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Updated on June 16, 2010
L.P. asks from Lewisville, TX
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Does any know of a splash pad or a splahpark in the coppell/carrollton/lewisville area that caters to toddlers only. I live at 1-35 and 121 (not business 121) and i am looking for a small water park that is inexpessive (or free). My kids are 2 and 4 and I don't want to pay one of these big pool prices for my kids to swim in the kiddie-part for 30min. It is ridiculous that some of these pools charge $7 or $8 for "non-residents" to swim in their pools. I know i'm paying for the slides and diving boards and that would be okay, if my kids were older and using them and actually knew how to swim. I know a lot of these places have a kiddie pool and charge less for toddlers, but i worry about how clean those pools really are. I want water that sprays up from the ground or water guns they can spray each other with, or a big bucket that dumps water over their head. Doesn't that sound like fun? Does anyone know of a place like this?

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A bit of a drive but there is a great park on dove road in Grapevine that has some water and a huge cushioned playground as well as some shade.



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I don't live in your area but here we have a neat pool that caters to toddlers. It has a playscape in the middle and is no more than 3 feet deep. My four and two year old LOVE it. We also have a few spray parks. If I were you I would google play pool in the Lewisville TX area or spray parks in the Lewisville TX area. I'm sure you all have something like that. I would also check out your local community centers. That is where the spray parks we have are located.


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The Rosemeade Rainforest pool in Carrollton has all the things you want (water that sprays "up," buckets that dump, water guns, etc) in their section that's for little ones only. Our son is almost four and we go every summer, many many times! The prices may be more than you want: it's $4 for Carrollton residents and $8 for non-residents. We think the atmosphere is worth it, and we've always had a blast! Good luck!!



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Here's a list of pools/aquatic centers in our area:

Of course there's Lewisville's Old Town Aquatic Park. It's perfect for little ones, and only $2 for you and your 4yr old (many pools have free admission to kids under 3, including this one).

Lewisville's Sun Valley is $4. However, although they have a great little splash area, this facility attracts a lot of older kids and may be a bit overwhelming.

Carrollton's W. J. Thomas Park Pool is $4 for non-res, and free to kids 3 and under. It looks like it's got an area for little ones, but I've never been there, so I couldn't tell you what it's like.

The Colony Aquatic Park is great for little ones too. It's $4 for you, and $3 for each of your kids.

Coppell has a great facility, but you're right, it's rather expensive for non-residents.

Good luck! free guide to affordable family activities in Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, and the surrounding area.

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