Activities for 8 Year Old Boys

Updated on October 11, 2010
M.K. asks from Glendale, CA
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Hi everyone

I have a defiant 8 year old, he has always been hard work and a bit socially awkward, so I would really like to enroll him in some sort of after school activity.

We have already tried Gymnastics - which he got thrown out of for disrupting the class, clover kids ( which is the young version of 4H) , he can't go to "big" 4h until he is in 3rd grade, so that is out, even though I know he would enjoy it - clover kids is kind of "young" for him if you KWIM.
I would really like for him to go to some sort of military thing for kids - is there such a thing in the USA?, in the U.K we had cadets, which boys can start young - or what about cub scouts?, what kind of things do they do?
As you can tell I am not from this country, so I don't quite know the options, I really would like for him to have something very disciplined, where he can maybe learn some self discipline and control of his strong emotions.

thanks guys

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answers from San Francisco on

Martial arts is something else to consider---karate, etc. Discipline is a big part of it, but it's physical, so there is an outlet for aggression.

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answers from Washington DC on

Cub Scouts depends entirely on the volunteers who run it. We have been very fortunate to be involved in very strong troops where the male interaction is mostly active or retired military, along with that brings the moms who are married to the miitary men who run the show while dads are deployed.

At 8 in 2nd grade he would be a Wolf Scout. He would work on badges, by doing thngs like working on respect for the flag, elders, and the environment. As a Wolf my son got his soccer belt loop by playign soccer, his fitness beltloop while doing what the book called for, running so many yards, so many situps, so many pullups. He made probably 12 of these beltloops for various activities in 2nd grade then more in 3rd grade.
We do a PInewood Derby. We've had a Raingutter Regatta, these the children use hand tools to create boats. THe Derby he uses power saws to shape his car, with adult supervision, They go on Nature hikes. Have the police come and fingerprint the boys. Have someone who knows sign language teach it to the boys. Go to Minor league baseball games.
My son loves being a Cub Scout. He's been in for over three years.

You can also get him into sports, soccer, basketball, football, swimming, my oldest liked swimming lessons and was on the swim team. He was a rambunctious kid and needed an out.



answers from Anchorage on

Check out the cub scouts in your area. The program may differ slightly by region. It does take a lot of parental commitment to make it really work. Also you could try group activities that do more running and less listening, like soccer, so he can run off all that energy. My son enjoys cross country.



answers from Las Vegas on

have you tried Karate' or some type of martial arts? my son took it and while he is pretty well behaved, other students were not and in the class, the teachers are big into respect and listening to the teacher. I thought they handled the kids well .. when some of the kids got out of line, the teachers were good about getting them back in line. They use yes sir and yes ma'am.. you say thank you, please... it's all about manners and respect.. I would try some martial arts and too, your child can work off some energy. As for being socially awkward, what's nice about the classes is there is NO teasing allowed and you are to treat others well.
best of luck



answers from Detroit on

I would second the Cub Scouts, and also the option of martial arts - karate, etc. That could help teach him self-discipline, self-control, as well as focus his energy and help with his self-esteem and confidence.



answers from Denver on

Hi M. - wow it sounds like you have a handful! Strong-willed kids will often be defiant if they perceive to be doing something not of their choosing. Perhaps you could give him a few things to pick from so that he is choosing the activity. Also, you're going to have to get pretty firm with him and get him to agree to the boundaries of the class. Knowing what his "currency" is will give you a bargaining chip. For my 8yr old, it's time on the computer/video games, etc. If he has what we call a "black hole" episode, he's grounded from the computer. If he keeps on going, his allowance gets docked and so on and so on.

A classmate of my son was really defiant and he was benefitted by a little bit of counseling - just a thought. You know your son the best.

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