Activities for 21 Month Daughter

Updated on March 31, 2008
L.N. asks from Jacksonville, FL
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Help!! I have a very active/inquisitive daughter who is 21 months old and I think she is getting bored. Does any one have any suggestions of fun things i can do with her!! We take walks, go to the park, read books, and go to O2BKids once a week. She loves to dance so we do that a lot!!I have tried to get her into coloring but she is not interested. We have a sand box and swing in back yard but seems to be bored with that now. She does not like playdo yet. I am running out of ideas for things for her to do and play with UGH!! Also, we just moved to Eagle Harbor and was wondering if there were any mommy play groups. Thanks!!

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Have you tried nesting blocks with colors, letters and animals on them? It's a great way to learn names of things and letters while putting the smaller ones into the bigger ones or placing them on top of each other to build a big tower. Also, the Lego Duplo blocks are very big and my daughter loves taking them apart as much as putting them together. She got one big bucket on her 1st birthday and is still getting a lot of play out of them 15 months later.

Also, what about puzzles with big pieces... simple, small ones with animals on them? Eric Carle has good ones that go with his books. Melissa and Doug also make an entire series of large piece floor puzzles that are big and have different subjects.

My daughter also loves stickers and there are books that have stickers on everything from numbers/ABCs/clothing/characters/animals.

And... she might be ready for dress up soon. Try a small first purse or floppy hat or beaded necklace (not tight, very loose and supervise at all times when it's around her neck for obvious reasons).

Good luck!

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Hi L.,

I know the feeling! I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 13 mo old!

You kind of just have to go with the flow. Over by you there is a great place called The Little Gym. In Lake Asbury there's a great dance place that has a class just for little kids, it's called North Fla Dance Center & rockin tots is the name of the class. We go to the mall alot to play too.

Our playgroup meets at the mall is called Orange Park "meetup" group. Go to and look for play groups or stay at home moms. Something like that.

Good luck! You're in a good area though! Lots of kids over there.

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LOL, this may make me sound cheap but I give my daughter every empy box or paper roll we use. I wash out yogurt cups and she plays in the bath with them. If she smashes them beyond use I recycle them and give her new ones. Of course she has lots of toys and books too. And she kind of cycles through them. One thing will be very intersting for a few weeks and then she will rediscover an older toy. She's 23 months now. I also get my daughter to help me around the house. She has to feed the dog, she helps me sort laundry, and helps cook (if there is anything to be stirred she wants to do it). Usually the task takes a little longer with her helping but she loves it.

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