markers or it will bleed through on your table.
Sounds like a fun party



answers from College Station on

Hi Pam,

I will list here some ideas for you so I hope they help good luck.

Bean bag toss- Take a few socks fill it with beans or rice tie the end really good, you can use pots and pans and place paper plates in them and number them and then the one who gets the # 5 wins

Pillow case race- take some pillow cases let the kids get in them and race to the end of the yard winner gets a price

Magician Mask- Take a few bowls with a different variety of noodles and some string, glue, paper plates anything they can glue on that plate and they can make magician mask.

Doodle Bugs- You can get these at any craft store, Pipe cleaners, they come in a wide variety of colors, googley eyes, pom poms, double sided stickers or tape and let them make butterflies, dragon flies any thing they want and then when their done you take a sticker which is sticky on both sides put it on their creation and they wear them.

There are a lot of little projects and in expensive ideas at the craft stores like Micheal's and Hobby Lobby and they have coupons just go their websites. If your not to sure ask for the craft department manager she or he can direct you to many ideas. Good Luck!



answers from Austin on

My daughter recently attended a 6 YO Magic birthday party and they made magic wands and ate snacks before the magician arrived. The hostess had black plastic sticks that she bought at the hobby store, bright colored pipe cleaners, glitter glue, stickers, etc. for the girls to decorate their wands. The hostess also had magic potions brewing in the kitchen for affect only - large glass vases filled with colored water and dry ice.
Hope this helps!



answers from Killeen on

Hi P.,,
maybe you could let them make shackers with emety cans a lid and rock ,,pebbles really the lidescan be made by strect a cross tightly ,,they could decorat them with just about anything paint,,stickers feathers ,,,,and when the Magtion does a trick they use there shackers and not clap

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