Activities for Birthday Party (3 Year Old)

Updated on April 17, 2009
M.T. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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We're having my son's 3 year birthday party this weekend and I'm looking for ideas on a game or activity to do. It is primarily a family party, so there is a mix of kids there (a few 6-8 year olds, a few 4-5 year olds and three 3 year olds). Any ideas? I'm still torn on whether we should even do a planned activity because the 3 year olds, my son included, do not handle the spotlight extremely well.

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how about some old school favs: pin the tail on the donkey (i did this for my girls with a big frog and princess lips to pin on)...drop the clothes pin in the bucket, or wrap up a small gift in a box with many layers of paper...the kids shake dice and with each double get to take a layer off...last person to reveal the gift gets it. I have also done a lollipop tree...color the tips of the sucker and stick in a foam ball. the kids who pull out the colored suckers get a little prize.

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My daughter just celebrated her three year birthday and we had a few planned games. One of them was "pin the nose on the clown." I found the game at Party City for a few dollars and the kids loved it! I also got a pinata for them. The new pinatas simply have strings that the kids pull. Then, one of the strings releases the door to let the candy out. It's much safer than running around with a bat! We put other small favors that we got from the dollar store in there, so that it wasn't all candy.



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I'd suggest sticking to the traditional party games - duck, duck, grey duck, Musical Chairs, Hot Potato, 3 Legged Race... little kids really love that stuff. It's so easy you don't even really need to prepare. But do get some small prizes. Have fun!



answers from Des Moines on

My kids birthday is in October, but I had a little pumpkin, and a few washable markers for each kid to color it with.



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Try classics like pin the tail on the donkey or a piniata.



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I'm having my son's 4th b-day party next weekend and I rented one of those bounce houses. Last year they just ran around and played ladder golf, and the washer game and the bean bag game my grandpa made for us. They mostly would rather just run around outside and play



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One of my favorites that is simple and inexpensive are buckets. We have used sand pails or colorful ones w/o handles found at Target or the $1 store. Then they decorate them w/ foamies (peel and stick). I would buy letter foamies and seperate little baggies w/ the letters to spell their name once or multiple times on the buckets. My kids still have them and keep misc stuff in them and they are 11 and 9. Another one that can get a little messy but is fun is little clay flower pots that they can paint. Then you can have them plant something (I did a flat on pansies.) It is a great outside activity if it is nice! Good luck and have fun!

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